an awkward school vlog (junior year) 2019

čas přidán 18. 09. 2019
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  • Что я тут забыла?)

  • omg she has such a nice voice

  • As I’m watching this it’s a half day and b day for me too💀

  • Veru Cool🔥❤️ Okey

  • well is no one talking about her wallaper with the chicken? no??

  • Can Eli just marry me

  • yall have guitar and ceramics classes DAMN

  • Why is nobody talking about how smooth and perfect that smear was on her bagel

  • Omg teddy looks like my crush but older

  • I want to have marla's life and not a french life :)

  • Eli’s so cute! I love his accent! ❤️

  • why are they all blonds hahaha

  • What the crap is ceramics like a pottery class or something

  • Did- did you just say 60 degrees was cold? Wait what? Where do you live?

  • Wtf this school full of pale people 😂

  • Can you be 17/18 and be a junior ?

  • The intro to this video was so cute

  • hey we have matching toothbrushes

  • Your dad is so cool (he has a hydro flask

  • Эх скорее бы выучить. Английский и сводно понимать Англоязычных людей. Привет из России 🇷🇺

  • 가고싶다...격하게 가고싶다

  • hey does anyone know what song she used at the start?

  • 😍

  • eli sounds like yungblud with that doncaster accent oof

  • Why the russian schools worrier than american?Why?

  • 6:02 ???

  • She kinda reminds me of cara delevine

  • Your a junior too?

  • Im writing from Russia. You are cool

  • Pancake! I am from Russia, but so I want to live in America !!)

  • жаль, ведь ты живешь в россии

  • Eli tho ELI THO his accent tho DUDE HIS ACCENT

  • So that’s where all the good looking boys went

  • I know this is late but, any tips for upcoming freshman next year? :)

  • the British boy who did the outfit thing is so cute I almost choke

  • 6:00 😂😂

  • The sweaters and smartphone cases shown in thumbnails are very cute! Where did you buy them?🤔

  • i hate how everybody chews open mouthed

  • Extrovert human:school is cool Introvert human:school is hell

  • Lets make Izzy a model

  • You have such white teeth teach me your ways HOW

  • "My dad thinks I stole his hydroflask, but this is mine"


  • im in love with eli and his style okay wow

  • i want someone to look at me the way hunter looks at marla

  • 6:20 bruh if it was 60 where I live I would be wearing shorts and a t-shirt

  • You look a little like Billie Eilish🤪😅

  • Please do more about school 🙏🏻

  • ummmmmmm hi the sun isn't even up when I go to school


  • so no one is gonna talk about her home screen at the beginning... okay

  • She kinda looks like Polly from riverdale

  • you look like avril lavigne, a bit!

  • Hey Marla I know that this is a super random video to comment this on but I have been watching you since you first started and I have never felt the way that I feel about you with any other you tuber. I feel like you aren’t fake and you are sincere. Of course as a beautiful teenage lifestyle/ relatable creater it is very easy to view you as this perfect being with a perfect life that I will never achieve. Of course I love myself and my life but I also heavily admire yours. You are sooo different from summer, Hanna, Ellie, Avery and Emma. You are conservative and have the most amazing fashion sense out of all of them. I scrolled through most of your Instagram feed the other day and as I went to click on photos I saw all these links to Urban Outfitters and Brandy Melville(LOVE THOSE STORE SHOP AT THEM WAYYY TOOO MUCH). I saw other photos of you posing with beauty products. I had to stop and think. I know that as an influencer it is your job to buy into sponcerships and to sell products to your hopeless teenage girl fan base. I even saw that photo of you in the blue strappy Hope Avenue dress that you described in your fall haul as thinner than regulate denim and that’s why you bought it, and I clicked on the link and bought it right away and I love it. But still I had to stop and hope that you aren’t a fake character that I just go to watch and then when I’m bored I watch something else. Most influencers become this famous because of how beautiful they are... born pretty. And since you are goergous you are part of this club and I just hope that you stay humble and hilarious... because you are the first online creater that caught my eye when it came to fashion and vlogging and I hope that you keep creating content all through my high school experience so that I can keep on worshipping you for the goddess that you are, whale I blindly try to not think that you aren’t really what you make yourself out to be online. Ps. Say hi to Izzy for me PPS. STAY GOLDEN PPPS. have you ever read the outsiders? PPPPS. Your faithful and ADORING FAN!!😅 Hope you found this comment fun to read...

  • Hi hi?

  • Did anyone notice that she looks like Jules from euphoria

  • what’s the name of the font u use 🥰

  • i ship marla and hunter lol they're so qt #munter #harla

  • “You literally just chucked a banana at me”

  • Can i know what the intro song