Angry Acts: Top 5 Angriest Contestants from The X Factor UK

čas přidán 8. 09. 2016
Hold on to your hats, these guys are not happy! Here are the top 5 angriest contestants from The X Factor UK!
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  • 11:27 she looks like JoJo siwa

  • Areal is litterly crazy

  • "We want to spread a message not all teens are trouble makers" *litterly disrespects his elders for telling him the truth*

  • Hi im abby Hi im lisa And together were a mess

  • I thought George's friend was going to tell him to stop when she went on stage but she just made it worse

  • Abby and Lisa are literally Cinderella’s ugly step-sisters come to life. 🤮

  • “I’m Abby, and I’m Lisa, and together we are Abby and Lisa.” 🤔

  • How does Jeeeeeewge keep sneaking into the building?

  • Triple trouble: We're not like other teenagers me: Thank you for confirming that

  • I would've really liked George number 2, y'know, saying he changed and everything, if it wasn't just a lie

  • 14:46 This is literally a scene of your average anime villain

  • 11:04 *Ma' dude hugging the girls acting like hes got a harem*

  • *Looks like triple trouble live up to their name.*

  • Ariel sounds like the witch from the wizard of oz when she laughs

  • 12:04 she say her name is Ariel but the ho be lookin like Ursula

  • Those dislikes are from the contestants that lost.

  • I'm not a human

  • It really triggers me how Triple Trouble skipped a verse of “Umbrella” by Rihanna

  • Gorge killed me that’s awful ! 🤣🤣🤣

  • Triple trouble 😂😂👍🏾

  • What’s with the inception score ahahahaha

  • Pause at 7:16 to see a face n tell me who she is

  • my guy george chatting up the opps

  • I'm ready to show the real George! the real George has a BAAAAAD temper! ☢ he is hazardous

  • Zoe😣👍🙏

  • Terrible. )))

  • George: I’ve matured and I’m here to clear my name Also George: *clearly not having changed and embarrassing himself even more*

  • Zoe is a borderline, she has no self to be.

  • the third contestant sounds like my teacher hshshshs

  • there bad

  • Now it's time for my opinion 😂 😂

  • George is a legend

  • 11:23 meditation? Looks like sleeping

  • Como q cuando hay un video en ingles todos ponen el traductor y escriben en ingles con q necesidad no c jaja

  • I think the guy from triple trouble would be better off rapping tbh.

  • “The piece that I have just performed to you...” “It wasn’t a piece.” 💀💀

  • I can never watch Zoe’s audition because of how sorry I am for her. She actually is good, and she really didn’t want to sing Pink. But, the production made her sing pink. When she got the callback they told her she could be on the show IF she sang pink. She didn’t want to. She deserved to go through but she got cheated, which is cruel. Check out her CS-tv, please. She’s amazing. She really deserved to go far...

  • "We're triple trouble!" Ooow, it's way more than just triple, I can assure you that.

  • Dermot looked ready to end that guy for disrespecting women!

  • grandpa Louis 😅

  • Ahhh marico mis oidos

  • 13:44 I like it

  • Who's still watching at October 2019?

  • Simon should have just said I’m doing my job you rat

  • Hi

  • When the girl on the left from triple trouble held the mic wrong I was already getting triggered

  • Me : has headphones in Ariel : *screams* My dog : *runs away*

  • Omg my name is Zoe and I am not like this

  • So George is still immature

  • Haha a hahaha hah

  • is no one gonna mention “my sister is her cousin” or?????

  • Zoey is number one definitely right? Just me okay? Read more

  • Zoe was crazy what does she think she is doing swareing on stage like that in front of the little kids

  • 10:37 music please

  • Zoe was gooooddd but her atitude

  • *There such a spoiled brat!!!*

  • 2:55 yes you will

  • The first girl is so spoiled and such a jerk. The judges were nice and she was just ungrateful.

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