BAN PEWDIEPIE // Twitch Drama #2

čas přidán 23. 05. 2018
This goes without saying but I dont condone anyone harassing anyone on my behalf.
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  • Alinity moans after every sentence...**Thot noise intensifies**


  • Um excuse me, IM 14!!!!

  • Origin of tha "9 year olds"😂

  • L OF THE DAY 2018: 4K SUBS "PEWDIEPIE mentions L OF THE DAY" L OF THE DAY 2019: 100K SUBS

  • omg get doc's reaction from this!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Alinity isn't the brightest star in this universe, aye?

  • Pewdiepie"I didn't come after her it was the internet because of her poor choice of words Alinity"HE CALLED ME POOR!"

  • I find it very funny that people actually believe we're 9 years old I'm 10, thank you very much.

  • Chad is savage. Being naked in front of camera

  • " i'm part black " this lady fkin annoys me ... cuz these are the dirty roots racist people ... SHAMEFUL

  • _i'M nOt a 9 yEar oLd!!!!!! i'M 10!!!!!1!1!!11 gRRRRrrRrrr!!!!!_

  • Equality: Ya know everyone is eq- Twitch: Not so fast partner

  • I'M... 13

  • She fucking took something out of her mouth and wiped it by her towel wtf wtf wtf

  • Notice no midroll ads

  • She’s basically just a bratty child

  • Be gone thot

  • nine yr olds cannot be beatean

  • I'm 10

  • He protec He attac But most importantly He states the facts

  • Alinity: I’m 10% black Me: First of all,I’m 100% black and I don’t even say the n-word because of its history Second of all watermelons are 90% water and I can walk on them so I can technically walk on water so I am officially Jesus See it doesn’t work in your scenario and it doesn’t work in any scenario just stop I know this is old but it really pisses me off every time I see it

  • Wait, you’re saying that women get away with things that guys can’t? What a surprise!

  • I just feel so bad for pewds why is he always portrayed as a bad guy? If I was him I’d just be so exhausted of all the outrageous claims made towards him

  • 8:04 i'm 28 & i'm offended. I am going to copystrike your video Pewdie get ready just need to contact Collab, and later blame them for whole situation.

  • so I guess we are all 10 year olds now

  • Alinity is definitely a sociopath

  • I mean I understand why you apologized it was the right move but she is DEFINITELY a twitch thot.

  • 0:36 who holds their bowl like that?

  • Birth of the 9 year old army..

  • How do nine year olds know about marige fraud 🤔🤔🤔

  • Come on nine year olds let's win this war

  • 4:00 thot thot thot thot thot thot thot thot alinity is a thot

  • hahah I'm a 15 year old apart of a 9 year old army 😂

  • i wish she sees it

  • No one is untouchable

  • No one will ever take down the 9 year old army not even t series Alanity suck it twitch thot

  • THE NINE YEAR OLDS: genesis

  • This is the video where the 9 year olds meme comes from! Almost forgot this :D

  • Lol Take her to Dr Phil. That would make a great video.

  • Respect wamen my a**

  • IM NOT NINE IM *counting on his fingers* NINE AND THREE DAYS

  • Is it just me, or does Alinity seem constantly drunk? The way she slurs her words and her mannerism makes it seem like she's drunk all the time.

  • Im 16?

  • how is she 10% black if she's 100% thot

  • 9:20 is she reading a script off her monitor? She keeps looking away from her camera.

  • cmon guys where is the 12 year old division of the army? JOIN ME

  • "You're just looking at your butt hairs" I'm DEEEEAD

  • Nobody: Twitch thot: i'M 1o% GaY

  • I’ve got 10% battery on my phone I can say the full 100% word

  • the way she talks says it all... shes talking like shes having orgasms all along.... and get pissed off when someone calls her a thot. wonderful 👏

  • I'm 23 and will enjoy his vids when 66

  • Moral of the story : Do not mess with Pewdiepie

  • She’s still a twitch thot.

  • literally by the end of the video i was just listening to the background music its nice

  • How NOT to be an advocate for women. GODDAMNIT this is why men don't take feminists seriously when we want things like to not have abortion bans and not to experience sexual assault and violence for saying no to sex, things that women across the US and the world experience daily. Her making her abuse of fair use and asking for censorship and copyright striking instead of just making a response video about sexism makes it so much worse and I'm so pissed. Sexism online is a problem but she's fucking making the problem worse by using her gender as a weapon instead of highlighting a problem in a response video like a reasonable person. God it grinds my fucking gears when women weaponize serious issues to do fucked up shit. Thanks for taking the high road Felix, I would have dragged her more than you and I'm not even a vengeful person.

  • 9:18 Pulls uno reverse card

  • she wants your *smacks lips full of spagett* mOnEY

  • Send to the ranch!!

  • Thank You Alinity for Creating the 9 Years Old Army... 🙋🙋

  • Im acualy 20 yo ..... ok hahaha

  • i feel bad for pewds all hes doing is just trying to make a living and your just being a total slut bag and being all smart about it and its getting you know where

  • Why is Pewdiepie basically papa youtube he just treats her like a child lmfao

  • Her Voice Is Seriously *A N N O Y I N G* :[[

  • Send her back to the kitchen

  • T H O T

  • PewDiePie comes back with fire

  • As Critical said, the good thing about CS-tv is that everyone gets fucked equally, but Twitch favors certain people like Alinity

  • She’s a snitch!

  • are pornstars thots??

  • Well she is a Twitch Thot.

  • 28yo 9yo here. awaiting command, supreme leader! Edit: we all hail from africa, originally. So, we all can say the N-Word? Wow...

  • Nah girls are all whore's to me😒😒😒

  • I find it funny how when she said the N word she goes “black friends call their black friends the N word” when girls call their female friends thots all the time

  • Twitch bot

  • *alinty fights for equality* ... * gets and expects special treatment as a woman* Jesus 😂 I'm changing my gender

  • I have a cancer and thats your problem.

  • We live in a world full or morons and special fucking snowflakes and people decide to cater to those people rather then teaching them that there's something called humor and common sense.

  • - Like, I'm not even kidding... All his followers are like 9yrs old, and now they're all reporting me to immigration - How tf would any 9yr old even know how to report someone to immigration?

  • She is special needs

  • Gurl, I'm 9 * 2

  • It has been a year is the thot ban yet?

  • lmao if they do ban get ready for some hate


  • twitch thot twitch thot

  • Everyone copy strike her

  • Send her to the ranch

  • if she breathes, *SHE’S A THOT*

  • Alinity is the biggest twitch thot.

  • Send her to the RANCCHHHHHHH

  • If pewds is right, or wrong, we are with him always. We are the true follewers babyyyyyy

  • And the 9 year olds are born!


  • SUE HER!!


  • One thousand times I thank you for bluring some of the photos Felix. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  • What Alinity thinks the internet is: 👌🏻😁👍🏻 The reality: 💩

  • And on this day, the 9 year old army was born. A special force so powerful that they can live off G-fuel for decades.

  • Why did I felt like she was the one that striked her own video (dummy account with pewds name) LOL. Idk, feels weird😅

  • 06:30 is the Best thing ever