Andrew Provost left the room 🫢

čas přidán 10. 03. 2023
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Komentáře: 20 381

  • Now i am 100 % sure that animals are better than some people

  • Man looks like he jus woke up from the best sleep but got up too quickly😭

  • 先行めっちゃ有利で草😂

  • If you ever feel useless, remember this game exists!

  • That slap made him travel back in time.

  • I can’t believe they were even thinking about letting this man continue. Like forget the 10 count he’s done

  • This is NOT sports. It's madness.

  • 先行圧倒的有利ゲー草

  • Damn, the dude took a trip and never left the stage. 😂

  • asian mom: imma end this man's whole career

  • 先行有利すぎて草

  • Welp another palm hit ko. That wasn't no smack💯

  • It’s funny how he’s so confident in what he just did as if it’s a talent or something 😂

  • That guy literally slapped the black off of him! Gat daymn.

  • Competitive slapping is the wiffle ball of boxing.

  • I cant imagine the f*cking amount of pain these people feel. I slap myself weakly and still hurts a lot...


  • “Im proud of ya son” 👴🏻

  • It’s 100% not fair for the guy who goes 2nd lmao

  • He sent his soul back to Africa with that slap 😂