Ask Doctor Mike ft. GABBIE HANNA | Why's My Body Crooked?

čas přidán 14. 10. 2018
Let's all welcome Gabbie Hanna to the Ask Doctor Mike Series!!! This was such a fun episode to record and we actually had such a productive conversation on mental health I think we have enough for another dedicated mental health video after this one.
Gabbie and I met via Twitter not too long ago when she asked what happens to organs after surgery. After my response and her reaction we knew we had to collab and give you guys sone video content. Within this video we touch on topics like
- Medical Myths
- Embarrassing health questions
- Crooked bodies
- Vitamins
- Body Odor
- Snoring and Sleep Apnea
- Skin Cancer and Tanning
- Excessive Sweating
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  • I love how she’s freaking out but dr Mike is like mmhmm yes yes yes and like SUPER CALM AND REASSURING LIKE I NEED SOEMONE LIKE THAT IN MY LIFE NOWWWWWWW😂😘😘

  • You handled this so very well. What a true professional. However, she keeps talking over you. I find this so ironic that you’re telling her she’s at high risk after being sun burnt and she says how happy she feels after a tan - that’s disrespectful of her. She needs to understand how lucky she is to be able to talk to you and take what you’re saying seriously. My fiancé says he got anxiety just watching her talk over you like that! 😂

  • I relate to Gabbie in so many ways 💓 Lmao I love her

  • Omg I need to see doctor mike😂

  • She is a LOT

  • Dr. Mike “ur at risk of this” Me: am I at risk? Am I gonna die😰

  • I would stare at him too if I were Gabbie 🤤

  • God Gabbie is annoying, please let the man SPEAK

  • I have nightmares everytime there is someone else on the bed with me sleeping its so weird

  • next video can you play airway ex???

  • bruh ik this is old but WHYY is she arguing w him lolol bUt I lOvE bEiNg TaN after Dr. mike explains how the nail salon lights and sunlight is bad for you- gabby, three minutes later- LiGhT iS bAd fOr YoU?!

  • Its like an adult having a convo with a child

  • I need the uncut video.

  • This video is stressing me out. Gabbie's frenetic energy is gonna give ME a freaking heart attack. :P I couldn't finish it. But hopefully she gets a sleep study done and if she needs a CPAP, she actually USES THE DAMNED THING.

  • Talking about vitamins and then proceeds to list things like magnesium and biotin...

  • Gabbie: I’m middle eastern Me: 🤯

  • Mike seems really annoyed at her

  • Having been very recently diagnosed with heart disease I have to say Dr. Mike is spot on with being very worried about people having heart disease. I am 51 eat decent, exercise 5-6 days a week, and do not smoke or drink alcohol. But after a calcium score test result of 194, I am now on a statin and low dose aspirin with a nuclear stress test coming up this week. I have learned that fit doesn't always mean healthy. And genes play a big role in your health. I am glad I found your channel, Dr. Mike. Keep up the good work.

  • Everyone: "wow doctor Mike is so sexy" Dr Mike: "hey um guys you know medicine is important and you all gotta look after yourselves more"

  • Im sorry but her ignorance was stressing me out. Dr mike is so professional, dont know how he didnt laugh or roll his eyes at her.

  • Ok why r u sooo fking hott!!!! Dr mike!!!!! Tell me why!!! Cuz im droolin over u rn !!!!!!! Ahhhhhhhhhh!!!!! Sjsjnffndjjeienndispnfrneisksbdbfnd!!!!!

  • I’ve never been this stressed for another human like the answer to almost everything she asked was scary 😂

  • Woah Gabbie is middle eastern??

  • Lance Armstrong was a cheater, that’s why he’s blood pressure is so high, because he was on steroids.

  • Dr. Mike: black line in your nail is a kind of cancer Me: dude, that black line in your nail, tells that u have voted! Duh!!!

  • I actually wanted to hear Dr Mikes answers unlike Gabbie

  • Oooo I could not with this girl 🙄 but I stayed and watched for Dr mike

  • Gabbie asked the crooked question just to tell mike that she has triple Ds looool

  • Omg let the man speak lol.

  • WhAt If iM ThE MoNsTeR

  • Ad before video: every hero sweats, some never show it Gabbie: how come I sweat so much more than usual 😂 lmao

  • Sorry Dr. Mike, have to respectfully disagree. While my evidence is only anecdotal, I am vitamin deficient due to a chronic illness and I feel remarkably different when I take my supplements vs when I don’t. If you’re talking about the average human I could probably agree with you but I think you should also make that distinction when you talk about these things.

  • I take a women’s diabetic support multivitamin because I am a woman and I am diabetic. Should there still be controversy if it helps stabilize my glucose levels?

  • She is a hot mess lol

  • Rename this segment to "Toddler asks questions"

  • 11:38 Omg the way she looks him up and down!! 😂😍

  • I don’t want to get gel manicures anymore now. 😟

  • 8:00 What kind of light causes macular degeneration? She was talking over him.

  • I'm so proud of this community

  • 11:06 I'm DYING

  • Go see the bodies! It would be so cool!!

  • They like each other she was sweating in her fricken seat!!!!! And he was just super awkward but so was she oooooooooooooooooouuuuu😂😂😂

  • thought you can actually get pregnant only 5 days a week

  • aha “what’s your last name?!” also, does he remove hair from his body including his arms?

  • 7:45 “JENNER-ally”

  • Omg dans send help 😂😂

  • She is the epitome of why I'd quit being a doctor. Listen. Real quick. STOP FUCKING RESEARCHING SHIT YOURE NOT QUALIFIED TO APPLY TO ANOTHER HUMAN.

  • My 2 favourite CS-tvrs in one vid. Life = complete 😊

  • Her: I have moles Him: oh yeah no. Deadly Her: I snore Him: heart disease, you see if you had a primary doctor like me........😂😂

  • Irritates me so much that she doesn't let Dr. Mike finish talking!! Geezas! I'd like to know what he's saying.