an awkward school vlog (junior year) 2019

čas přidán 18. 09. 2019
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  • I’m literally 16 and i live in Greece so i can’t drive yet- everyone can get a driving license when they turn 18

  • Wait , ur still junior??

  • I ship hunter and Marla so hard!

  • You are so beautiful and your friends are beautiful too 😍

  • Does anyone know where Marla got the pullover from the second outfit?💓

  • her dad is a vsco girl

  • opening song plz

  • I love Eli's accent!

  • Hi, I'm indonesian, it's great to watch ur vlogs, im inspired tbh 💝💖

  • Honestly I love Marlas content! She stays so genuine and humble in all of her videos! It’s so cute!

  • Thag girl should get bangs she'll look cute 💞

  • love your vids!! just wondering where your makeup mirror is from?

  • we stan a girl who uses hydroflasks for their purpose

  • wow you look like Milena Tscharntke from the tv series DRUCK! so so beautiful!

  • I love these types of videos! ❤️

  • The accenttttt! Is Eli’s accent real??!!!

  • She will look more cuter with bangs! ! ! > .

  • The name of the song of the intro pls!

  • Hey when are you restocking your merch? Would really love to buy some !!

  • marla and hunter need to date asap so fricken cute i see the chemistry

  • And then there's me. With no toilet paper in School.

  • Like

  • 9:58 i love josh dun wow

  • what is this song!? I lovee it !

  • what is the opening song agsjdhdj

  • I like your vlog :)

  • I make a vlog every week at school. I'm from Canada so I don't know if anything is different.

  • i have the same toothbrush lol

  • i have the same toothbrush lol

  • i was not ready for eli's accent

  • Okay so first the guys are cute😆

  • DOES ANYONE KNOW THE NAME OF THE SONG IN THE BEGINNING ? lol i can’t find it through the lyrics, but then again i might be typing them in wrong lmao

  • What is a Junior year? IAHSUACSG

  • BY CARRR.??? The planet it’s sooo CONTAMINATED

  • Be careful using eyelash serums that make your eyes red, they can change your eye color!!

  • i cannot believe she’s a whole year younger than me wth

  • Am I the only one that kept waiting for Hunter??

  • Im junior and at 7am classes start...

  • hunter is so in love with you omg

  • imagine waking up at 6:20, marla that’s when i get on the bus

  • Hunter is gold

  • Can I please go to your school? Lol It looks so nice and u guys seem so welcoming 😊 So lucky 🍀

  • 11:06 *"You can dodge bullets but not bananas?"* - Aunt May

  • Wow your like sooooooooo pretty! Also what do use to edit

  • Girls look better without makeup

  • 잘 보고 갑니다

  • ♡ Hi! ♡ If you're reading this, it'd be so so so awesome if you watched my new back to school glow up video!

  • That’s. Not. Social. Anxiety.

  • I swear you were just a freshman 😭

  • Eli is so fucking cute tf

  • as soon as i saw hunter look at Marla i went straight to the comments knowing everyone would be going OFF because same

  • Wait do why wasn't hunter her homecoming date ?

  • can someone please tell me what type of nike's marla has in the first part of the video because I really want them and I feel dumb for not knowing what type of nike's she has

  • y’all are lucky we can’t leave school 😭

  • Only girls make these kind of vlogs, seen any guy doing this? Hell no.

  • Ok but Eli is a CUTIEEEEE

  • Wait is no one going to talk about her school hours?

  • why is she so young ?????

  • Car tour pls!!!

  • For everyone asking where hunter and Marla were “flirting” it’s at 9:52