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ATC: Planet Pop (Full Album)

čas přidán 3. 04. 2016
Artist: ATC (A Touch Of Class)
Album: Planet Pop
00:00 Introducing ATC
00:41 Around The World (La La La La La)
04:18 My Heart Beats Like A Drum (Dam Dam Dam)
08:04 Thinking Of You
11:51 Until
15:44 Mistake No. 2
19:56 Why Oh Why
23:53 Without Your Love
27:18 So Magical
30:59 Notte D'Amore Con Te
35:08 Mind Machine
38:49 Let Me Come & Let Me Go
42:08 Lonely
45:59 Lonesome Suite
47:10 Love Is Blind
50:17 With You
54:10 Heartbeat Outro
55:23 My Heart Beats Like A Drum (Dam Dam Dam) (International Radio Edit)


  • 2019 anyone?!

  • I still have the cd in my shelf, I need to listen to this for some hours on repeat every few years. It's good stuff from my childhood. Thanks for uploading this

    • Sardinendosefab you’re welcome

  • Tik Tok

  • brings back so many good memories

  • I want this album

  • I wish I could've gone to one of their concerbreaks my heart😍😘😥😓😭💔

  • my dad gave me the cd before he died. the cd was lost in the house fire and I can now remember him forever. thank you

    • Talon Tranter you’re welcome ♥️

  • 27번째 봐도 레전드라는 지감이 든다

  • OLD 00S

  • 2018 and I’m still listening to this. Ahh the memories!

  • old school 90s right here

  • Masterpiece of an album.

  • Brazilians make a funk version of "around the world", called " Teclado lindinho 2009 "

  • Ok so...I was listening to Dub in Life and clicked accidentally to here. I've never heard of ATC (I'm kind of older) and only ran into Eiffel 65 by accident 20 years ago...kind of like this today. None the less, I haven't been able to leave yet! I'll have to look this group up and see what I've been missing all this time! Thanks for posting this!

    • I don't really like them only a few songs, but yea youre welcome!

  • J adore très belle mélodie

  • ATC, highschool memories.

  • This song just need to be in Just Dance 2018. :))

  • "Notte D'Amore Con Te" is a really underrated song, but great to hear Livio and Joey sing here mostly of the songs and only Tracey/Sarah support both of them.

  • adoro atc

    • Só 2 aqui são BR? #ATCMelhoresQueModinhas

  • My mom bought this album when I was like... Four. I can't tell if the album is just a good album, or if I like for nostalgia value. Either way, you're the real MVP for uploading it

    • Same!

    • Masterpiece of an album, although ATC didn't write it themselves and they didn't really sing it live... It's still amazing as a pop album

    • you're welcome!

  • Love ATC!!

  • A classic album, so underrated


  • miss this group

  • ATC Come Back !!! The best album

  • Thanks for putting this here! Love this group.

    • +AnthonyT50 same heire bring me memory when was a little boy :P and older when I finaly understand the word I know now from where I was educated :P my life turn around love and magical :P