Baby Keem - The Melodic Blue ALBUM REVIEW

čas přidán 14. 09. 2021

Baby Keem clearly has it in him to produce great albums going forward, The Melodic Blue hopefully being a blueprint of sorts.

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Y'all know this is just my opinion, right?


  • "LLC the drop and I LLC this 6!"


    • Fake n****

  • this fucking guy

  • South Africa? GOOD? HA! Funny take melon.

    • Catch a flight out da blue

  • hopefully the song vent will get a remix with Kendricks original verse

  • Agree with most of everything here. I prefer range brothers to family ties. Some of my favorite tracks are scars, vent, RB, 16, booman, issues. Lost souls is good but it does get stale at the half way mark. 7/10 or a low 8/10

  • If anything keem showed a lot of potential and is doing something different. It needs work yes but it’s well executed for a debut album and done mostly alone. I was closer to an 8 honestly. Obviously not rap AOTY but it’s in the mix.

  • Let’s hm


  • Really nice Album

  • I’m used to orange soda baby keem I didn’t expect this

  • 16 is an amazing track !!

  • "Amazing brother pop up only in occasion brother" Lives rent free in my head 😁😁

  • This album was mid tbh


  • this album grew on me , solid 8-9 tbh

  • This guy should stop reviewing

  • Great review melon

  • So you mean to tell me Keem got on XXL and just did the intro to his album for his “freestyle”

  • Won't you think about youu and I? Just grab my hand n look me in the eyes :) -Baby Keem

  • A 6??? :( man i thought this was a 9 at least but i guess thats just me

  • Personally, this album has been a favorite for this year scapegoats is definetely a good like in the blues song i guess, pink panties for me just sounds😍😍 Range brothers and family ties are two of my favorite of 2021 i think Rest of it is pretty good

  • If cocoa and pink panties weren’t on this album and were replaced…I think this album is a 9. Honestly didn’t really enjoy this album the first listen all that much. Now about 30 listens later I am so in love with all of the tracks except the ones I mentioned and maybe booman. But I can be in the mood for booman and I think it fits on the album. My favorite track is 16 at the moment. Fucking incredible. I also put a lot of stock into artists who produce their own songs. Quadruples the work but it reflects In the sound. Y’all know this isn’t just my opinion right? Verified objective fact.

  • baby keem has lots of potential im hyped to see what else he can do

  • Why didn't you ever review Die for My Bitch

  • Such a fun album listening to it 2 weeks later

  • top of the morning top of the morning

  • Album of the year

  • Baby Keem could make a great project but he waters down so many of his good songs with messy, jumbled messes of songs. Other songs are just like “why the fuck did you make this”😂 like pink panties

  • the pootie tang bar was hard you trippin

  • pop off only on occasions, brother

  • It should’ve been an 8, day all that good shit and “6”

  • This album is one of my favorites of the year

  • id give it a high 7 imo, not mad at the review

  • Baby keem is a$$

  • I will be the greatest artist in the world, manifestation is real ✨

  • Baby keem is my favorite artist but I have to agree. He’s experimenting in this project but some of it can be distasteful

  • I'm surprised by your rating but I would give it an 8/10 7.5/10

  • Y’all still let this clown give his opinion on black music 🦝

  • Anthony’s flannels are his mood rings. Prove me wrong.

  • Tony reading the whole intro verse was intensely excessive

  • So this is better than mbdtf

  • If this cover was in black and white you would have given it a 10

  • I used too feel underground for watching Anthony Fantano 😂😂

  • Booman is my shit.. my numbers are bracking

  • Album cover and title is the best part

  • I love this album. So unique and funny.

  • No skips on this one

  • 📞📞👶 w review

  • tbh i think this is better than donda

  • Anyone here wonder if the melon will re-review this since baby keem added 3 tracks last Friday?

  • Baby keem sounds like playboi carti with a bachelors degree

  • That’s cap Anthony this album was no less than an 8

  • 8/10.

  • i swear, if you just listen to anthony's favorite tracks in order, you get a perfect little album.

  • For those that love the song Scapegoat check out serpentwithfeet. The sample comes from his song Four Ethers.

  • The concept is mining for diamonds I guess, there were so many ideas and alot of them were very good

  • pretty mid tbh

  • In My Opinion: The Melodic Blue: Decent To Strong 8/10 Fav Tracks: trademark usa, pink panties, scapegoats, range brothers, issues, gorgeous, lost souls, cocoa, family ties, scars, booman, vent, 16, lost souls (remix), hooligan

  • Is no one Gonna mention that Travis verse got switched the first half of Durag activity

  • What’s the album on the bottom behind him

  • Where's your diss track?😀

  • My name is Booman, my name is not Jeff I told you that I am a barbarian.

  • Idc who says apologize on die for my bitch goes crazy

  • I can’t believe Fantano doesn’t hear how ‘Issues’ sounds like Jaden. I don’t even rate Jaden like that, but if you told me it was a Jaden song I could believe you.

    • No fucking way he could ever write a song like Issues

    • the voice maybe but jaden isn't capable of writing this shit

  • Hearing Freak Flag fly makes me want some Here Come the Mummies reviews

  • Melon turning on the camera like: "top o the mornin hol on lets get this"

  • he will make another video discussing albums he underrated and this will be one of them. he is going to turn it into a light 7

  • screaming "top of da mornin" for 10 minutes is not a review, Melon

  • i think this album should've been released later, if he took a tiny bit more time just to fine tune his mixing it would've been too 3 albums this year, no hate to keem and this album is still great

  • Unpopular opinion, pink panties is actually a weirdly fire song hahaha. More I play it more I like it.

  • baby keem is god tier

  • Wheres the Yeat album review?

  • Review the new Common album

  • Would have never guessed Shawn Cee would be more critical of this album than Anthony lol.

  • South Africaaaaah

  • Will you do a DOGBOY review?? Zillaaaa

  • rocking the pink shirt

  • Top the melon top of the melon

    • damn I guess he has two phones

  • I'd say this album is more of a decent to strong 7 for me. Not a bad freshman output at all. Actually quite an impressive one. Hopefully his future work gets even better.

  • Amazing brother 🤠

  • U like this album but you don’t like CLB?

  • Keem’s only 20 with a MBDTF level body of work

  • Just because baby keem has two phones doesn't mean u can call him racial slurs, melon

  • Top of da monin 💥 Top of da monin 💥 Top of da monin 💥 Top of da monin 💥 Top of da monin 💥

  • Should be reacting to timeless 2



  • he is baby keem

  • Probably the most positive 6-light 7 ever. Man has massive potential

  • Didn’t think he would cry the whole interview

  • Lost souls is a vibe idc🙁

  • damn I guess he has two phones

  • The Melonic BLue

  • Kornfield Kenny proving once again that he’s the best rapman.

    • Lolololol

  • I liked him on orange soda, but man his voice is annoying on this album.

  • Got my like for what you said about range brothers, I think it’s refreshing to hear Kendrick just having fun in the studio and that’s the vibe I get from the album. Some developments some testing and just having fun

  • Scapegoats was THE best track

  • Should’ve given him a 7 for every “top of the morning”

  • For me Melodic Blue > CLB. This is how I called quality than quantity. No hate to drake but CLB for me was the worst in Drakes discography. At this Moment in Hip Hop my favorites album of this year list are: Donda CMIYGL MONTERO Melodic Blue

  • Can you please do the new mile high club album :)