Animation vs. Minecraft Shorts Season 3 - All Episodes (20-30)

čas přidán 9. 06. 2023
Including new music for Piglin War and The Witch, as well as improvements and fixed errors for every episode!
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00:00:00 Piglin War
00:12:37 The Witch
00:26:25 Parkour
00:43:18 Titan Ravager
00:53:11 Lush Caves
00:58:39 The Ultimate Weapon
01:08:40 The Warden
01:16:49 Monster School
01:33:22 The Raid
01:42:17 Note Block Universe
01:55:17 The King

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  • and now... the entire season's reaction and director's commentary!

  • I can’t imagine 2010 Alan would believe where he’d be right now. Animator vs Animation has come so far, from a harmless comedy short to an engaging series which is BASICALLY A MOVIE. Excellent work.

  • unironically one of the most well executed stories ive ever seen, in the last few episodes some notable things are the references to past episodes and the sudden introduction of the purples and the kings backstories still managing to make them feel organic and relevant. im at a loss for words, im super jealous and im sure this will serve as a great font of inspiration not only for me but for many others. ive been watching you since the very first animation vs animator man, thank you for everything

  • This is actually absolutely amazing, it’s so surprising to me how a lot of different popular companies can’t make something as incredible as this. Also a little side note: Most of this wouldn’t even happen if blue just wasn’t so addicted to netherwart 💀

  • It's been 7 years since I started watching you, and it really isn't fair that throughout a near-decade, a pandemic, and so many experiences with things that have been genuinely amazing, things haven't changed a bit. After so long, a stick figure animation is still one of the best things I've ever seen. Thank you for everything

    • @MR. ASS GAMER ???

    • Episode 31 is out

    • ​@xue xiao Yes 3 days ago ❤

    • And 7 days

  • This was a thousand times better than many movies I've seen in my entire life, it wasn't a waste of time to watch it until the end, I just loved it, congratulations Alan!

  • Alan Becker is a genius. The fact that he can do this much without any talking of any sort, and having to use stick men is just insane and crazy. Respect.

  • This is way way beyond what you would usually expect from CS-tv. Alan has successfully created the most beautiful animation out there.

    • He basically created a whole dang movie

    • @Gio_ 3 WHOLE DANG MOVIES.

    • with very simple stickmen

    • It's so interesting, Minecraft *with* stickman fighting?!! Hell yeah!

  • It will always amaze me how he can tell so much without any actual dialogue. No one says a line yet we understand exactly what is going on. Visual storytelling at its finest.

    • "show don't tell" is a rule most movies break, but these characters can't say anything

  • I've been saying for years that there should be a Minecraft movie, I think this was it. I don't think that you can get any better than this series right here. Outstanding work

    • Well, there is a Minecraft movie in the works! Look it up!

  • I almost cried at the end, the fact that an animation with no words can give the same emotion as a well written tv show or movie can, is insane, and I cannot wait for whatever is next. Thank you.

  • What I love most about all of these is the use of both minecraft logic and its own game mechanics, as well as Alan's own creativity.

  • I'm studying a degree in music and I've got to say the music in this movie is extremely well done. There are so many movies these days that just use generic music and it really lets everything down

  • It's actually pathetic that million dollar companys can't make a movie/series as good as the Alan Becker team

  • probably some of the best animation ive ever seen. The combat scenes especially were very fluid and clean. not tot mention so many emotions with no words whatsoever. really cool

  • The backstories made me cry, the nostalgic touches made me reminiscent, the music, absolute masterpiece, all without words. Better then any movie you could name, and it was about stickmen going into Minecraft.

    • A poor dad who tries to make his son happy bt his son died in an accident and so he seeks revenge on minecraft


    • Villains they are not made.

    • 😭

  • I think everybody that has watched Alan’s videos can agree that,indeed he deserves to be known for his talent which is : Giving you a whole story (Movie) which you can watch and understand without any words spoken 😯 Absolutely spectacular 💀

    • You can notice how great Alan's videos are when they kill people, just like this man

    • applause to his team too, he could not have done it all by him self

  • Great Animation Great Storytelling without Dialogue Great Music This is just a Masterpiece and Alan and his Team deserve a Reward for this Fantastic Work Thank you Alan for all what you did for us and I'm excited for the Future Keep Going Legend ❤

  • Honestly, I started tearing up near the end knowing it was over, but I know it's not over just yet. There's a lot to go, but we must be patient for we know how hard it is to animate this well. Very well done Alan! ❤

  • I like how Alan uses the old textures for certain parts of the show. It's a nice touch.

    • Why

    • @Reedomu Blue wouldn't have known that the nether looked different before he went there in Piglin War. The vision where he collects nether wart at the start shows the old nether, because that's what he remembers it looking like

    • @Séán no like at the beginning, his soul sand is still the old texture, and same thing with the sugar cane, but most everything else is new.

    • @Improvise Studios That's true, didn't think of that at first but ur right

    • @Séán and especially with the 'remastered' version of season 3 in this video, new music, slight differences, etc; if Alan wanted to change it he probably would.

  • I just binged all 3 seasons and WOW WOW WOW I am in awe of the talent displayed here. The creativity, the characters, the story, everything was AMAZING!!! I literally couldn't stop watching, you are all so talented!

  • Good, it's been 5 months since this video came out, and you probably won't see this comment, but here it goes: This is a masterpiece of animation, and anyone who disagrees is crazy. I can say it loud and clear, "I cried watching an animation of stick figures and Minecraft, and I don't regret it." Every emotion this animation made me feel, I felt anxiety, sadness, joy, and went back to sadness. Alan Becker, thank you for giving me this, I sincerely hope you achieve all the success in the world.

    • I agree brother but i wish in minecraft stackable potion was a thing

    • so much of this reminds me of carbot's animations for starcrafts. completely different artstyle but both do the "story with no words" approach amazingly well. starcrafts is based on starcraft instead of minecraft and is definitely another worth checking out

    • I have spent the last 5 minutes trying to copy paste this as my description of this masterpiece of a movie

    • Eres el mejor CS-tv sigue así y yo nada más suscriptores llegar llegar a los millones de suscriptores

  • I wanted to cry so hard at the end because of how amazing the story and the animation was😭 THIS MAN DESERVES AN AWORD FOR THIS!!!!

  • This movie, because that's what it should be called, is a damn masterpiece. It actually put me close to tears at the end due to how sad the Orange King's story is. A guy losing his son, all he had left, and taking out his anger on that thing in an attempt to get him back. In the meantime, he's actually hurting his son, who he didn't recognise, and the realisation of that actually hurt. You could feel his desperation to take back his actions once he knew. A story without words, a small team, and it's better than 90% of films today. Get this man in contact with Netflix, because we need more stuff like this to be recognised.

  • It’s sad the series is over, but I can’t wait for the next one! Episode 1 is already good enough, speaking of which, I saw a dramatic boost in editing and effects compared to episode 20 and 30 which is just so amazing and shows how much was learned whilst animating, like the 3D effects and visuals were amazing!

  • To think Alan had ambitions to work at PIXAR, before he was turned down. The amazing work he and his team have put out in this series ALONE shows that he was beyond qualified to be an animator at Pixar... And now, he's doing something arguably better. I can't wait to see what you guys put out in the future!

    • Wait he was actually turned down by PIXAR themselves? I thought that was a joke

    • Wow Damn

    • Bro fr?

    • Maybe it’s a good thing because he wouldn’t make these incredible animations if he was a Pixar worker

  • Absolutely amazing, start to finish, this was better than a lot of movies I've watched and I am honored to have seen this whole series. I didn't know I could feel emotions about stick figures and a game about blocks but here we are. Brilliant. I loved it.

  • Thanks so much Alan and his Crew for putting together such memorable animations. (I rly enjoyed the Minecraft High reference, brought back some good memories)

  • It's really sad that multi-million dollar companies make mediocre products and that some random CS-tvrs make a work of art like this series. ❤

  • I want this to be a never-ending series since these asnimations are amazing! You make animations so good, I almost cried at the end!

  • The way that this is better than a lot of movies says how good Alan is (without even using words) also it shows how much people like it if it has this many views also it’s so good it made me sit here for 2.27 hrs

  • At just under 2 and a half hours with one uninterrupted narrative, Season 3 is pretty much Animation vs Minecraft: The Movie when edited together like this. Genuinely awe-inspiring how far Alan and his team have come. Edit: Also want to give praise to the planning that would've had to have gone into Season 3's narrative *years* ahead of time. Green playing the jingle from way back in the first Note Block episode so Orange would recognize him, or Blue's craving of the Netherwart that he finds in their very first visit being what kickstarts this entire adventure, to name just a couple. There are so many callbacks to things in previous episodes that seemed self-contained, but here are instrumental in moving the plot along. Very few shows nowadays play the long game to such a degree, but DAMN if the payoffs throughout this season weren't some of the best in recent memory. Now I'm just curious what seeds were being planted for Season 4...

    • Yea true I love this video

    • SEASON 4

    • @UCevC7I3MsWxRpOKZdXZZORg And your also spammer

    • @UCevC7I3MsWxRpOKZdXZZORg yea

    • Nah, combine all seasons, and it is an epic, movie that lasts about 4.5 hours!

  • That was amazing. I really miss this type of storytelling and also amazing animation but who knew the stick figures I draw as a little kid would be the thing I watch on CS-tv as a grown man for two hours straight.😂

  • I have been crying for the past half hour. This season and the first season got to be my favorite. The Animation vs. Minecraft series will always be remembered.

  • Holy. Fucking. Shit. this season was an absolute rollercoaster of emotions: from the tensity brought on by the beasts, to the comic relief of the noteblock world. Each part had significant impact on the story as a whole, and i was *hooked.* The backstories alan has given these characters, from just being some stickmen, and its nuts. I was almost brought to tears by king orange’s backstory. such a small screen time, yet so impactful as a whole. Alan, you are truly a gift to this world. You bring us these, masterpieces, outclassing SO many big companies, who dish out movies every minute. You take your time, you put your effort in. Im suprised you havent lost your fingers yet! keep up this amazing work. You brought me up in my childhood, you kept me eager and hopeful throughout covid, and you’ve taken my breath away each, and every, time. welp, ill be here, waiting for the next one. see you then! - Max

  • this series is actually really good… the emotion… all from an animation with no TALKING… it’s honestly great

  • Oh my god. This is a masterpiece i legit dont know how he does this i dont think i can even approach to this kind of level of animating skills its crazy how this series went of a guy that fights against his creation to a literal movie

  • This was EASILY one of the best movies I've ever seen, and deserves the price of an admission ticket at the least. I laughed, cheered, cried, and went on this journey you've lovingly crafted for all of us; and you deserve everything positive that comes your way Alan. Thank you so much for everything you've done!

    • Is that aud????

    • @Blood_error Yeah it's AUD, that's about the cost of a movie ticket here.

    • I dont know how do donate tho

    • Is it like a pc thing???

    • Also if u are in Australia in wich i am its very late so ima sleep so i might not reply till tomorrow wich is Friday

  • Dude, these make me laugh and cry. These animations are just amazing. These just make the world so much better. Let me just say, bravo to the Alan Becket team. They are amazing talented people, and I am so happy that they share their talents with the world

  • It's so amazing how far the series has come.

  • I never thought that just an animation of stickmans using minecraft items could turn into something like, epic battles, exciting scenes, suspense and much more than that, this animation can be better than any company spending millions to make a movie

  • I can’t believe this man single handedly made the greatest show of all time

  • I cannot believe how beautiful this series was, it made me cry so much and without saying a single word it generated so many emotions in me, although the truth was that I would have wanted a reunion of the father with the son, it hurt me a lot to know that in reality I would never do it again see, speechless, it's a masterpiece!

  • I think what makes this series amazing is the fact that you guys managed to make a series without any words, which means you don't need to translate and/or reanimate it to make it accessible to most of the world

  • I swear to god,i never seen better movies than this Perfect back stories Perfect music Perfect sfx Perfect story Everything is perfect

  • I think that this wonderful movie, with all its blocks, fights, ideas, graphics, and the participation of creatures and mobs, can surpass the movie "Songs of War" by many steps, and all of that without any words. Indeed, it is a highly commendable work.. Thank you for the Fun and artistic visual feed

  • I won't be surprised this will be a great movie one day, the story time is phenomenal

  • I can’t believe I cried over stickmen in Minecraft. Except, this is SO MUCH MORE than simply stickmen in Minecraft. Props to you, Alan Becker, and your animation team… This was one heck of a ride

  • I would like to express my delight at what an interesting and exciting story as it ended on such an epic and good moment. But I'm sure that this is not the end yet and this story will have a different plot and theme than minecraft. I want to thank the author for creating such good characters that diluted my boring everyday life.

  • I cannot stress enough how much respect I have for the team that works on these animations. The stories are great, the attention to detail is insane and the sheer amount of chaos that happens during the fight scenes are absolutely incredible. Can’t wait to see what’s in store next!

  • Born too late to discover and travel through the oceans Born too early to explore the vast galaxy Born just in time too witness this masterpiece i was born in the right generation

  • Has Alan ever explained why almost everyone seems to have an issue whenever they tried using Orange King's staff?

  • Хорошая история с хорошим концом) Удачи всем, кто посмотрел этот комментарий)

  • It's like watching a movie, a perfect movie. This video is better than big-budget movies out there.

  • I cried because of this I used to watch this when I was little and seeing how far it’s come is making me cry tears of joy

  • The fact that Alan and his team can take Stickman and Minecraft, be able to merge the two together, and be able to make a film that takes you on a emotion roller coaster ride and give it a good story is incredible! Props to Alan and the Team!

    • Mentening that not a single word was spoken…

    • I loved the musical bit with purple. I am a bit sad that purple isn't a permanent team member now. A full rainbow (minus indigo if you must) would have been kinda cool.

    • ​ жжжжююю

    • Miss those days!

  • This animation is so sweet and amazing. The storyline was really cool and expressive. Do you think you could create a season 4?

  • alan told a story better than any movie writer in 2023 could and without words at that

  • When a series about stick figures that cant even talk has better storywriting and lore than 90% of netflix movies.

  • I love the symbolism of King beating up Minecraft with his son, then changing it to purple showing that he basically used his "son" all along.

  • I like how Alan matches the music exactly with the things, which are happening

  • I remember watching them just do build challenges and finding a way home, but now they fought a war and explored new updates while doing it. I’m sad to see this series end, but it was fun while it lasted. Thank you Alan for working so hard to make these videos.

    • Episode 30 was just the season 3 finale

    • who said this was the end of the series?

    • it said season finale not series finale 💀

    • @Spectre it could be considering the fact that the final episode just had end credits and said “the end” while season 2 had neither of those things.

    • It's not ending yet, the adventure is just beginning

  • I feel bad for the second coming bc whenever the rest of them discover they’re musical talent it is usually when he is sleeping😂 but also Alan can make something emotional, heartbreaking, and generally amazing and silent all that is needed is some music maybe words here and there to have a guttrenching(I didn’t spell that right) story that is truly immersive all we need to listen to is the sound effects and the music and bam we are all watching it is truly amazing😊

  • Alan deserves an award. No cap.

  • Alan.. I have no words this is a real masterpiece I think you need to award an Oscar it's perfect when will the 4th season be? I really want to see the continuation of this masterpiece!!!

  • What a journey ❤ I love how it just decided to bust into a musical and even no words spoken I xan still understand 😂

  • I remember watching this old Marvel Superheros show on Netflix when I was a kid, that had like the exact same plot of this lol. Thanos (yes, this was long before Infinity War) had defeated the superheroes and sent them through portals to different worlds, in the season finale. Then the next season dedicated an episode to each superhero making it back, such as Hulk having to deal with being in a battle arena, or Iron Man getting put into this weird like... vampire drama world. The season finale is then after the heroes team up again (I think they got an infinity stone from each world somehow? It's hard to remember), and defeat Thanos. I may just be crazy but it seems to line up really well, even if I barely remember the show. I wonder if Alan took any inspiration...? Regardless, this was a great season, and the nostalgia from that show only made it better for me.

  • These 2 and a half hours were worth every second... The music, the sound effects, the story... Down right brilliant. Now to pray for season 4, if it will ever exist. Seriously though, well done Alan, as well as everyone who helped create this masterpiece. It's truly amazing.

    • Alan Becker really is like the Chrono Trigger of animators.

    • You are right

    • If Season 4 exist maybe isntead of someone human being the villain it should be a virus or a glitch (like what killed the King's son) taking over the minecraft metaverse or something Season 4 could have potential aswell but it would take a lot of thought and good story writting to make a good or even better season

    • @Jack Wrathoh sure sureeee

  • With great talent come great respect. Respect to Alan Becker!

  • Так прекрасно, что даже сложно это анимацией назвать.

  • If the Alan backer would make it a movie I'll not wonder when it's gonna be one of the best series on Netflix

  • How is it that a bunch of animated stick figures is able to draw out so much more emotion compared to most movies out there. This got me tearing up so badly; most movies aren't able to do that. I love this so so much.

  • wow the second last and the last was amazing! the people who help alan becker think of these are on another level! keep up the good work!!

  • It's crazy to see how far this series has come! Great job to Alan and his team! ❤️

    • He has a team?

    • @Clogica yea

    • @Clogica Of course he does. It would take decades to create these fascinating "shorts" without his team.

    • @Just another commenter he actually repost his video and make it to a short

    • yea the team is the best

  • I love how with each episode the animations kept getting better and better

  • This is a cinematic masterpiece.

  • Thanks Alan for these animations that are part of my childhood

  • Amazing work of animation! Thank you Alan for making this amazing series

  • This is some of the best storytelling I’ve seen in such a long time

  • Alan really can’t stop himself from making a small thing into an amazing thing First it was making Animator VS Animation shorts into the real AVA 5 And then this, turning a small side series into a full fledged incredible story

    • Yea he gone so far from good animation to full on anime

    • Maybe he would be the editor of a whole movie

    • @jacob de armas he got rejected from pixar which means an L for pixar

  • The amount of money that you can probably make of of this video if you made into a full on HD movie in theaters would be insane. Just a thought :)

    • putting it on CS-tv is one thing, but there's a ton of legal stuff he'd have to go through with Microsoft to get this in theaters

  • The noteblock universe was majestic af.

  • 1:02:35 Probubly one of the coolest battle scenes I've ever seen and pigstep just makes it 10 times better!

  • this feels more like a movie than a season ngl

  • This deserves 100m views they got a whole village of villagers singing like a disney film that is some determintion to be able to do all that.

  • The way that it starts and ends with Blue playing a music disc is awesome, I can’t believe it’s been so long since this amazing series began and so much has happened throughout the seasons, the amount of work and dedication is insane

    • The only important difference is that his favorite food which is netherwart was there at the end compared to running out at the beginning.

    • @Axl Ray Lauron well at least he finally got what he wanted

    • 私は日本人です。棒人間シリーズもっと出していただけたら、ファンたちが喜びます。お願いしますm(_ _)m。

    • Same song too. They definitely planned for these last 10 shorts to be a movie

    • @ItsJustWan *11

  • não acredito que eu chorei com essa animação vei, as vezes não é preciso ter gráficos incríveis para ser bom

  • Alans animations hit harder than My Titan Academia Gear 152 💀

  • Такого эпика я не видел ни в одном фильме это самое прекрасное что я видел в своей жизни, сравнивая со мстителями финал тут абсолютно всегда держит в напряжении и они даже рядом не стоят😍

  • WHY IS IT STILL NOT IN CINEMAS YET ? It is so good it deserves an oscar!!

  • How does Alan come up with these ideas their so amazing. The ending was heart warming. I cried through the whole video😭

  • I'm just gonna point out that if Blue hadn't gone into the nether portal, then none of this would've happened. Thanks a lot Blue :\

  • Napaka angas 🔥 wala akong masabe ❤️ GRABEEEEE!! Sa lahat ng napanuod kong master piece ni alan, this is the BEST ✨ Sana mas makagawa pa kayo nang mas madame at mas tatatak sa mga puso at utak ng viewers nyo. The Best ❤️✨

  • Alan Becker May you never run out of ideas. This series is the best I've seen out of CS-tv

  • Este video valió esas 2 horas sentí más de 10 emociones lo mejor q e visto LLA me imagino la temporada 4

  • its not just an animation. Its a life lesson

  • Yes I just watched a 2 and a half hour movie of stickmen in minecraft that had absolutely zero dialogue. Yes it was better than 99% of the stuff big corporations come out with. Yes it was beautiful. Alan Becker, I dont know how you and your team do it, but this is an absolute masterpiece

    • i know right all of those videos something about them is just so epic

    • its not an masterpiece. its an godpiece

    • Yeah but king has plot armor

    • So true

  • i have literally never seen anything this creative and im loving it

  • El mejor canal de animaciones de CS-tv por no decir de todos y pensar de que los diseños son palitos XD

  • Episode 30 is so sad because King Orange just wanted to get his son back. It made me tear up so much. But I also love the techno reference at the end where they put the crown on the pig.