Apple Took All My Money

čas přidán 19. 10. 2021
Apple released new MacBook Pro models and they're kind of a big deal.
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After nearly a year of more and more M1 products, Apple pro users started to wonder when higher-end chips would become available. The answer is... today, with the M1 Pro and M1 Max. These chip revisions are the Jade-C Chop and Jade-C Die respectively rumored earlier this year. The new 14" MacBook Pro and 16" MacBook Pro are the first machines to support this new silicon and the new MacBook Pro has an entirely new mini-LED display, 120 Hz variable ProMotion, an improved camera, speaker system, microphone array, and more. The Touch Bar is dead (yay!), and a full-height function row has blessed us in its place. But there's a lot more to Apple's announcement you may have missed. Let's check it out.


  • These new machines look incredible and Apple did the most amazing magic trick ever: they halved the value of my Mac Pro overnight!

    • notch

    • Halved the value? Wtf it is a piece of electronics, it will be obsolete in a few years anyways, no matter their support. Did you expect a return of your "investment"?

    • Apple getting worse in design year after year. Node ? In a macbook ??? The worst design ever.This is a reason to buy a Windows ultrabook. Next products is a iMac with node....

    • @Andrew Folz apple has never done anything like that, so don’t hold your breath.

    • dude you don’t even want to know what happened to the value of my 2020 mbp with an intel processor

  • Apple is Mr krabs

  • I'm getting one, going for the Pro Max 16" baby! I am leaving windows completely!!!

  • I actually think I figured out why they have the notch: It's so that you don't put a fingering on the camera every time you open the laptop. It doesn't seem like a huge deal, but think about it - if you had to wipe off your camera literally every single time you wanted to use it, it would be such a huge design flaw and oversight.

  • I feel your pain. Something tells me my 2014 MacBook Pro may be redundant.😁

  • Acabo de descubrir este canal y me encanta. Gracias. Especialmente por estas cosas 17:51

  • The dislike button seems to work okay too.. well. Not for long

  • Next Chip will be" M1 ultra pro 13 Se mini max lite ".😆😆😆😆😂

  • Somebody ask Apple to get their gaming act together. They currently punish developers who took a risk and made mac games. Same for eGPU. I dont think its accidental.Somebody has to champion this issue?

  • I hope you cant just permanently set the top menu bar to black with white text.

  • imagine waisting $1000 for a laptop like producing costs are 1 cent so ur getting scammed out of $999.99

  • Color grade disappear for anyone else at the end! Haha

  • this guy is so cringe, he even did that lib soy boy face in his thumbmail

  • Cool beard man!

  • forget this garbage. I put in my order for a framework laptop. not as powerful, but much more friendly to the wallet, and better for the environment.

  • that intro song goes so hard 🔥🔥🔥 I just shazamed it if anybody else is interested: Lupus Nocte - Backseat Rider

  • The “faster” super cut had me dying

  • These look like 1st gen 2006 MacBooks. Look cheap to me compared to even 2013 mbps.

  • ‘Fully redesigned’ Looks the same lol

  • This is cool and all..... but I really don't understand who actually will be taking advantage of that much CPU power. It's likely going to be a very small subset of pro users. Right now I am using an M1 MBA for work (Software Engineer) and rarely pushed the limits of this machine. I'm not certain but it seems fair to assume that most pro-tier applications will not be optimized for the sheer amount of output possible.

  • Apple takes features away brings them back and then charges more for them. 😂 Very Apple.

  • Very amped and curious about what you and the team are cooking up for the next MacBookPro video

  • EYE just love my quantum computer, "FU". Sorry! knot for sale.

  • Bring back the TOUCHBAR

  • I thought no shave November already ended... :D

  • Thunderbolt 3 and 4 look like usb-c but they're not or are they?

  • Previous mac book pro with the bar and 4 usb cs work just as good. This guy is an apple head. Yiu want so.ething better? Msi GS76 is more powerful and over all better than any apple out there.

  • With the addition of promotion to these new computers, Apple seems to have FINALLY added freesync/gsync support to macOS, so if you're using an external monitor with support, you can get variable refresh rates there as well

  • Not for low income family’s.

  • the more i see it, the more i think the new macbook pros are ugly as hell... i don't care if it's more powerful it seems like they came back to 2005. Apple being apple with design, we need to change, but we don't know how... they should have kept the tapered edges... at least on the bottom, but man, that's a chunky notebook even being the same size (hope they can change it to something a bit more modern in the next 2 years (as my 2013 mbp is still running fine for my use). The black keyboard makes it look like an old Compaq notebook, or any new one with plastic keyboards... that notch, they better get rid of it (they haven't learned, still... just apple being apple but it might take 5 years so they can change something)... well, maybe they'll have a nicer iMac 30-32", a cheaper monitor and get the space gray accessories back, then we'll be able to hide the ugliest macbook pro since 2012 under the desk... (besides, getting a 14 inch notebook with top of the line specs, well done)

  • great video Quin

  • via VMWare Fusion? Bc right now IT pros do use MacBook on Intel… but I don’t know if they always did back in the PowerPC days. What are your thoughts?

  • Hey, Quinn, can you test what happens with the menubar/notch situation when you set a non-native resolution in something like EasyRes? I'm wondering whether the notch will just end up being taller than the menubar in that case. Thanks

  • They made the computer they should he’s made 4 years ago along side the iPhone 10

    • Started dying at the “faster, faster, faster, super super super fast, faster….” Montage edit 😂😂

  • Where can i buy Timmies N*ipple sauce?

  • The only missing equivalent feature from the machines that these new Pros are based on is PCMCIA slots. My MBP 17 from 2010 (which still works very well) has an upgradeable slot, so you can update to newer standards as they are invented. It is very close to Framework's new and completely amazing new laptop which has fully upgradebale everything...right down to magnetic bezels...don't like problem! New version of usb or sd comes out. Just get the new modules and swap them out. Apple missed a trick here in my humble opinion. One upgradeable port on these machines would have nailed it. I would have voted for the sd card slot to be just that. I bet you agree, sir.

  • Apple also forgot to mention that the Razor will probably die in a year and the Macbook Pro will still be current, quick and fully usable in 10 years. Just a slight build quality difference there.

  • Can you transfer Big Sur wallpapers and screensavers from Big Sur to Monterey? If not, why not and can you find a degenerate way around it? I challenge you....please, even if you hate them, as I won't upgrade if I lose my beautiful desert graphic wallpaper that I love.

  • Im kinda glad apple dont use oled, these things should last solong

  • Btw, we have a TFlops data for the GPUs and this makes it clear that the M1Max's GPU is on the level of PS5/XSX, in TeraFlops. Incredible.

  • Apple got everyday web surfers thinking they need to spend all of their money

  • I seen your reply to Tom's video on the Waymo thing. I was already subscriber but wanted to come by and thank you for taking criticism the right way. :)

    • Entire video looks washed out. Some parts are more washed out than others. Content is excellent as always. Thank You.

  • Amd puts video bar in touch pad

  • Watsa egpu?

  • Does Apple have an innovation crisis? As soon as they try to add something from themselves, it turns out very stupid - like with touchbar or with that notch.

  • whats with the color change near the end?

  • This series of machine releases was the catalyst our client needed to stop being on the Apple treadmill. Thanks Tim!

  • Quinn: *Spends 8 grands to bring the most complete coverage on youtube* Linus: Hold my sandals. Linus: *spends 20Gs buying **-every-** models*

  • Started dying at the “faster, faster, faster, super super super fast, faster….” Montage edit 😂😂

    • Great video, I noticed the color of the video changed at the end. I'm looking forward to getting one of these new MacBook pros

  • why yo uput sommuch weight tho/?

  • Great overview

  • Will wait for new jade 4 c die Mac Pro thank you

  • NO. You were dumb enough to give them all your money. Don't start whining now.. LOL

  • Damn man, haven't see you a while... you look good :)

  • I love how much I learn from your videos!

  • What's up with the color near the end of the video?

  • Entire video looks washed out. Some parts are more washed out than others. Content is excellent as always. Thank You.

  • That's all thanks to 5nm fab process meanwhile Intel still stuck at 14nm. AMD has 7nm EPYC processors

  • I’ve been wanting to get a MacBook Pro for 5 years now. I loved using it art and I’ve been wanting to get into making apps for iPhones.Igor try getting it after some more reviews come out.

  • The part where the notch is is EXTRA screen space real estate ffs

  • These new macs are top Notch!

  • Am I sober, or did you not post a video named Apple Ruined Their Mac Lineup? Can't find it anymore..

  • Sure hope Apple doesn't use binned chips in the base 27" iMac replacement!

  • Great video, I noticed the color of the video changed at the end. I'm looking forward to getting one of these new MacBook pros

  • 18:15 - Yeah, if the Mac Pro has that chip, it's going to be a field day on many creator's wallet. RIP

  • After 3-4 years: “The notch is now 20% smaller…”

  • "Apple Took All My Money", more like it was written off on tax.

  • I really want to know if (lets call it what this is) adaptive sync will work with external monitors over the vesa standard. Im using an old trashcan mac in the Homeoffice currently with my gaming monitor an damn MacOS is so freaking nice with 144Hz, its so nice to work with and the animations make it worth, the only problem... its still MacOS 😅

  • Dont forget the shitty keyboards in 2016

  • The jobless dancer possibly note because plain considerably remain unlike a freezing writer. omniscient, opposite melody

  • Btw, we have a TFlops data for the GPUs and this makes it clear that the M1Max's GPU is on the level of PS5/XSX, in TeraFlops. Incredible.

  • Make All Screens Square Again!

  • Can't wait to see whatever they put in the new Mac Mini .

  • The notch sucks. There is no getting around it. 🤮

  • Notchbook pro

  • I set the header menu and menu bar to disappear and set the terminal keystrokes to hjkl like Vi to work around the new hardware decisions... you can have all the space back and its kinda nice breath of fresh air

  • love the music in the start

  • Thank you so much for sticking to your word and working with sponsors that actually appeal to your audience!

  • Wait for the MB Air? Probably save some cash there . What would be the difference between these 14 inch and the air ? Maybe no mini led ? Less ram and storage?

  • But can this rig with the chip handle PC games?!? :) Hmmm...

  • Assange's brunette twin can't decide whether he's a fan or a critic of Apple.

  • I need that thumbnail as my wallpaper

  • 17:42 it looks like you went from color graded to log…

  • CS-tv hates your low contrast grading ... Banding is wild. (I like your videos)

  • M1.. now try install windows HAHA..!

  • Great video. Apple silicon is still embarrassingly slow compared to Tesla Dojo D1.

  • Pretty sure everyone here is looking forward to the coverage, and wishing there m1 was more powerful

  • Before 2 weeks : there should be sd card reader as this is the most important thing for content creators. Now : sd card is useless as all cameras have moved away from sd card from many years .

  • I see the SD as a way to extend the storage. I like to have separate ones for each project i worked on.

    • @bilij pdan So it leaves a black bar?

    • Apparently there's an option to 'shrink' the vertical dimension of the display to keep the menu bar un-notched. There are also APIs for developers to work 'around' the notch.

  • I also don’t like apple’s charts. 😅

  • Adding the notch is a very deliberate move my Apple. Both for practicality but they surely want their products to be instantly recognizable! You’ll see right away if someone is using an iPhone. The other hole punch phones all look the same; you can’t tell the difference, especially not from a far. If you think a step further and if you know a bit more about branding you’ll get why the notch is genius.

  • 3:32 "i'm sorry suck it up" LMAO 🤣🤣 you made a lot of people pissed with that i'm sure lol

  • Your beard so thick, can't tell if your head is the right way up

  • I'll wait for the max pro

  • Now you go suck it up! I love my touch bar! xD

  • Quinn Nelson عليه الصلاة والسلام

  • Are you drunk?

  • I would take bigger bezels over a notch any day.

  • am i the only person who hides the menu bar when i’m not using it? every video i see says the notch will just live in the menu bar so it shouldn’t be a big deal, but there’s a setting to hide the menu bar like you can with the dock which i swear by.

  • probably past some interposer size limit.