Apple just got REKT by… themselves - Powerbeats Pro Review

čas přidán 19. 05. 2019
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The new 2nd gen Airpods were impressive, but Apple's new Powerbeats Pro are even MORE impressive, especially for active users. But are they good enough to impress non-athletes?
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  • pretty sure 400 is not 50 more than 250

    • I am pretty sure it is

    • Where I live the Powerbeats are 350 bucks

    • quick maffs everyday man's on the block

    • @Linus Tech Tips Momentum are actually 299$ so you were right about that. now on sale for 229 on the Sennheiser website

    • currently on Amazon Jan 15th, Sennheiser buds are $228 and Beats are $200 in the U.S.

  • Should I get a pair in 2020

  • SUper happy with my pair. I have ears that apparently are abnormal when it comes to "ear holes". the "one size fits most" from most casual ear bud producers and even about half of the niche athletics buds.

  • Being a millwright and engineer, I use those for my job at work place too.

  • i am more interested on what brand of watch is he wearing.

  • With the airpods pro vs the powerbeats pro- Which one leaks less sound? Like where people around you can't hear what you're listening to?

  • They Should Make Another Beats Headphones Called BearPods Pro.

  • For some bizarre reason my right ear hurts after around 30 min of wearing them.

  • these headphone should be half the price. they are so garbage.. dont charge right, connection issues, all apple products are way over priced

  • Not sure what you mean by Apple just got "rekt" by themselves? Are you saying that the Powerbeats rekt the Airpods? Are these even direct substitutes?

  • Yeah! It's interesting with compatible for Android devices.

  • No they don't fall out

  • When Linus said size does matter😪


  • They would be great if they had noise cancellation & got louder!!

  • Got them in the ivory colour. Awesome especially for my intense workouts at the gym. 👍🏾😘

  • hey sivii

  • Plz know that the power beats pro case and earbuds discharge when not plugged in. EXAMPLE: If u leave the earbuds outside the case they are suppose shut down and not drain their battery when not in use but they do. Also the case drains when not plugged in. APPLE does know about this and WON'T do shit about it. The best they will do is if u have Apples warrant, they will say they fixed it, and send u a refurbished pair in return. There refurbish pair will do the same.

  • I like the powerbeats same audio as the pro just a bit shorter batter life and an 18inch wire I love them

  • air pods look better if these beats had a mic I would ditch the air pods for this but it doesn't

  • In your opinion, what would be the best product for athletes?

  • I have found an apple powerbeats pro earbud. its the right hand side one. Im not too sure what to do with it. I think it is unlikely to find the owner as i have found it in a busy city. what do you think i should do with it? do i sell it? how do i find the owner?


  • Garbage 🗑 it sounds like your listening to your music through a box 😏🤬🤦🏿‍♀️ for 250 bucks’ they could have at least took the time to eliminate the outside noise and give people a choice of heavy or light bass! All the bells and whistles should have come with these headphones for such a hefty price tag 🏷😫😩😖😩😫😩😖😩😫😩😖😩😫😩😖😩😫😩😖😩😫😩😖I’m taking them back next week 😏😏😏

  • It's still one of the best earbud for sports and this review isnt as complete as mine. check it out for its weaknesses

  • you realize that apple isnt at competition with itself, right.. ? ever heard of the illusion of choice?

  • Linus : These are not the best earphones Also Linus : These are noy bad earphone Me : So the pricing should have been 125 $

  • My PB Pro case fits in my pockets and I just wear regular jeans, not cargo pants - yeah they fit

  • You can also leave one in the charger and listen with the other one. No video bluetooth lag either.

  • 4:43 the story of apple

  • PLEASE do a full review of sennheiser's ear buds

  • Just download the beats app on android

  • Please review the MPOW Flame Pro. I think there the best fully wireless sport earbuds on the market. With comparable sound performance, build quality at only $80.

  • I don't understand the prices of wireless earbuds. They're earbuds with bluetooth so why do they cost so much more then their wired counterparts?

  • The Find My iPhone App now works btw

  • Feels good watching this with these B))

  • so they cost the same as airpods pro and don’t have anc or ambient noise projection? i’d take the pros over these any day

  • aptx?

  • Apple could make it so if the earbuds aren’t playing music or in a ear, it could turn off after 30 minutes

  • Do you think a throwback sock and sandal waring enthusiast should have the balls to pick on cargo pants waring obviously cool guys..... who in your crew has the pockets have room for the medicine that make you a gr8 dancer for long periods of time...... and hey I'm that guy....

  • Cargo pants are great stfu

  • Linus: they fit better in a gym bag than a pocket Ya thats the point

  • fuck your jokes are cringey, but you're probably meaning it. the camo joke and size matters joke..jeezzz broo

  • I tried different top of the line in ear gear for running, cycling and fitness and all without ear hooks were bouncing. Some more than others but it was annoying an I had to take them out once in a while to scratch my ear. As an Android guy I was certainly not buying something from Apple, nay sir.. well not until I tried the Powerbeats Pro. The sound is good but most importantly they stick to your ear, no shaking, no wiggling! So for once I'm actually promoting an Apple product and it feels kinda weird. I use them both with my Huawei phone and my Samsung Gear Fit2 Pro

  • The big case is not problem, they do best sitting safely on a shelf where they will not get bumped or jostled in any way. Not in a pocket. They have been nothing but a hassle, they lose connection in the case and go dead searching for something to connect to. I still have them, but usually reach for my Powerbeats 3's when I want them to, you know, work.

  • Wrong you can see batery in the app 😡

  • There is wireless charging

  • If you want to have find my beats and EQ adjustment with the power beats pro *go buy an Android and download the beats app you isheep*

  • She? 2:40

  • Wireless earbuds comparison please... Jabra 75t Powerbeats Pro Galaxy Buds Airpods Amazon buds

  • im not an athlete but regular earbuds dont stay in my ears and those fit perfectly

  • Vivo phone does actually are displaying he Bluetooth head/earphone battery life

  • I will say that having these without noise cancelation is a better thing to have. I say this because if you are running or in the public , you still can be aware of your surroundings. I just bought my beats for $199 at target. So far so good. I did have to change the treble and bass in my settings on my Note 9. Pairing was easy and simple. I enjoy these as i had the previous beats for a couple of years and just happy with the product

  • I love how Apple still calls them Beats because Apple know that there are people who genuinely hate Apple product simply because everyone have them. So Apple bought the competition and made their downgrade and now have 2 product that’s in the same category. They have their Apple AirPods product for people who blindly buys apple product for their name and Beats for the other consumers (Apple -it’s not mentioned in their name or change their logo).

    • beats were competition but they were the definition of buying something because they're popular/aesthetically appealing

  • Still same shitty product just longer battery life with apple features is what I got from this

  • The most Important thing how’s the latency? Is there a lag?

  • @6:29

  • He said to heavy on the bass like that is a bad thing 😂

    • Alejandro a.avalosfabian yes with every other pair of headphones I always try go get the most bass out of them. as these are bassheavy from the start, it's something I really love.

  • I watched this review on my iPad Pro... while listening to the Powerbeats Pro review with my new Powerbeats Pro! And I concur with everything I clearly heard you say! Love them! If only your video was 9 hours longer so I could check my battery life 😂 tip for next time 😂😂

  • 2:26 when you have Ewan McGregor in your video

  • Sell kidney to buy them

  • I'm an athlete & watched the whole dam thing plus a ton of other videos you've put out. Keep killin' it

  • The only pair of beats i owned was the old powerbeats which were given to me by a coworker. I was never a fan if beats because of the price and felt the bass was so heavy it took away from the music unless you were listening to something like rap which i dont listen to. However i wanted a pair of wireless earbuds for the gym and i always loved the design of the powerbeats. So i gave it a chance with the sole idea that if the bass was the same as older models they would be getting returned. However i have to say they sound great and still have good bass but by no means overpowers the rest of the sound. Was extremely shocked by the changes to sound quality and I believe apple should continue this trend with the more balanced sound.

  • Linus Tech Tips - You don’t need iTunes or an iPhone or iPad to update the firmware. Just download the Beats Updater from

  • I took a shower with these and the were just fine 😂

    • ya real home boi NIGGA loooooool how do I clean the ear buds and what size do you use

  • I found them for 130 easy buy

  • I work with a guy who wear cargo pants. I dont have the heart to tell him.

  • 4:43 Linus' Beautiful Singing

  • I’m pretty sure they do have wireless charging tho

  • I just got a add that featured Linus on his video

  • the only thing i don’t like about mines is the slick box. the case can fall out my hands. it’s too slick

  • the powerbeats sound bad on a android phone, had to go full volume just to hear anything slightly. could just be a bad pair i got

  • I bought them and I agree that these are really good

  • I have a Samsung Galaxy s9 plus and the Bluetooth connection with the headphone is really bad. Like when I go to the gym if my phone is not near me the music won't go in and out because of the Bluetooth connection.

  • You can change the EQ levels in settings in the Apple Music app

  • The ironic part of the power beats being owned by apple is apple sheep will still call these "fake airpods"

  • Androids better than IOS

  • Keep the receipt. After wearing them for 15 minutes you’ll hate them.

    • Jonathan Cruz lmao why I haven’t had that issue

  • I was wearing mine when watching the video

  • i love working out and these are the best for the gym. get another pair for other use