Apple iPhone 11 Pro Review - PROven after 2 months?!

čas přidán 24. 11. 2019
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I think the last time I truly loved an iPhone, we were still not even reviewing them. Apple's iPhone 4 was such a dramatic leap from anything else out there, that it got me to switch. The design was bold, the Retina Display was fantastic, but what really sold me on it was the camera. See, in 2010, smartphone cameras were terrible, and especially for video. The iPhone 4 was the first to take this seriously, so much so that some of the photos and 720p footage I have of my children is still looking great today.
Trusting any device with your memories is a big deal. I don't think I ever reached that level of confidence with Android until the Galaxy S6 a whopping 5 years later, but then the tables turned. iPhones still owed video, but photos became Android territory. And let's face it, the last three generations of Google Pixel were enough to have Apple playing catch up... at least until now.
This is the iPhone 11 Pro. What Apple dubs as Pro Performance, Pro Cameras, Pro Everything. And true, lately the word Pro gets tossed around a lot, and yet, this is the first time that I can actively say that I don't just trust an iPhone with my memories, but also some of my work load.
Yes, I know that's shocking to hear from a guy like me, which is why I took so long to test this phone. I just couldn't believe that history finally repeated itself. The last time I felt this way about an iPhone was 9 years ago, so bare with me as I tell you why. I'm Jaime Rivera with Pocketnow, and this is what using an iPhone 11 Pro feels like for more than two month.
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  • If price is not an issue, which phone would you pick? anyone

  • Should I buy 11 pr0 or 11

  • dude, are you a FIlipino? You look like one.

  • Does anyone know what’s the name of the song in the background?

  • I'm planning to buy on oneplus 8 pro, but getting iphone 11 pro is worth it? I usually use phone for games and photography or should I wait for the iphone 12. iphone should introduce high storage without charging so much. who uses 64gb internal storage nowadays.

  • Pro max forever.

  • I bought Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max 512GB here: works perfect. Used cheaper:

  • All the models in the iPhone 12 series are expected to be powered by the company’s A14 chipset and feature support for 5G connectivity.

  • Usb C already....

  • watching this on my iphone 11 pro.. just kidding.i'm broke.i only have android

  • "4K Sample" in all its 1080p Glory haha

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  • The intro music was lit. Does anyone know which one it is?

    • Got it. its 'Above Planets' by Patrick Patrikios

  • Migrated from 6 to 11 Pro Max. Loving it in all aspects.

  • Thx for the feedback my dad will get me the phone

  • Can you buy me iphone 11 pro its because i've wanted for so long

  • iphone is just for the flex

  • Apple Smart Battery Case with Wireless Charging (for iPhone 11 Pro) - Black #

  • Great review thank you..What microphone do you use for the iPhone pro

  • Apple proved to all the haters that they could make not a good phone but a better phone than before

  • Me: watches iPhone 11 video Also me: gets a iPhone 11 ad

  • I want to see google make the next pixel with the same great build quality of an iPhone

  • From 7 to 11 pro best upgrade

  • thank you for the honest interesting and detailed eep review

  • Instead adding extra camera or stoarge and raising the cost It would be better if the companies found long lasting battery! At least 12 hours! Every year they will make samsung,iphone 8,9,10... but guys it's no use if the phone turn off even you create 20.

  • Did you guys also read it as Pro-oven, thinking it had overheating issues?

  • I can't stop looking at this mans hair

  • Verizon’s repair warranty is MUCH BETTER THAN APPLE

  • i got one for my birthday, it’s coming saturday, i can’t wait to try it for myself

  • I have both iPhone 11 pro and Google Pixel when it comes to Apple and the watch also video recording , Apple ecosystem just flat out works . Now when it comes to Google Pixel pure stock Android is just as smooth wouldn't replace notifications it's simply better than Apple . I think the main problem with Google Pixel with all the technology why in the hell they can't create a smartwatch since now smartwatches are finally becoming a necessity. Google stop with the wave features and just make a solid phone without gimmicks along with a solid smartwatch. Google your software is right there with Apple but for now I find myself using my iPhone more than my Pixel.

  • Fun Fact: the iPhone 11 is bigger then the iPhone 11 pro

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  • I hate it when the iPhone's screen lits up for a simple notif, the notification center looks very busy as well. On the other hand, android phones usually have an LED indicator with different colors to categorize a certain notif. Plus, you can't do background downloads when an app isn't open (Spotify). In Android, you can pretty much do anything while simultaneously downloading anything. I like the new iPhone 11 pro for its design, build quality, and most importantly the camera. Yet the Samsung Galaxy S10/S20 can offer so much more. Cant decide lol

  • Got the 11 pro max yesterday. Love it.

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  • Bezels thick iphone great listeningg.. camera sticking out of the phone im still using an android phone with a macbook why because iphones suck so hard its the ugliest phone out there and no im not gonna use cases like 90% of the ppl out there fix your shit asap apple.. today i got annoyed was on the verge of ordering an iphone then i saw this video and realised why i havent bought an iphone since after 7 . Iph4 was the best phone ever created the innovation quality materials everything was amazing.. stick to your roots apple stop giving me cancer oçlari

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  • I need any iphone am a poor guy no money but i very love iphone any one pls buy to me 😌😌

  • i hate that they killed 3D Touch - apple has a history of taking away really good and useful technology (MagSafe is another good example)

    • and i guess technically the 3.5mm headphone jack


  • If you could set up the iphone as you wanted like Galaxy S20 then I'd be all over one. Until then it's android FTW.

  • So I’ve still been debating if I should or should not upgrade from my XR.... annnnd this made me want to upgrade for sure! Thank you!!

  • Great video!! Made me buy the iPhone Pro Max. Had the X and didn’t want to give it happy I did though. Keep up the great work.

  • I have the samsung note 8 and I'm planning on switching to iphone 11 pro.. is the battery good?my phone at 7am it's 100 but at lunch it's around 20%.. damn..

  • ur real voice??? really.... come on

  • Any glass back phone can be fixed with a case or skin. I use a 64 gig Xs max and I feel like the experience isn’t different by much with the 11 pro max. Honestly I feel like most android phones give you better value compared to price. I’ve been satisfied with this device so far.

  • Thanks for that very informative and spot on review of the iPhone 11 Pro Max. I pre-ordered and got my iPhone 11 Pro Max 512GB in November. I've been a photojournalist for 45 years, using Hasselblad film cameras from 1974 until 2000 when I switched over to Olympus and the early Canon digital cameras. I've had most of the iPhones over the years since the first one but this one makes me leave my Canon 5D Mark III and Mark IV at home until I have a really important assignment to shoot. Having a walk-around camera that produces great 12MP images from three cameras is just great. There are two things that I have a problem with however. You don't want to switch to the super wide angle lens in medium to low light environments if you don't have to. I noticed more noise when I shot after sunset shots with the super wide than with the wide and telephoto cameras. Also, I tried that night-mode feature and shooting the clear star bright sky and that didn't work as expected either. I also found that I have to shoot in the Apple HEIC format in order to take advantage of the full 16x9 format, import to Apple Photo and then export to an external folder in order for the full 16x9 format to take effect. There are also tiny bits of lens flare when picking up light sources when using the wide and super wide angle lenses that can be annoying. Apple also dropped the ball when it comes to populating the phone photo albums. I use to be able to import from my Aperture and Apple Photo galleries and be confident that the albums would stay in tack as well as in alphabetical order or in order by date. Now, I can't get the phone to import any of my photos in the desired album format, only as individual photos. This creates big problems for me because if I'm looking for special photos I used to be able to find photo via my alphabetically layer out albums, I can only scroll through the 70,000+ images on the phone in photo gallery mode. I'm hoping that Apple is working on this problem which seemed to start after the latest software update. That said, I love this camera. I also recommend that those who would like more control of their camera shutter speed, aperture and ISO during manual photo and video shooting and other features, I suggest you purchase the Moment App which gives you complete manual control of your iPhone 11 Max Pro. It's the closest thing to using my Canons in manual mode that I've ever experienced in a smartphone. The app is $5.99 and more than worth it. They even send you a follow up e-mail for 5 straight days after your purchase to walking you through the features which I found very helpful. Overall, the iPhone 11 Max Pro is the way to go in smartphones especially if you are a member of Mac Nation.

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  • I just got mine today .. 🙂🙂 I'm still trying to move my music from my android to my iPhone but I'm really not getting anywhere 😔😔😔😔

    • Maya lol bro I actually gave up, I use Apple Music now.. but if you intend doing that, you need a laptop and updates iTunes on your laptop.. you can check CS-tv for tutorials on how to 😊😊

    • Have you figured out how to do that yet? I wanna try out iphone but thats my biggest issue. I have over 800 songs lol

  • When apple sell power bank It be like apple ipbank pro max s red edition 18 watt plus 699usd 6782 mah Battery and case sold separately 699 is for the licence to buy it

  • I just got my iPhone 11 Pro Max on Tuesday in silver it’s definitely a pro device the cameras are fantastic!!! The battery life and performance are the best I’ve had in a phone this phone is a winner I highly recommend this beast

  • i love my iphone 11 pro. i got the 64gb and in gold. i love this phone so much.

    • Jasurbek Ismoilov they asked about 32gb

    • Jory Farouk if u are a big fan of taking pictures & videos I am sure 256 is just perfect

    • What do you advise me to get what storage 128 or 64 gb is enough

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  • I just got the 11 Pro and new to this. What do I do to shoot video or take pics in ultra wide mode? Just automatic when I turn on the camera? Also I got the 512 GB. What are the advantages of this vs the 64 or 215 gb? Thanks

  • iPhone pro Max has the best battery I’ve ever seen. Sad that the smaller pro doesn’t have that same battery. Obviously has to do with the size.

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  • LOL just saw an ad for an Apple iPhone 11 hit my screen with a full fist twice and it clicked on the add like I was trying to go there. Really Apple are you that desperate

  • The one thing I don't like about iPhone's is iSO.

  • Test & Keep the iPhone 11 Pro for FREE

  • I just ordered this phone. Is it strong? Do I need a heavy duty case and screen protector?

    • Otterbox is the best case ever!

    • Shan x idk if it’s too late but if I were you I’d get a case at least. The glass seems durable and doesn’t scratch much, but it’s so expensive that it’s silly not to have at least a cheap case on it.

  • This phone’s screen scratches WAY too easily.

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