American PENALTY CHALLENGE with Wrexham Goalkeeper, Chris MD & TBJZL

čas přidán 29. 03. 2023
Challenge videos are back, so you know I had to get god tier CS-tv stars Chris MD & The Sidemens TBJZL to return for another BANGER!
Today we’re throwing it back to 1996 and the mad concept of AMERICAN Penalties! You’ve seen dead balls before but what are Chris MD & TBJZL like when a professional Wrexham AFC goalkeeper is closing them down at full speed?!
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Komentáře: 538

  • I can't think of another footballer who seems to genuinely enjoy making these kind of videos as much as Ben does.

    • Ben is just a normal Lad like us , just played for one of the biggest clubs in history and has millions in the bank

    • I mean 99.9% of footballers don’t make these videos

    • Prolly cuz he IS the ONLY footballer who CS-tv’s. Raheem used to but hasn’t uploaded in years

    • @Jordan Malisiak Tafazolli From league one, made a vid with Kieran brown .

  • You knew before the video even started this is gonna be a banger! Love the videos Ben! Keep them coming

  • massive respect for coming out of retirement and going back too football, love the content keep it up ben

  • Ben Foster is a national treasure. I love this guy! So down to earth and seems easy going and so nice. Legendary PL GK!!! The street will never forget

  • Wrexham shouldve singed john

  • Ben is a such a professional! Wouldn’t even claim that he’s a better keeper than John just “more experienced” Being Humble can get you far

  • I can see the ChrisMD inspiration in the editing of this video. Quality stuff.

  • Great to see the Leyton representation ! Awesome video. As a goalkeeper myself I too prefer the American Pens. Way more fun and competitive.

    • It definitely made matches more exciting. Better than Golden and Silvers goals at least. Who knows hopefully it’ll come back somewhere

  • Love the return to wrexham Ben! Up the dragons and let's see them back in the football league!

    • This is the clip u all looking for :

    • hoping notts county and wrexham both get promoted

    • @Ezy Yze yeah, they both deserve it!

    • @I'll say when it's time I love giving a downvote to those people spamming their channels, yea take the view and the dislike too

    • @Ethernal more effective to just report as spam. If enough people do the account can’t post comments.

  • Good for Ben making time to play with his kids in the park

  • What a video Ben! Love the football challenges! Can't wait for the Football Fill In next week!

  • Congrats on being back on the pitch Ben, I'm absolutely BUZZING! Good work on Saturday!

  • Bens got so much charisma. Can help all his costars comfortable. What a lad.

  • You guys have so much fun together. Love these vids! Keep ‘em coming!

  • Rewatching again cause it's such a fun video. Use to have Ben in Goal on Fifa the whole time when I use to play it so glad he helped Wrexham get over the line and hope he stays for another season. Love the content of the channel too as well as the sidemen and Chris and Big John. Hope we see more vids like this in the near future.

  • John is so underrated...his stamina to stay in goal through the whole shoot and also make great saves is amazing tbh

  • Love the content! Tobi and chris are always welcome here !

  • ben is just an excellent entertainer with a great personality, that along with the fact hes a great keeper too just massive respect to you and the content

  • Shows how good a keeper John is

  • Great vid! Fun seeing you at Wrexham, great editing on the video, and what a fun challenge! Props to Big John!

  • Ben signing for Wrexham and knocking out bangers like this. Absolute legend

  • Always enjoyed seeing you in footie videos. Should’ve seen how happy I was when you signed with Wrexham!! You’re a class act Ben never change

  • Tobi should feature on this channel at least twice a month!

  • I wanna see more of John as an actual part of videos, seems like such a cool guy

  • Solid video, enjoyed every last second of it! From the production and edits to the trashing on each other is absolutely a must watch!

  • Ben Foster is such a class act, such a genuine and humble guy.

  • It lived up to the hype, what a banger Ben 👌

  • Bens a legit youtuber now the editing and vibes of this video is greatttt 🙌🙌🙌

  • remember winning one of these tournaments at my football team when i was little. love this style

  • Honeslty, I didn’t know much at all of Ben Foster until Wrexham signed him. Now I can honestly say that he’s one of my favorite footballers of all time. What a class act, and genuine human being. Whatever god I need to pray to for Foster to come back next season for Wrexham please let me know.

  • i've missed this kind of content from ben 🫂

  • Just feels right with Ben in goal! good to see you out again. Good luck!

  • Such a good showing by chrismd again. Lad really is the best CS-tv footballer on the scene right now.

  • I love how Ben is looking down to talk to them the whole time 🤣🤣

  • Amazing video great to see Chris MD and Toby back

  • Love the visual work Ben & team. Keep it up

  • “Why have I still got my gloves in by the way” 😂😂that had me in bits

  • class vid as always but this has been one of my fav of your football challenges fozzy! class vid and lineup

  • ben foster has been playing proffesional football for over 20 years, having played for some top premier league and championship teams, yet when talking about going in goal for john he says “im not going to say im better, just more expierienced” how can you not love this man?

  • quality as usual, give this man a medal

  • Amazing video - content, editing, skills, fails, had it all!

  • Great video! Your editor deserves a raise for sureeee

  • Great content Ben does this so well.

  • ben is such a wholesome guy, i love chris and tobi but simon is levels above everyone on youtube

  • Always a great football video when it has either of these 3 on it.

  • I have missed these videos keep em coming ben you bloody ledge❤

  • Yeah I have to agree with the main sentiment here. Ben you're a great footballer, obviously, but you genuinely seem to enjoy making this content with CS-tv full-time creators and it shows! Their creativity bounces off your energy making some cracking videos... please keep going and make more! Sidenote: welcome back to footballing, I assume retirement didn't feel right for you? 😁😁😁

  • There is something so wrong about seeing Ben running towards goal😂

  • Massive respect for ben, enjoyed content indeed


    • He’ll still find a way to moan about the refs

    • @Lewis don’t forget the Canadian coders

  • this man is incredible mach day vlogs and vid with the CS-tv goats. keep up the work ❤❤❤

  • I'm so glad they're bringing back football videos they're some of my favourite videos.

  • This was one of a the very best Football vids for a Long time 🔥

  • It took Chris long enough to chip someone 😂

  • Harry had a point about Tobi you know. Even when he does something remotely interesting like offer a double red arse it's because he was last and in line for one anyway

    • I don’t think Toby is actually very good at football, get a fast defender and he wouldn’t be able to do anything just in my opinion

    • @Tom Youngman the fact that u saw what he did against 3 defenders and a keeper last CM (twice) and u're still saying this is😂😂😂

  • Big Ben With the great content cheers lad 🐐🐐

  • across the pond Scratching my head for a bit on this one- but then I realised that this is how penalty shots are taken in ice hockey. maybe this is actually Canadian Penalty 😄😄🇨🇦

    • Checkout 90s MLS penalties it's how they used to do shootouts before adopting the European style.

    • It comes from the MLS type of old pens wich is why its called American pen

    • @Nicholas Cage's Mandolin hockey has been doing penalty shots like this since the 1930’s

    • @Scott Henderson of course but that's just what foster is referencing when he says American penalties

    • @Nicholas Cage's Mandolin oh yea i knew that just thought u were trynna say mls did it first mb mb

  • I do love these videos and the Wrexham vlogs have been brilliant 😊 good to see ya back Ben 👍 pity you won’t sue this comment 😢

  • whoever edited that i tip my cap to you. Really well put together and loved the zoom ins on comments! well played

  • I find it great that Ben plays outfield with his gloves on still

  • I was looking for the Wrexham goalkeeper.............totally forgetting it was you🤦‍♂️🤣. Glad to see you back in action🙌

  • Yes lads! Oh Mr. Ben these are some bangers!

  • Love these football challenge vids. Fozzie the 🐐

  • The more I see these, the more I wonder how bad Chris really is. 😂😂😂

  • Fair play Ben! Loved it. Getting chipped AND red arsed on your own channel 😂

  • That save at the end of the vid by big John ☝🏽

  • Sick video Ben glad I was able to catch it this early, good to see you back on the pitch!

    • *Link to the clip : Why he's leaving CS-tv*

  • John still made a save in the background as the video ended 😆

  • what a banger what genuine enthusiasm

  • Feel bad for Tobi, he was done so dirty in this vid. Not only match fixing but also just bad luck on the day. Always the nicest ones that get done the dirtiest 🙁 GG overall tho, still a banging vid and well done Ben on the clean sheet last weekend (never lost it 👍)

  • Ben foster taking goal kicks instead of scoring😂😂❤

  • What a guy ! Love your videos , up the town xxx

  • imagine gettin double footed in the chest by big john. love the energy man great watching it too!

  • Anyone watching this after Foster’s 96th minute pen save, what a legend!

    • Me 🙋‍♂️ absolutely love Ben, he's boss. Watched whole game

  • Absolute legend man!👏

  • Chris deserves a shoutout on the Sidemen channel after that last goal

  • 16:57 Tobi got away with having to get hit twice now he’s only gonna get hit once😂

  • Wouldn’t mind seeing John involved more as the player taking the shots etc, can see he’s got abit as an outfield player as well, need him to get a mic on can imagine he’s got abit about him as well 😂

  • Watching the video knowing Chris will do a madness. Was not disappointed

  • Should bring some of these guys for the football fill in too

  • This means another ChrisMD banger incoming

  • Buzzing for the return of irl footy vids!

  • Top quality as usual 👌

  • This is so great and the editing on this is top

  • Editing was on point! Great vid

  • Just reminds you how good Premier League strikers are when they get 1 on 1 and they are always expected to score.

  • john gets training from ben it’s all over for youtube football 😂

  • Love to get a vid with you bringing some of the youtube boys to wrexham

  • *Chris attacks Tobi* ,*Tobi tries rainbow flicking into net* ,*big john's instincts kick in and makes quality save*, Ben....Ben just doing outro completely oblivious XD great video. can't wait for more!!! should try getting ryan involved in pens ben!

  • Nah Ben just experimenting and enjoying life having fun with people snd making new friends what a guy wish i had his life man

  • Gotta live ben foster what a genuine guy for a footballer keep up and all the beat aith the youtube

  • Ben be careful you don’t get injured in these videos so you can still play for your club

  • So glad you decided to come back from retirement and help Wrexham try for promotion.

  • I miss the early MLS days in the 90s. So much fun

  • You should rename the video to "3 Icons, One pitch" 🤪😂

  • I like how Tobi said we both have to do red arse if Christ lobbed him but if he just scored anyway tobi would have to do red arse

  • Love this video! Fozzy you legend

  • Wonder if Ben has something in his contract which means he has to put Wrexham in his titles. I don't think he ever described himself as 'Watford Goalkeeper'

  • We can all blame Tobi when Ben can't make the next Wrexham match.

  • Tobi is a star man