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We react to the FUNNIEST School Tik Toks on the internet!

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  • Wen i was in 1st grade every one in the halls are freshmans

  • I love math and history

  • september 2 is my birthday

  • 14:12 i did this while playing indoor football and i mean soccer but i call it football

  • hi

  • I did that thing on my computer while well my friend it I was trying to do it but it wouldn’t work for me and he got to like 3000 words I’m like brother now

  • ahahaahahha so funny keep it up

  • Nah b

  • Calex I just got home from work



  • 0

  • I am sitting back right and im getting straight A's

  • Im in the slacker zone!!!

  • that's probably a teacher who had really bad parents and not a good school to learn in 15:32

  • Sadly I can’t like the video I’ve never bin to school

  • It's 2021

  • he all ways says what happens when you press like but docent tell us what happens if we diss like

  • Ssundee I am your biggest fan it really hurts that you said you didn’t like history that’s my favorite subject

  • the school in 2021 with the exam is so true

  • The quiet zone is mine

  • i quiet zone i i am

  • Dude teacher is a poo

  • Sundee: evryone who went to school like the video. Everyone who disliked: WE HATE SCHOOL

  • I won but I didn’t laugh

  • Im at the slacker one 😔 Inside me: *very smart*

  • Lol I sit in slacker zone I love it lolll

  • SSundee: like if you’ve ever been to school Me: being home schooled

  • ❤️❤️

  • Hello sindie that is now your name

  • The "To her grades up." made be die :D

  • what if you only know there first name

  • an i the only one who isnt laughing at the tik toks but laughing at ssundee laughing lol

  • I am in the loud zone it’s true we talk a lot and it’s ok to call our teachers by there first name in Dubai

  • I’m that one kid

  • I’m the quiet zone lol

  • My friend getting a 20/20 on a test in 2 minutes my teacher it was 2 minutes redo it him showing 20/20 my teacher idc redo it u want a good grade also I don’t study and get straight a’s

  • My brother calls me Mat the w I hate it

  • In my brother’s school they call all the teachers by their first names

  • now

  • I'm from Iceland I moved to England

  • you're right "the christian gamer" God bless that man, and i'm a christian too

  • your reaction videos are sooooooo funny you should get nicovald and russel to make you more🐵

  • btw that was zach magic,I watch his videos

  • Oh……

  • I hate harder maths in my online class

  • Dude I live in the Netherlands and we only call teachers by there first name

  • And the most accurate is when teacher leaves everyone in class starts to talk 🤣🤣

  • I am homeschooled

  • I was

  • I haven’t been to school ever so do I unlike the video?

  • No last name or middle name :)

  • My teacher have only a first fist name

  • I never whent to school

  • 12:29 My childhood friend is named ABCDE and his brother name was AEIOU like BRUHH

  • 1:35 is smart 😂

  • I didn't have a teacher that does that

  • I’m literally in the slacker zone for all but one of my classes, and the one that I’m not I’m in the escape zone

  • I am that kid

  • Omg I'm a slacker

  • 2:32 I am that kid is true for me

  • I am a kid first grader ha ha.

  • 2:23 My friend is that kid be because my friend makes funny noises and makes funny faces and makes everyone in my class laugh and that is true

  • 11:18 i have to do that because i have 2 teachers with the same last name.

  • It’s a test or not even supposed to help you

  • everyday i shcool just to be smart :)

  • ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Tbh… Sundee needs to stop saying “the like button will turn blue” when it actually turns black…

  • The potato part is the best idk why its so funny

  • I’m part back right and left

  • The video about when you said that’s not true because I said in the middle friend and I’m the quiet kid

  • lol iam that student imao lmfao

  • Uhh it turned black

  • I do school now

  • at 7:29 i was that person

  • My teacher does that

  • That is so me

  • my brother is crazy

  • Ayo that SUS lol

  • uhhhh... mine turned black

  • Here in Norway it's fine by saying the teachers first name

  • pin me foot sir

  • I am the funny kid at school

  • Oh no...

  • I’m in the back right and I’m usually called on a lot and I like it

  • I got killed……………….

  • Ajdid

  • Ok

  • 20

  • My like button turned black and I'm 12

  • This is my teacher 5:15

  • Stay in school kids stay in school

  • Me:*raises hand* Teacher:yes Me:I can’t answer this it’s hard Teacher:what’s the question Me:question 2 Teacher:so you know how 2 + 2 = 5 right then att to to that and it would be 8 Me:HUH?! Me:

  • My ferend is that guy

  • I I’m 15 and my teacher is the first teacher 👩‍🏫 she is 30

  • I’m middle front because I talk to much

  • I’m that my.

  • By 2050 the earth is going to die look I up when will it die

  • im severely sick and this video made me laugh for the first time in days thank u ssundee

    • I can tell by your pfp /j