AWESOME SCHOOL HACKS || Funny Hacks and DIYs Every School Girls Must Know by 123 GO! SCHOOL

čas přidán 31. 07. 2020
Class hacks and tricks can really save you,
ESPECIALLY when you haven’t taken the time to study for exam.
You just have to make sure you don’t get caught.
Think these school hacks are hilarious?
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  • But some of these hacks don’t work

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  • Hye wait how can we know the answer's of the test when we dont even know what type of question we get. And anyway I never cheated on a test.

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  • You know all of the awnsers why do you cheat.teats in 2nd grade are easy I am in 2nd grade.tou will also get caut.haha you got out of class yay. You got caut. I am not a hater😳

  • I love y’all videos so much

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  • Stop asking to hear their real voices,they don't speak English

  • Why do they always use cheat sheets don't they study

  • When they write the cheat sheet they know the answers because they are writing them

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  • They're not hilarious they're stupid no and and and all you do

  • Bruh why cheat and probably get a detention and shit instead of that STUDY it isn't that hard to study for a few hours taking breaks and passing like come on-

  • Has someone done this

  • Well can tape build a house I didn’t think so

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  • Rather than spending time on cheat sheats you can learn enough equations to pass the test even though i dont like studies that much i prefer studying as u can get caught doing it and they are just acting sooo.

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  • Why the HECK would you need take so much time writing the equations on the shoe if you well, ALREADY KNOW WHAT IT IS BECAUSE YOUR WRITING IT RIGHT THERE ON THE SHOE?

  • I love all the 1-2-3 Go videos

  • 0:50 NOO my academic future!

  • OK guys I'm going to have a cheat cheat at my school and pass my test and show it to my teacher she will not recanize I have a cheat cheat

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  • Cate if you know those answers but not your answers to your test 🤔🤔

  • 123 go always cheats and always thinks of life hacks is because literally everyone in my family is lazy

  • Tape can’t hold a house 🏠 lol

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  • why are you writing all the answers on a heel and if you know the answers then do it on the test

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  • For our country we don’t call it exam we call it test

  • At 9:42 I see a student SLAPPING her foot for no reason 😹😹

    • The real time was 9:45 Not 9:42 And she was slapping her foot because her hand had sweat on it so the water will rub the ink of her foot 🍏🍌🌶🧀🍔🌮 🍣🍘🍦🍭🍺🍾🍴🍎🍉🍑🌽🍗🍟🌯🍱🍢🍰🍫🍻🍶🍽🍐🍇🍍🍠🍖🌭🍜🍛🍡🎂🍿🍷🍵🍊🍓🍅🍤🍯🍕🍲🍙🍧🍮🍩🍸☕️🍋🍈🍆🍞🍳🍝🍥🍚🍨🍬🍪🍹🍼 sorry like= I'm crazy with food. Reply public reply i mean= realllllllllly crazy

  • Great hacks!

  • At 6:30 it says “successfull” instead of “successful”

  • Images the people doing the shoe hack before realizing it doesn’t work 😆 😂

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  • Guys I actually have a brilliant hack.First,make your cheat sheets then you put them behind your mask so that teachers will not notice anything

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