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Life dishes out some sticky situations.
Whether you handle them with grace or stumble your way through
we’ve got hacks for ‘em all! 😎
We'll show you new awesome DIYs, hacks and ideas how to organize and customize your stuff.
Just Watch and Learn. 🤗

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    • So girl I was wanting you to put your hair stylist put out the little bag see a blue bag and they have the second they can you put in there I told you put it in there but you said I'm going to be so late I need to go I will put everything in the top backpack Bal why do they open that's the bottom girl that's fine I hope you get another sandwich😬😳😱

    • Good idea to put your sandwich at the backpack Navy or squishy doll and if you put everything in Squaw pit you understand which to the swap right so maybe you should put out the small pocket. Could that could fit in there right things that could be that you could try if you want to you want to get a sandwich watch right I was wanting you okay☺✋😲😬

    • Good mini look deeper in your backpack maybe what's what are you holding maybe some backpacks okay if you're holding a backpack or tending to say you're holding up okay if you if you're not holding the back Bieber in your backpack because maybe something is sticky in there that's so gross rate😬

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  • So disgusted you have a life hack to do that what life hack do you have I don't have any life hacks some people have liked that a lot but you guys do go 1-2-3 has a lot of life could you help me get some more life hacks and where do you live guys do you live at the North Pole I live at the Texas or I don't know where do I actually live oh yeah oh yeah I'm so sorry I'm so sorry okay I'm about to text my dad okay so where do you live at the country or where you could tell me if you want to if you come at me below but now our Watts what are you even eating could you tie that or that's not a really pretty hoodie could you put something else that will be prettier and actually if you spill your chairs make sure you put your trip and make sure to wrap it with your a rubberband whatever life hacks you have for the chips you have to Banner or like whatever Bam's you have like a ziplock bag and you could cut it my sister doesn't work so good maybe your sister works to everything right I don't even work if with nothing just nothing right nothing so do you want to talk or no yeah you don't even know me because you know me but you don't know that I was talking to you and I wish you come to my house and play with me but you can because you got to make some CS-tv but I'll see you at the virus is gone because viruses really dangerous virus is Ranger s do you know what color is virus do you know I can't hear you say you love me that's right it is green versus all green right tell Bhai guy by thapa I hope you have a good day bye 🎉🎃💝🎇🎁🎑🎥📷

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