Ask Doctor Mike ft. GABBIE HANNA | Why's My Body Crooked?

čas přidán 14. 10. 2018
Let's all welcome Gabbie Hanna to the Ask Doctor Mike Series!!! This was such a fun episode to record and we actually had such a productive conversation on mental health I think we have enough for another dedicated mental health video after this one.
Gabbie and I met via Twitter not too long ago when she asked what happens to organs after surgery. After my response and her reaction we knew we had to collab and give you guys sone video content. Within this video we touch on topics like
- Medical Myths
- Embarrassing health questions
- Crooked bodies
- Vitamins
- Body Odor
- Snoring and Sleep Apnea
- Skin Cancer and Tanning
- Excessive Sweating
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  • Dude. I wanna go to the cadaver lab!

  • Why iiiiiiiiisssssssssssss her face so shhhhhhiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnny also I don’t know 🤷‍♂️ who she is but she’s annoyingl

  • One question why do MOST doctors speak with their hands

  • Here's what I was wondering. How bad is it for your health to have a bad posture as a kid?

  • Why am I so terrified to try new medication??? Ugh .

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  • I love this video, lol


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  • LMAO this video was hilarious

  • LMAO this video was hilarious

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  • 7:42 when Gabbie just touched Mike I started laughing like hell

  • I also sweat a lot and so as my cousin so gabbie your not weird

  • Gabbie is brutally honest, but her brain has a 'bypass' bridge somewhere around the cerebrum... straight into her limbic system!

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  • This video should have been called Dr Mike questioning humanity’s knowledge for 11 minutes and 38 seconds

  • "You're fired."

  • Mike, I am amazed by you ability to poker face... And not punching her in the face...

  • This video made me laugh SO hard! Great insight Dr. Mike! And Gabi... It's ok girl you're gonna be A-ok :)

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  • I picked an older video to ask a question on so it doesn't get lost in the 11k on the other video lol. What do you recommend for someone who suffers from sciatica nerve pain that works out regularly and stretches like the doctors advise but it's not helping? Thank you! P.S. I love you and Bear, y'all are adorable ❤️

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  • •What happens if u have your sweat glands removed? •i heard that u should only take supplements if u have vitamin deficiency.

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  • Lance Arsmtrong was a really unfortunate exapmle for a healthy heart. You know with all the doping and stuff

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  • My doctor absolutely stands by Vitamin D supplements.

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  • Wait, our organs is just floating around inside our body? Please explain more. Btw how did doctors do heart transplant? Isn't people die without heart?

  • And this is why I feel that anatomy and physiology should be required in all highschools in order to graduate. As a human you HAVE to know what parts make up your body so you can better understand your own medical problems, be able to explain them better to doctors, and be able to help others in the case of an absolute emergency.

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