Awaken (ft. Valerie Broussard) | League of Legends Cinematic - Season 2019

čas přidán 21. 01. 2019
A deadly masterpiece unfolds. A lone resistance made whole. A chance to come alive.
Season 2019 has begun - why will you fight?
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Featured artist: Valerie Broussard
Featured violinist: Ray Chen
Written by: Riot Music Team and Alex Seaver of Mako
Produced by: Riot Music Team and Alex Seaver of Mako
Mixed and mastered by: Riot Music Team
Vocals performed by: Valerie Broussard
Violin performed by: Ray Chen
Vocal production by: Riot Music Team, Alex Seaver of Mako, and AG
Digic Pictures
The night beckons while you dream
A life never lives in peace
As you stand upon the edge, woven by a single thread
And fate may fall down upon you
While the devil is knocking, right at your door
So all you restless, each night you hear the drums of war
Awaken, Awaken
The voice begins to call you while you hunger
A taste of destiny you're searching for
Awaken, Awaken
The fight is at your door so take up the cause
Awaken (repeats)
As you stand upon the edge, hanging in the balance
And fate may fall down upon you
While the devil is knocking
So all you restless, each night you hear the drums of war
Awaken, Awaken
The voice begins to call you while you hunger
A taste of destiny you're searching for
Awaken, Awaken
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  • muy bueno el video . me encanto

  • Karma...irealia...akali y kennen estan de mas...solo necesitan a yasuo

  • A 4 Vs 1 isn't fair.

  • Lmao draven kicked the fruit

  • AKALIIIIII 😍😍😍😍😍

  • caralho ficou massa demais

  • Riot pls reaply i cant lay league anymore.That top left corner downloading thing it says ETA 0 and its on 0% all time but its says apllying patch.Please please reply i caant play lol anymore

  • Make a movie already rito!!

  • sion would still win

  • video of the year, but are the soldiers blind and deaf, why are they getting caught in the trap?

  • something i dont understand: based on the lore, the traps that jhin put have blades that cut everything in his path when explode. here the traps just activate and explode upwards, like a column. its kinda confusing. no blood or nothing, the cops just disappear (maybe incineration for the explosions)

  • Jhin only fired 3 shots. GG Camille

  • Even tho I don't play LoL I still love the animations and music.

  • Türkler ses ver

  • jhin report man

  • Draven al ver a Riven: Ella no lo sabe, pero va a ser mi esposa.

  • When does the movie come out?

  • I really want to know some of the background of the Riven vs Draven fight. Looking at her sword, it seems like this is before she joined Noxus. Was this a test of whether or not she was worthy to join Noxus?

  • If not for the sheer size of her eyes, I'd have been inclined to think Riven was filmed live-action. Photorealism in animation has come a long, LONG way.

  • Yasuo pentakill

  • Better jg wins

  • Best thing i ever seen(Лучшая вещь которую я видел)

  • Why you make game like this graphics

  • 3:07 camille 0/11/0 Jhin 15/0/3 Come at me noob

  • I just realised this. Why is Camille chasing/fighting jhin tho? 😂

  • Respect Jhin.

  • it could have been the best fantasy game, but it’s just MOBA

  • league movie when?

  • I don't play league but this video was Freaking Awesome.

  • 2:53 Pikachuuuuuuu

  • game như loz ds fggvafdf dhksvadsf


  • Ashe Missing Ult | Blitzcrank Catching Amumu | Cho' Gath Eats Minion Instead Of Lucian | Garen And Kayn Die Under Tower Trying To Dive Nasus | Jinx's Ult Misses Recalled Kennen | Lux Uses Ult After Accidentally Recalling | Thresh Lanterns In Varus And Gets Tornado And Ulted By Yasuo | Yasuo Dying 1v5 | Riven Disconnecting | Top Lane Pantheon | Teemo | Fizz 1v5 And Winning | Whole Team Runs Flash Into A Wall

  • Gotta admit, when Karma saved Irelia and Akali jumped in to help. I cri just a lil.

  • Fed sion goes suicide build

  • Si riven tiro las espadas o cuchillas de draven a los costados, como cayeron del cielo? :V

    • Por la pasiva que hace que le regresen las hachas û_û

  • God I could watch this all day long

  • Zano?

  • Irelia still broken :>

  • Jhin main

  • Karma is Wonderful

  • Krlhhhh foda dmmss

  • Como eu queria ser fã de LoL pra entender toda história ;-;

    • Tem o draven , ele é fodão . É o resto dos personagem são lixos, é isso q vc tem q entender

  • 3:01 What's kind of skill is that? ;o (i mean Riven)

    • headbutt's stun last for 5 seconds lmfao , u ded.

    • +zSayonara Omoide hahahaha that would make her awesome. [ no it doesn't ]

    • that's a future update where riven's w is changed to headbutt *Kappa*

    • +Simon Papine-Paktoris well he is talkin' about riven xD

    • Alistar's headbutt

  • This kennen with 6 Rabbadon's Hats

  • Mano do ceu, essa voz, essa letra, essa musica por completo é muito boaaa


  • 2:02 i love how she uses her magic sight (so the blue eyes) because jhins weapon is magic, shortly switches to the orange because jhin traps arent magic, but then switches back. Glorious detail

    • the lore is different from ingame. camille detects the traps and shields herself from the incoming damage, the traps just explode. unfortunately the poor soldiers couldnt shield themselves.

    • İbrahim 101 the Theorie is that the flower is only in jhins head and he imagines it like in his trailer. As far as we know the traps aren’t magic...

    • Wait... Aren't both of them magic? I mean, its an explosive FLOWER.

    • PabliRG in the lore not in the game

    • Jhin's gun makes physical damage and his trap makes magic damage

  • "While the Devil is knocking right at your door". You mean Yasuo mains right? Yeah right

  • An outstanding cinematic, I get shivers down my spine even weeks after first seeing it

  • Jhin ❤️

  • That animation was the best I've seen them do, I'll be wating for more, and won't be the only one wating...

  • Русские Есть?)

  • Must have sucked for Sion to get ganked by the entire enemy team

  • why do i always start crying when i watch LoL Cinematics xD

    • Just thinking the same thing lol I saw it the day this dropped, I shouldn’t still be tearing up!

  • 2:08 That's what you are looking for

  • the best song made by riot

  • That jhin part was amazing omg

  • Rito we would like to have a movie series

  • Literaly jhin made the best parts of the video -respect jhin-

    • Hivery's _sub Well, he is a artist

  • L E G E N D S 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻🤛🏻

  • cool!

  • To all who doubt me: Please take a moment to notice, 3:06 My gun is glowing for I still have my fourth shot. Whisper would never fail me. I'm sure it's safe to assume I've won, I am the golden demon of Ionia after all. Cheers~ ~4

  • Reports sion's team 4 afk

  • Epic masterpiece

  • aguante nasus

  • Its tilting me, than when i try to search "Awaken" for JOJO greatness, that this is the first in my search results.

  • Wow they put Tyler1 in the cinematic that's awesome!

  • I don't play the game, but I LOVE the cinematics.

  • Jhin

  • I love Jhin so much.

  • 4 kills Riven and Draven still fights her like he's a melee champ.

  • single name please

  • Заплакал ,((

  • yalnız karmanın refleks


  • Awesome.

  • 2:38 Sion cancel a Basic attack

  • Awaaken! Awaaken! Awakeeeeeeeeen!

  • reverts back to the listening game

  • what is the name of this genre of music?

  • Bruh where was udyr

  • I like that yasuo pop out

  • Nearly three months old Still gives me goosebumps

  • this cancer game omg.

  • esos draven mele son los que me salen en ranked

  • If only the actual game were this cool

  • Draven: you'd think fighting off several people while chained to a post would be hard Riven: Actually super easy, barely an inconvenience

    • well, she's a trained elite girl. that wouldnt suppose a problem for her XD

  • Lol is the best game on the world ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Lo mejorcito👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼

  • 2:29 AYAYA

  • i'm just waitin for the full movie of league i guess it will take a while,but i'm sure,it will be worth

  • Lol Jhin has the last shot in his chamber and is pointing his Q at Camille. Notice his gun is glowing. Failed gank. 3:06 Sion's in his passive mode at 3:11 Also are those Vladimir's claws next to Riven's sword at 0:23 ? And is that Darius who raises his fist on the balcony behind him as Draven catches his axe at 2:30-2:34 ?

    • +Marius Albert Good callout....updated!

    • +Marius Albert We can see rengar claws behind draven's seat

    • Vladimirs claws not Rengars

  • A brave Jhin 😂

  • were is teemo??

  • this needs to be a movie

  • Efso

  • Please read the pan's complain plzzzzzzzzz

  • Why is this animation & song is only 35M view? I don't get it (>p

  • Where is Shen?