ASTEROID CITY Trailer (2023) Tom Hanks, Scarlett Johansson

čas přidán 28. 03. 2023
ASTEROID CITY Trailer (2023) Tom Hanks, Scarlett Johansson, Wes Anderson, Margot Robbie, Adrien Brody
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  • They are like moving vintage postcards

  • This is the most Wes Anderson trailer for a Wes Anderson movie that was ever Wes Anderson'ed.

  • Love how Wes Anderson frames his shots. It is like a comic book.

  • From the colour aesthetics to the way Wes arranges objects, people, elements in the scene and fully utilizing the wide screen format and the story line , it just Delicious and a wonderful escape from this crazy world .

  • You know what I would love? A Wes Anderson theme park based on his movies. I don’t know how that would work, but I bet it would be wonderful.

  • I absolutely LOVE Wes Anderson films. They are like moving vintage postcards.

  • My favorite part about Wes’ movies is how well he knows and uses his actors. That last scene with Jason Schwartzman was hilarious.

  • The timing, the blocking, the authorial framing. I've been studying his style for years. Grateful for this new addition to an iconic career

  • I love how the dialogue is always delivered in his films. I woulda LOVED to see Clooney in this. The way he spoke in Up In The Air would be great for a character here.

  • Thanks to Wes Anderson for keeping the art of cinema alive (in an ever increasing world of popcorn flicks)!

  • This looks absolutely incredible thank you!

  • trailer has been over for two minutes and I am still smiling. Love it!

  • Wes can always pull together a phenomenal cast. 🔥

  • The older Wes Anderson gets the more Wes Anderson he becomes.

  • This is exactly what i dreamed a Wes Anderson sci-fi movie would look like. The man’s trailers could easily double as parodies.

  • I really appreciate this style of humor. Wes Anderson has such a unique way of film making. Dry humor and a great cast. This looks like another hit in my books.

  • I knew this was a Wes Anderson film before they even showed his name. His style is so incredibly unique. From the cast to his style of filming. Very excited for this!

  • Oh I'm so glad this appears to have a cohesive plot. I've loved all Wes Anderson films except the French Dispatch which didn't engage my emotions at all. It was too episodic. This looks amazing and I adore the fashion from that era. Bring it on!

  • another gem from Wes Anderson . you can easily point out its his movie with its signature style of movie making

  • Wes Anderson is such a unique film maker. I love that Tom Hanks and Scarlett Johannsson are working together. I love this trailer.