ASTONISHING Unicell Box Van Conversion Tour | Tile Bathroom, Heated Floors, HUGE Solar Capacity!

čas přidán 10. 12. 2022
This build is SOLD!

Hello! We’re Savannah & Drew and welcome to Our Way to Roam!

Do you want to know the floor plan dimensions and measurements of everything we constructed in this Unicell build? We have all this information available now in a downloadable plan:

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  • Thanks for watching! After 22 weeks of build episodes we can't even believe the final tour video is here! ❤ We recently released the Unicell Measurements downloadable plan that details the dimensions of the whole Unicell build: Thanks for following along with us!

    • The build is absolutely beautiful I loved the colour scheme only for me is it would need a fully functional bathroom I cannot do without that otherwise very beautiful ❤❤❤

    • Love this build❤ Where did you get the projector?

    • I saw one of these with a deck on the back. I wonder if you can expand on your table idea for the ramp and have a platform made to slip over the ramp when it’s pulled out half way. Keeping safety in mind of course.

    • So sounds like per website you won’t build for hire … but you will help us… is that right? The website is wonderfully done.

    • Just seeing all the links! Getting hubby on board and calling for a consultation! Amazing!!

  • This is the most impressive van build I have seen on CS-tv. You had me at heated floors. This van is jammed pack with such clever ideas. Each area just kept getting better in the “ooohs” and “ahhhs” than the last section. I could actually enjoy camping/outdoor life in this vehicle. That says a lot come from a 100% city gal. Spectacular job!

    • How do u get one made just like the one in this video and the price as well ? It’s so amazing you all did such a wonderful job I’m In love!

    • I have seen thousands, and this is definitely a winner. I built my own and will be remodeling

    • Agreed 👍

    • Loved it… had me at ‘no leaks’… 😬 and it kept getting better and better 💗 Wish u were in Australia ❤️👌🏻

    • I agree! It is shockingly lovely!

  • I have watched 100’s of these videos and this is without a doubt the most AMAZING van build EVER!! You thought of everything! You should be really proud and I hope you make millions. What a great build!❤ The projector blew my mind. The bathroom, the lighting, the dog dish everything anyone could think of. Just amazing.

  • There's something about being consistent! This is stellar! Much admiration and respect Drew and Savannah !

    • This is a beautiful build and great decor, I was pleasantly surprised.👏🏻🏡🏡👏🏻❤️❤️.

  • Love the knife “block” in the counter. Best box van build I have seen! Only change I might make would be an opaque shower door.

  • The first thing I would do with this build is to replace the plywood bed base with a slated frame for more air circulation. This is probably one of the best builds I've seen 👏

  • The whole interior design, layout, placement and colours of every single item blend so well, making it extremely beautiful, homey and aesthetically pleasing to the eyes!!! Of all van tours I have watched, this is the best of them all. Love it!!! 😍

  • This is so liveable and thoughtfully designed. The lighting, the big windows, convertible seating, beautiful shower, closet and a projector with multiple viewing options! Fantastic- I could live here so easily.

  • This turned out beautifully, which is no surprise since you guys have had so much experience! Some lucky buyer will be living in luxury with this build. Great job, Savannah and Drew!

  • Never seen a vehicle like the woodwork, the colors, everything. I sure would have liked this but just got something else recently. That couch system is exceptional...such a creative build. Lucky buyer!!

  • Just found your channel. Build is great, but just a note…..your presentation was one of the best I have ever seen and I watch a lot of builds. kudos to you both!

  • This is the nicest build I've ever seen. None of the others even come close. Really well thought out design. This is something to be proud to hang your name on.

  • Just perfect, 100 times better than any van,you guys did a great job 🎄👍👍

  • Perfection! Can't think of anything you could have done differently. Love it!

  • Wow, this is a very nice caravan! My favorite reconstruction so far!

  • Great job! Every detail is so well thought out and beautifully constructed. The clear shower door is gorgeous but I couldn't handle the lack of privacy.

    • Could you see someone opening the rig door and you're in the shower🤣🤣

  • Amazing job! Your builds are more and more elevated with each build - really gorgeous job. For me, it's the little things that real nomads understand - the inset knife block and plant pot, the lights needing to be independently wired, so you don;t switch all of them on and the energy saving ideas because that's at a premium. Not to mention the plexiglass over the batteries- simple, thoughtful and practical whilst looking gorgeous!! As I said - amazing job both x

  • This is such a well thought out build. Love it.

  • Loved the entire build! But especially the modular sofa! Beautiful colors and fantastic deco!

  • Such a beautiful build 🥰 love how thoughtful every inch of the van is utilized.

  • I really appreciate how many unique components and designs are a part of this build. At a certain point, you’ve seen enough van life videos that everything looks the exact same but I really enjoyed watching this. Very cleaver and well designed!😍

  • This is absolutely beautiful, well-thought out, practical, and elegant!

  • This is hands down the most perfect build I’ve ever seen! It has EVERYTHING!

  • This is so amazing! I’m retiring from the Army after over 20 yrs, and as a 4’10 females, this is beyond perfect. I love it so much.

  • You guys always do an amazing job on your builds! This one is gorgeous!

  • Phenominal! Packed with features. Homely, confortable style. Well done both :)

  • I’ve seen a lot of conversion vans and this is BEAUTIFULLY made. Love the size and layout. ❤

  • Such a beautiful build!! But what else would I expect with you two. Y’all always are spot on with your builds. And it is so functional. Good job guys.

  • Another gorgeous build savannah and drew!! My dream home on wheels!!! 🎉🎉🎉

  • I LOVE your builds so much! The thought and detail that goes into each on is admirable! One day, I WILL be able to afford to buy one. 🤞

  • This is so great, perfect actually. Very livable, and manageable. It's so cozy, you guys have done a fantastic job. Love it, so livable, not cramped and chaotic like some. I can really see myself living in this van.

  • BLOWN AWAY by the quality of your build and your guys' presentation. Such high quality, and so thoughtful and well made.

  • Kudos this is a 10 out of 10 build. Top quality materials and work. The layout can accommodate anyone. I love your build.

  • Y'all are really, really good at building these homes on wheels!! I love this home, it is absolutely amazing!!

  • One of the best builds I've seen. Just so beautiful.

  • Absolutely gorgeous, very clean, modern, organized and cute. Congrats!!!

  • This is OBVIOUSLY a quality build, with tremendous attention to detail and craftsmanship! I'm also very impressed with the quality of the video tour. WELL DONE!!

  • I have seen some wonderful buildouts but your design is the most well thought out plans I have ever seen. I really love it.

  • I watch a ton of van/truck builds and all I can say is... WOW!! Such an incredible build! You thought of everything and have created an amazing space! Great Job 👏👍🏻😁

  • This is THE ULTIMATE van build.. There's no other that's better than this. I love it.

  • Absolutely stunning build! Probably one of the best that I’ve seen. Love all the various dual-purpose functionality points. So clever.

  • Now THIS is a van I could live in! You guys thought of everything! Absolutely BEAUTIFUL and SMART!!!

  • Gosh you guys this is simply amazing ! I can't believe how much you've been able to accommodate in such a small space . What a joy that would be to travel in . REALLY well executed and still so spacious! Well done !

  • Love it all. You guys are an amazing team!

  • You did an amazing job on this build!

  • Well done ! Best box conversion I've seen.

  • Very impressive!The best van built I’ve seen so far. The aesthetic is very beautiful and every little detail is very well thought off.

  • This is my absolute dream build! Incredible.

  • Another remarkable build! Absolutely stunning. Simple & unique, classy & modern, cozy yet functional, practical yet timeless!

  • The best build that I’ve ever seen. Luxurious, beautiful design, you guys thought of everything!!

  • How were you not tempted to keep this one? I absolutely love this and the build you live in. But there is something about this one. Love the colors!

  • This bus is perfect, it has all the things I would love to have and much more if I decided to live a bus lifestyle .

  • The creativity and execution are through the roof. Excellent.

  • I have watched a ton of these. I think this is the best, most thoughtful, and thought filled build I have seen.

  • I love how clean it is. Very impressive fit and finish in and out.

  • Well, you've done it again. PERFECTION! How wonderful to have square lines and more open space. I would love this. I wish I had your talent.

  • This is a great Van build. The design is amazing. 👍🏽

  • Love everything about this. I would really appreciate more information regarding the freezer modified to be a fridge.

  • I love how you build the box van everything a person would want and more so you put a lot of time thought❤ I would like something like this in my future. Keep up the good job you both are beautiful.😊

  • Love it! You guys really build a great home on wheels to travel in! You thought of everything ones need for sure. Thank you for sharing this with us! This is the best build I've seen, also! Good luck on your business endeavors!!

  • This is the best I’ve ever seen. Amazing. I definitely could live in this as a permanent home.

  • Such a gorgeous build. I love how well organised it all is but what counts most for me is the sheer beauty of materials and colours and the clean lines! Wow!

  • What a great build. It just looks wonderful.

  • This is a beautiful build. I really like the attention to detail: all of that fabulous lighting; the wood accents throughout; the tech stuff like the heated floors, the large water tank, the A/C unit, and that fridge concept. I really like the headboard-so simple and economical, but it looks terrific. So does the tiled shower! I'm still in the planning stage for my unit, but you guys have given me so many great ideas. I really appreciate your sharing this with the community!

  • This is very nice! You've done an excellent job, & the new owners will love it.

  • Wow! Way to go guys, one of the best uses of space I’ve seen yet

  • I really like the way you have built the interior of your van, I've not seen such a fantastic way that you've made such great storage ideas in a van and I've watched a lot of van builds, well done and cleverly thought out

  • Wow. This is absolutely ( and for me perfection) the best I have seen. I do watch many builds and if I was able I say SOLD. My goodness you have done everything so well and impressive. I would be a full time gal in this!!

  • I’ve been watching these types of tours for years but this is my favorite!!! Nice job.

  • Absolutely beautiful! I love the layout! Great job guys ❤❤❤

  • A very well thought out, beautiful and cosy build. Well done.

  • This is a stunning build! Beautiful and functional. Great work! 🌈

  • This build is beautiful! I could enjoy having this! Great job!

  • I know ZERO about ANY type of "builds" but feel obsessed with watching these van traveling builds and LIVES and OMG I LOVE THIS ONE!! IT'S TOTALLY MY STYLE! LOVE the colors, the shower, toilet, storage, everything..this is beautiful!!!! Thank u for (possibly) inspiring me to live like this one day..maybe? Lol..the only thing that keeps me from feeling like this way of living could ever be my reality is the fact that I care for about 40-50 outside cats in Miami..🤦

  • This is similar to their other build. I like that they took the best of one and brought it forward … I would like them to walk the build and share how much things cost… so people would get a better idea of how much the build cost from start to finish.

  • What a gorgeous build. Love the attention to details.

  • I’m on my 2nd time watching this today. Incredible attention to detail & design. Is this already purchased? Adding to my Christmas wishlist. 💚👍

  • Wow! Expert detail… gorgeous van guys! Never expected so many amenities in a box van. The projector idea is quite clever, haha. What’s really nice about custom builds are their unique flair.

  • Looks so cozy, congrats on completing it!

  • This is an awesome build! VERY WELL done! 👏🏽

  • Wow, it's so beautifully done. I'll definitely will keep you guys in mind when I'm ready to get my camper van. Love love it.

  • Incredible build. By far the best I’ve seen ❤

  • What an amazing build! I love this. Well done!

  • Absolutely beautiful van! Fantastic job!!

  • Beautiful build. All of the details are perfect from where each of the switches are, power saving ideas, recessed planter boxes and knife placements. Heated floors are always a plus! Wondering what a build like this cost? Just beautiful! You all did a great job!

  • Drew and Savanah, this is an amazing build. I love everything about it! Only thing I would change if it were mine to do so is add decorative privacy film on the bottom half of the shower door so I did not have to look at the cassette toilet. Love all of the details that you put into this! Keep it up. I hope one day to be able to buy one of these from you.

    • @votesudanusa look up the word "comments" in a dictionary. That's what comments are for, to leave your input, not to have it censored l by L's like you!

    • No one asked for your input. She said it is like it is to show the beauty of the tile work

    • Oops, sorry, Savannah!

  • This is one of the BEST builds I've seen so far. You and many others I've watched improve these builds beyond imagination. Thank you for a wonderful tour. The new owners will be so happy.

  • It’s gorgeous!! Great concept and love the little touches like the heated floors.

  • Fantastic Build ! I enjoyed the journey, thanks for bringing us along. Great job keeping your workers in line Foreman Mateo!

  • This build is beautiful! I love everything about it! The colors are beautiful and cozy very cool style you went with I would love to have it 😊

  • Absolute perfection. You left nothing out. I literally had tears I want one so badly. Just incredible. Brilliant.

  • Such a dope build!! All the things I've written down in my future build!!!! And I love love love the stove!! Amazing build!

  • Great design and layout! The color scheme is not for me, seems very dated, but I realize that’s personal preference. I would love to see this van build with modern contemporary interior design and a circulating water system.

  • Total PRO'S! It is so well thought out and meticulously created! Be very proud of your creative skills and superior workmanship!

  • You guys make the most beautiful builds and your design is one my top favorites

  • What a great build, I love the green and wood choices. Very cool!

  • Fantastic! I would love-love one exactly like this. ♥️ you two brilliantly used nearly every single square inch of this truck for added convenience and storage. I would love to know how much one of these (exactly like this one would cost me.

  • The magnets for the projector and screen are so genius! Love the flexibility of this option.

  • Drew and Savannah, Absolutely Beautiful!! A true gem! Whoever bought it, is living my dream.😊

  • Wow, you guys thought of everything! This is really nice and so comfortable looking.