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A wavy weekend at Haulover Inlet means new challengers appear with intentions of "sending it" through rough conditions. Check out these Haulover Boats and enjoy the video!

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  • Guys is that a Wahoo or a King Fish? 🐟

    • King fish ! Wahoo have verticle stripe markings on their sides !

    • King…

    • 100% a wahoo. The mouth is unmistakable and well over 80 lbs.

    • King

    • Wahoo, the stripes fade away a lot of times when they're on ice...

  • No way in hell would I have let my daughter ride on tho bow like that.

  • that pantoon boat has baby on board!! look near captain left

  • Pontoon boats are NOT designed for being on the ocean !!! What is wrong with people's minds ??? I thought the big fish was a King Fish due to the lack of markings ?

  • I remember riding on the bow like that when we kids. Can't believe my dad let us do that. Nothing get your leg drag down in the water at 25mph! 😆 1 time I rode in the boat cubby with a friend while trailering from the keys back to ft Lauderdale oh and is raining the whole time. Oh and pontoons have no business out there.

  • Every boston whaler eats it up here, very good boat

  • 1:19 man with the crack moves to the back

  • Pontoons = no brains

  • have to wonder just how much crap has gone over the side in a year through haulover.sunglasses,cellphones,hats,,,

  • Watching from North Utah, just winterized my Natique (haha)…

  • Pontoon captain...One hand in the wheel, one hand in the stroller.

  • Pontoon boats belong in inclosed waters only. Not at all for heavy seas, anywhere.

  • Pontoon boat at Haulover? Not for me!!! I'd say to leave it at the lake. But, if you do bring it out, 1-Make sure it's a flat day & 2-If it's not, don't bring the kids. To me, it just seems too much risk for something that you can NEVER replace. Things go "south" way too quick. Just my opinion, peace all ✌😎

  • What do we think of pontoons at Haulover?…everyone loves watching stupid 😁

  • Pontoon in the rough water is a bit if a foolishbidea...

  • She will come out as minced beef if she slides off the bow.

  • Bow riding with legs hanging over is illegal. Negligent ops I believe

  • If you don't have at least quad 350s do you even boat?

  • Gray top kook

  • Those morons in the deck boat had an INFANT on board, I saw the stroller.

  • Maybe if they would stowe their fenders it wouldn't look so sketchy... hilarious. Poor form always make one look like an idiot, regardless of the vessel.

  • The kingfish is good for smoked fish dip,that’s it.

  • I am going with Wahoo! Nice

  • Pontoon boat, No problem, good Captain. I have enjoyed every video I have watched. Thank you

  • Could’ve balanced a wine glass on that Grady White it was so smooth

  • The water is wet!

  • Kids in the bow with no jackets is dumb. Someone ON the bow with no jacket is a special kind of stupid you don't see very often.

  • The pontoon got lucky it was a calmer day- that could have gone very wrong. Also- that girl on the front of the bow gave me anxiety. It's not smart for anyone, especially a child without a life jacket!

  • Looks like a wahoo to me

  • Honestly, everyone in florida who wants to Captin a Boat should have to watch Wavy Boats for an hour

  • Nice fish 🎣

  • Man if you think that's a Kong mackerel I cannot help you brother

  • Thank you for that 3 min mark

  • Illegal in Wisconsin

  • I seen Two Barracudas lol

  • If you're not fishing and you're not on a decent 35' or bigger boat why go out of the intercoastal on a day like this only to get the hell beat out of you and your boat? Something to prove or trying to impress your lady?

  • Child bow riding 😳🤦🏻 and them pontoons should be banned from that place before someone gets hurt, they ain't made for those waters, just crazy. Great vid as always tho 👌

  • Most boats seem to go towards the right leaving the harbour but the camera never follows them, could you please say where they are going and what is to the right...? Thanks for the great video's

  • I reckon this is the first time that I’ve seen a Honda outboard in one of your videos. 👌🏽

  • Not every time is a good time on the water.

  • Bro I thought you filmed the back of boats not dump trucks

  • Damn ! Nice king fish!

  • why are you recording women its so weird pls just center your little camera on the boats

  • Pontoons at Haulover is what keeps the Coasties & E R’s in business….

  • Hi wavy boats from Alaska.. love watching these ! Looks so warm in toasty,plus boats are amazing and the action in the inlet is pretty dope ;)

    • @Wavy Boats Thanks brother ! 👍

    • Welcome aboard Neva! Glad you enjoy the videos! 👍

  • Scout has some really nice looking lines and design. Has a bow like a Carolina boat.

  • I used to tell other boaters to get their dangling legs off the bow that it was illegal and they were going to get them killed. They'd tell me to F O and mind my own business. So after years of trying I've quit. So if they want blood on their hands they've got it. Money, boats, and brains don't seem to go well with some of the boaters down here these days.

  • Incoming Tank tough, Grady - White for the Win. Beautiful Boat.

  • Nice catch

    • Biggest catch we've seen at Haulover! 👍

  • That Grady white was beautiful! And that was also a wahoo

  • Liked the drone circling that last boat. Lol

  • Sitting right on the bow is illegal in Australia. Some children have fallen over, to be sliced up by the propellers.

  • Captain of that pontoon boat slayed Haulover...driving pontoon & holding baby stroller. Regardless of pontoon he is BOSS!

    • I want to hear Broncos Guru say "win for the boats!"

  • That Brady White is in a class all its own.

  • I personally would never think or want to take a pontoon boat on the ocean. I have only used them for lakes. I guess I'm not that stupid. 🤷

  • A pontoon complete with a baby carriage on it.

  • Pontoon to some, maybe a power cat to others. ;)

  • Love those Grady Whites

  • Riding on the bow of the boat....... WHY!!!!!!

    • I dont get it either man. 🤷‍♂️

  • really heavy channel

  • Can’t get enough of your 4K videos!!! This channel is revving me up for when I soon get my boat!!!

    • Where are the 4K vids? I only get 1080....

  • I can watch these all day but what channel has the drone footage?

    • We have it and it's coming! 👍

  • At 5:07, yes, riding the boat that way IS Illegal. I have seen numerous boats get pulled over in Boston Harbor with riders pulling this stunt.

  • Pontoons and anything under a 20 should not attempt haulover from what I have seen..

  • Whenever I see a boat with a low bow and people riding up front, I hear the theme tune from Das Boot playing.

  • Seriously though where are all these boats going if they aren’t fishing. Most inlets lead to the ocean, so where are they going

  • Pontoons depend on wave conditions. I'd say nay overall.

  • Highly illegal to have a child on the bow holding the rail like that and also bad boating

  • Wahoo

  • Hands and feet have to be inside the vessel when traveling at greater than headway speed.

  • They guy with the pontoon boat needs to have his head examined! Pontoons are lake and river boats not designed for the ocean. He put everyone at risk and when he has a problem, he puts everyone at risk that's trying to save his keaster!

  • Seems how pontoons are virtually impossible to sink and there was no chance of it capsizing I'd be on that bitch no problem

  • Definitely not illegal for that dude to be standing and having people sitting behind him nor is it illegal for the daughter to sit on the bow lol

  • Solo boating in a Midnight Express, the epitome of cool. That dude needs to impress no one! No, not illegal in FL (because, freedom and stuff) but it should be and it's incredibly dumb and probably civally actionable in case of maiming/death as a result.

    • Well, actually, the true epitome of cool is walking the length of the superyacht pier in Monaco Harbor without once glancing left or right but this comes close!

  • Low bow low in the water💧 High bow high in the water

  • Pontoons are funny they look like big bath tubs

  • It’s illegal in Australia 🇦🇺

  • Pontoons float and move they should live on a lake and have a responsible owner and a happy life

  • Q Is this illegal A the more you love your kids the further you put them on the back of the boat with a life jacket on , calm sea calm live when you get back to shore with the wife and kids

  • Sitting on the bow should be illegal at this inlet 💯 if it’s not already.

  • That ME just purred right thru there. 😻

    • @Marvin De Bot I hope I can go for a ride on one someday. 👍🏼

    • I've driven a couple, they really do do a nice job and I'm not even a fan of big opens.

  • Well, As they say..." If it floats... I boats..?!!

  • Lord I don't know what's worse pontoon full of little kids are girl bow riding

  • pontunes seem to handle it better than those Yamaha bowriders.

  • Pontoons don't sink, but they easily roll over. Not a good fit for Haulover

  • That pontoon was very lucky it was calm

    • Or perhaps they checked the conditions first before setting out.

  • That's a wahoo.

  • The pontoon boat seems to get out easier then any of those over priced over powered fancy boats !


  • legs over the bow down here in New Zealand is illegal

  • thats a Wahoo nothing like a kingfish

  • When you fall off the bow you get sucked right back to the propeller!!

  • Pontoons at Haulover? Love it! The problem with the world is people. I love me some cannon fodder and pontoons with most of the crew to dumb to move to the stern? Problem solving by social Darwinism at it's best!

  • Just wanted to say I love watching your videos especially for the fact that there is no commentary just straight boats and hoes and waves

  • The next thing we'll see is 4 garbage 🗑 cans filled with foam, a plywood floor & a 1952 Johnson 5hp engine on the back.

    • Hold my can of Turkey Rare Breed . . .

    • That's the green one? Johnson Seahorse Five point five HP! Helped Dad rebuild a couple of them. They didn't last long when he forgot to add oil to the gas! LoL Wound out to the redline? The 16' Polar Craft made it's biggest possible wake. But we only used it on the horse power limited lakes. The rest of the time? The 90 Merc was trimmed out and the wake didn't exist. But IDNR knows best! LoL

  • Pontoons are lake or riverboats, NOT HAULOVER!

  • Pontoon boats are not a good idea since they were designed for ocean use

  • @5:00...Wanna get rid of someone or turn them into a paraplegic? Put them up on the bow while plowing trough a busy inlet at cruising speed. I am very surprised that this wasn't a disaster....and no, this isn't legal at all!

  • The cost of that Boat should at least bring two nice King fish this year just like this one, right?!!

  • This coment might get a thumbs down but the videos of all the inlets sure let you know what boats aren't supposed to be out there and captain's? People behind the helm if they should be there as well!