Andy Ruiz vs. Luis Ortiz | FULL HIGHLIGHT | PBC on FOX

čas přidán 4. 10. 2022
Andy Ruiz defeated Luis Ortiz by unanimous decision on the main event of their pay-per-view card that took place at the Arena in Los Angeles, California on September 4, 2022. Ruiz dominated the fight, scoring three knockdowns while Ortiz struggled to get anything going throughout the duration of the fight. Ruiz's record improved to 35-2, while Ortiz fell to 33-3.
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Andy Ruiz vs. Luis Ortiz | FULL HIGHLIGHT | PBC on FOX
• Andy Ruiz vs. Luis Ort...
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  • Do you think you could last one round in the ring with either of these fighters?

    • With anybody, I don't pick my fights, I just analyze them and then I take em out.

    • Oh nvm didn’t see the ring part

    • First hit I would be dead.

    • I would run for 11 rounds. In the 12th round these fatsos would die from a heart attack. TKO! On the other hand, I haven´t reached my prime yet...

    • Yes if I had running shoes on!

  • The Fact Ortiz Lasted The 12 Full Rounds Is Nothing Short Of Pure Will, Heart, And Resilience

    • When you’ve been alive since before the universe 12 rounds is nothing

    • 🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌

    • @@aight329 damn son wtf you talking bout? 🤔

    • ​@@aight329 💀 not hard to understand that's a "he's old" joke. which made me laugh 😃

    • @@aight329 Exactly what I was bout to say

  • The fact Ortiz had a 12th round performance like that is astonishing, what a fight.

    • Very much so. At 43, you think he would be winded but he is obviously well trained l.

    • That is why he was the most avoided heavy-weight. No one wanted to fight Ortiz in his prime. 🤷🏻‍♂️

    • Bruh Butter bean was doing this stawp it

    • @@osas5211 Butterbean was a sideshow freak in America and Japan. He is known as king of the four rounders for a reason. You stahp the BS.

    • Yea I was knocked out first punched lol

  • The fact that Ortiz is still competing at 93 years old in amazing!

  • It’s such a shame Ortiz never won a heavyweight world title, he is such a naturally skilled boxer

    • He was avoided 🤷🏻‍♂️

    • People kept ducking that man..He got his shots tho and just fell short..he had Wider til wilder landed that POW! Ortiz is definitely a beast

    • @@willbradley4468 Truth. He might have given Wilder too much respect after tasting the smoke early, but was surely out boxing him. It's just that Wilder has Thor's hammer in his right hand and he caught Ortiz twice.

    • @@tonycrabtree3416 😂🤣

    • @@ChuukeseStink during his best years he was yes

  • Ortiz is a monster. He took several of Ruiz's hits, one on his eye and remained standing. He really made up a lot of ground in the final few rounds

    • In short, man is a warrior

    • that's why few will fight him. Wilder gets no credit for his victories over Ortiz.

    • Ortiz looked like he was there only to get paid.Getting knocked down 3 times and stand up like being hurt from a little girl.Ruiz looked more healthy than the fight with Joshua.

    • He was not going to win that fight, especially with 3 knockdowns and he couldn't hurt Ruiz. He had no path to a victory.

    • @@DIVISIONINCISION Pretty much like the path Ruiz will follow when he fights anyone half decent.

  • For a man in his 40s, Ortiz moves great and boxes like he’s still in his prime. Kudos to him and his team.

    • 50s

    • If he is in 20's

    • @@dondappapumpumslappa8051 try 60s. The man is as old as the hills.

    • @@dondappapumpumslappa8051 he was born in the 50s

    • Pretty sure Ortiz is 75 years old Cubans lie on their birth certificate.

  • Every time i watch Andy Ruiz box, it amazes me how fast and agile he is for his size.

  • 2 of the most underatted heavy weights of a generation. Ortiz is just pure machine, and Ruiz is clinical and lightning fast. Great fight, glad they both go home safe to their families

  • It’s a shame that Ruiz didn’t train harder for Ruiz AJ 2.

  • Jesus for such a big dude Ortiz was able to keep his legs moving for the entire 12 is insane. Especially after all those heavy hits.

    • @The Son of God worships the Father Amen

  • Much respect to Ortiz going in at age 43 to this fight, no less going the distance. I feel bad he suffered that eye injury, hopefully it isn't long-lasting.

    • This fight happens a couple of years ago and Andy would've been in trouble tbh.

    • I wish Ortiz would retire now,while he is still in good health.he's had a pretty good/long career and should be financially able to retire.

    • @@RealistMindset7 nah man Ruiz is a superior fighter to Ortiz in every way

    • @@Tongandingo1 Why did he barely beat a mid 40's Ortiz while being in the prime of his life then??

    • @@RealistMindset7 prime of his life was beating joshua!

  • Andy Ruiz jr's fast and unexpected punching speed is amazing

  • Great performance from Ruiz, and such grit and sportsmanship from Ortiz! This was truly a pleasure to watch.

    • i wouldnt call it "great". it was a good or ok performance

    • Shame for Ortis, if he would have been an american citizen, his boxing career would have brought him more. But the illegal punches on the back of the head like in the first round from Ruiz ..... they should have disqualified him. By the way he also did it in round 7. It has nothing to do with boxing at all.

    • @@martenx1384 true

    • Yeh, if he trqins more he has a good chance on beating wilder

    • It really was, people don't appreciate how sound Ruiz is.

  • Ruiz is quick, has heart and can stand toe to toe....He could be a problem for any heavyweight out there. Looking forward to seeing him shock the world again.

    • Yes same , he’ll give wilder a beating 🥊🥊🥊👍👍

    • @@leecorcoran6174 me personally i think he's gonna lose by knockout but a close dog fight. i just think when wilder lands that right hand he's not gonna be able to take it. just my opinion

    • @@tufatttufatt9521 Ye almost nobody can, however Ruiz might just hurt & finish Wilder before the guy lands that big right hand.. Despite the reach advantage don't think Wilder could hold off Ruiz, and Wilder's chin is questionable so..

    • @@bekeneel Wilder is overrated and made Fury look better than he is imo. I think a primed, dedicated Ruiz gives anyone a fight right now, including Fury.

    • ​@@Pingaheimer Wilder has been gifted with that power, but he isn't the best technical boxer no one says he is, he isn't overrated the power is real and probs sleeps every other man apart from Fury. Fury in spite of coming down from suicidal boozeweight was able to take his shots and dismantle the man with footwork, headmovement and pure IQ adjustment. Plus he mentally did him throughout the whole trilogy but gave him PTSD in the second and third especially with Wilder even having to put shades on😂 Forget Wilder, the ability is UNDENIABLE.

  • Ortiz so charismatic, always smiling and with such a willing to fight damn

    • He is very down to earth met him a few times

  • Fantastic fight. Huge props to Luis. Andy just keeps blowing me away, this guy has some serious hands.

  • Ortiz is 157 years old but still looks pretty good. Ruiz can really box - so quick!

    • @@Puffy147x lol

    • Basically, although it is not Ruíz problem that his rival has delayed his debut as a professional so much.

    • @@psychoslayer1325 Ortiz shoul've just taken the Joshua fight and retire :) (7million$), maybe he could even have won on that night tho i doubt it. He then got ktfo again against wilder for just 1mil lol. The man is too old already for hw boxing. Still in good shape but you have to take shots as well and even against martin he went down too. I'd still like to see a fight Ortiz vs Whyte.

  • Ortiz’s 12th round performance was insane especially for his age.

  • This was an incredible effort from Ortiz, what a will to win. True warrior.

  • Andy Ruiz is the embodiment of how I learned to fight. As soon as they swing, swing back just make it more precise and meaningful than they do.

    • This is the most conflicting comment I’ve ever seen in my life

  • Shouts to Ortiz, homeboy just turned 76 and he's still out there effectively throwing leather! ✌🏿

  • I don't know if it's just me, but i found this much more entertaining than the bouts from some of the bigger names. I mean, i could see a proper brawl, two big men giving all they got, none of that bouncy, barely touchy, sparing sht. Proper fight. I really enjoyed it.

  • I don’t know for sure how a fight with Ruiz and Wilder would go but I do know that it would not go to the scorecards.

    • if ortiz is 4 or 5 years younger, which is the time he fought wilder in the first fight, i think he will dominate ruiz

    • Wilder would eventually catch ruiz ko

    • Styles make fights.

    • @@djhemirukahemisphere8893 the problem is wilder has a good chin and great power someone like ruiz is is flat-footed will get caught eventually

    • if ruiz is in good condition (which is always the question before his fights), he will be very dangerous to any opponent. since his technicall skills are quite good and he also can eat a couple of heavy bombs, i can imagine, that he could beat wilder.

  • I’ll give you this Ortiz took some massive shots and still finished the fight like a warrior.

  • Devastating punches from my boy Andy wow 😲

  • Andy is one heck of a tough cookie, Well done champ

  • Wow I forgot how fast and HARD Ruiz hits. Geez. That was a fun fight.

  • props to the guy cutting the clips best and quick snippets of the rounds

  • Andy Ruiz defies physics with the speed of a man of that stature holy moly 🤯

    • Do I know you

    • @@holymoly2046 LOL. Thanks for the laugh.

    • I saw 280lbs guys 5'10 guys move like a ballerina don't be get fooled by stature some people are just naturally built to be that way.

    • @@jqa16 just not something you see everyday ya know?? Pretty crazy.

    • Against older opponents. Lol Ortiz could be his Dad... Just saying.

  • Just take a second to appreciate the hand speed and reaction time of ruiz with the punch that dropped ortiz round 2

  • Fights like this are why I fell in love with Boxing. Huge respect to King Kong Ortiz for leaving it all in the ring and not backing down.

  • 43 years, is a really king! God bless you Ortiz

  • Absolutely insane how much power ruiz generates from a short distance

  • Andy Ruiz! Wish my grandpa was here to see you still fight. He's always been into boxing and is the one who first showed me who andy Ruiz was in back in maybe 2011 2012.

  • Andy R looks strong when he is in shape ----those punches are coming with power!

  • Absolutely love Andy Ruiz he's amazing.

  • Crazy how fast these big boys are

  • My heart hurt for ortiz when I saw that slow mo hit to the eye.. prayers asking for great health. Money is not that important. :( God bless both of them

  • I will always watch Ortiz fight, it's a genuine pleasure. Andy Ruiz too for that matter, these guys are in my Fav Five for sure

  • I enjoy. Watching these guys because they are natural boxer's.skillful and good sportsmanship

  • The most impressive demonstrations from Ruiz in this fight are 1. His ducking Ortiz's killing straight lefts a number of times. 2. His eating those straight lefts a number of times. 3. His straights that put Ortiz on the canvas 4 times.4. The well timing of his counters vs a veteran well-seasoned lefties. Ruiz is truly a talented n a very strong fighter indeed.

    • I agree 100%

    • Bro I agree, that punch he faint left and hit the right eye was cold too

    • I was impressed by his footwork. You can tell he's had crazy amateur experience. He was aware of the trades, always returned with enough volume to level the cards, then he would slip a punch and switch hit into south paw. I think he's still very overweight, but insane how athletic he is despite carrying that weight.

    • great observations, Ruiz shows us everytime hes got some seriously underrated speed in both feet and hands.

    • there is nothing impressive in this fight....

  • Every time I watch Andy im so amazed for his size to have the hand speed he has and the power it’s crazy physically gifted

  • Gutted Ruiz is so inactive. Such an exciting Heavyweight.

  • Damn, Ortiz is tough as nails. Kind of a modern day Ray Mercer. Good on Ruiz getting back in the picture, though.

  • Ruiz hits soo damn hard

  • Damn. Cant believe he lasted 12 rounds. What a beast.

  • how did ortiz survive those shots is beyond human

  • Respect to ''Luis Ortiz''!!!🔥🔥🔥

  • Imagine getting into a bar fight with one of these guys. Both would clear the entire bar…walking down all punches

    • Silly the guy that tries these guys are huge man 😂

  • Love andy’s fighting style, one of my favorite boxers🤝🏾

  • Ese chanvito tiene una pegada fuerte 💪🏻 viva México 🇲🇽 💪🏻

  • No matter what people say this fight was a true battle of the heavyweights

  • Ortiz is a monster for taking those shots and still went 12

    • Ruiz could have ended it if he had an instinct for finishing combos. He had him dazed several times after landing a big shot.

    • If he coulda end it he wouldve. Ortiz was winning the last rounds. You think Andy let him win thos rounds out of respect for hiz elders🤭 No Ortiz gave it to him give the man hiz flowers💐

    • @@mizking5033 brother Ortiz is a has and never was been. Stop blowing smoke up his arse

    • @@chrimony You dont rush into a great counter puncher like Ortiz

    • @@lifeisblessed4802 But you do finish a fighter off with a combo after you daze him if you can. What happens to a lot of fighters is they get an, "Ooh, I got him!" moment after a big punch lands, and by the time it occurs to them to go for a followup, it is too late. The best knockouts happen after a combo where the first punch stuns them.

  • ortiz is 45 years old and to stay on his feet after all these shots in 12 rounds is unbelievable

  • I have always loved to watch Andy fight.

  • Congratulations to both fighters for putting up such a good fight. 👍🏾👍🏾🥊🥊

  • This was figth fire with fire. Perfect perfomance from both guys.

  • I was not expecting Ortiz to hang in there like that and making it that close. Ruiz hands are fast asf though.

  • AJ got stopped by ruiz but a 45 years old luis ortiz didn't, let that link in😂

    • Different time other fight, not that funny, but i sure u just a kid

    • @@b1odin39 even if it's a different type of fighter, Ortiz got dropped multiple times and fought throw it, AJ got stopped mid fight, don't you think it's impressive how Ortiz had a close fight with Ruiz even tho his 45 years old?

    • But AJ dropped Ruiz though huh? Only reason why he lost that is that he got excited and got careless

    • @@oni280893 yeah if Ortiz was the same age as AJ he would've been knocking out Ruiz, not just dropping him.

    • @@thegoat6116 Idk Ortiz hasn’t really beaten any high level opposition to even make that claim though ngl

  • Respect to both , very good fight.

  • Absolute warriors.

  • Ruiz has amazing hand speed and power for his size and weight. Props to Ortiz for fighting till the end.

  • Ruiz is lightning fast. Especially for a big guy like him.

  • This fight is really entertaining in the number of clean shots landed n the number killing shots ducked n the absence of hugging n pushing. Clean n tight n competitive fight indeed. They deserve a bonus for this kind of outstanding performance.

  • Man Ruiz loves that Fuse box punch

  • Those are some devastating punches!

  • Legend says that Ruiz and Butterbean once punched each other at the same time and that's how the universe was created.

  • Outstanding camera work 👏🏾

  • Wow, thanks for the upload!

  • Props to Ortiz for surviving all rounds

    • age...time...if Ortiz was younger, it would be a different fight - mad respect to Ortiz tho

    • @@lamontmelrose7640 I was hope to say the same! Father Time undefeated, a younger Ortiz wins that fight 9/10 times

    • @@lamontmelrose7640 no cap, 2018 ortiz

    • “Age” “Father Time” “if” are typical fanboy excuses Prime Ortiz fought nobody and he was just a drug cheat

    • @@lamontmelrose7640 if my aunt had balls she’d be my uncle

  • Ruiz always finds that spot just behind their ear. It's his superpower.

  • Love you big boi, let’s goooooooo team Andy Ruiz!!! Good to see you back

  • Wow, I didn't see this fight. I didn't know they was cracking each other like that in the second round! Andy is tough as nails absorbing that shot 😮 3:38!

  • Just the sound of their vicious punches makes it scary.

  • I’m Mexican but respect for King Kong Ortiz he support 2 big booms right hand from Andy and make. Close figh at he’s age prove age is only a number

  • The story of this fight were the knock-downs it was a very close fight but those 3 knock-downs made it pretty clear Andy did enough to win

    • 4

    • Andy is a great boxer. His boxing skills are undeniable. I just wish he’d keep his weight under control. Other than that he’s a force for sure

    • @@theglassmaster3140 Its them Birria Tacos man XD No lie if you had one you would understand the struggle

    • @@Troupe_Master yeah. I understand discipline. Struggle is a word for the weak. Whether you like it or not

    • In other news; water is wet.

  • ruiz throws such fast and powerful punches, and ortiz has a chin of steel

  • Ortiz has gotten so far ❤ Siempre va tener mis respetos como Cubano.

  • From Philippines your my idol the DESTROYER RUIZ 🤙

  • We love you Ruizz 🇲🇽 🗣️

  • Andy Ruiz is gifted with beautiful boxing.

  • Ortiz won round 12! And that is a big one for him and his fans. Lius ortiz got my respect.

  • Andy looks in better shape but Ortiz was determined not to get knocked and still put up some hard shots ✔️💯😵


    • @@oldschoolrunescape-demonan2015 that's just not true😭

    • ​@@hudsonpallett6184 it is if your head hits concrete.

    • @@AnnesleyPlaceDub70 I can almost guarantee you will not die from your head hitting concrete 100% of the time so even then it's not always true

    • @@hudsonpallett6184 nothing in life is 100% guaranteed where the chance of serious injury/death is concerned due to head trauma - and that is fact.

  • Ruiz never fails to shine. Man is a DAWG

  • Andy Ruiz is possibly one of the hardest punchers to and people better quit taking him for granted. He is a very dangerous fighter

  • What a fight both are great. Giving their greatness for the entertainment . Thanks both of you

  • It’s amazing how the built of Andy Ruiz is so fast, I admire his work ethics

  • Ruiz has real accuracy and it shows it really does

  • One of the best heavyweight fights in the modern era

  • Best heavy weight fight i have seen in a long time two warriors bravo to them both.

  • What a fight man - miss these heavyweight matches

  • Ortiz have a damn good reslience, 12 rounds to withstand such strong shots... Honestly, I would like to see AJ vs Ruiz now, in the form in which Ruiz is now after losing weight and the tactics that he he has now, now he is a real destroyer

  • 6:17 Sounded violent. Cant imaging hit by Ruiz like that

  • That straight left in 12 round was mad almost turned things around!

  • Bro even in slow motion, the short strikes are just enthralling.

  • 02:30 wtf how can ruiz stay after that hit! respect

  • That knock down in the 7th is genuinely beautifully. Andy is so good on the break.

  • I had Andy Ruiz but dam 12 rounds i was worried at round 12 that man got heart

  • Respect to a man that can stand with a champ for 12 rounds