BAN PEWDIEPIE // Twitch Drama #2

čas přidán 23. 05. 2018
This goes without saying but I dont condone anyone harassing anyone on my behalf.
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  • It's interesting how she was soo tough when she was "copy striking" your video, but now she's acting like a poor lil lamb. I don't like seeing sad, hurt, abused people, it's not something that makes me happy, but when someone is trying to gain something by hurting others, well they should be prepared for that special lady... her name is Karma and she'll get you. The internet is most definitely overflowing with haters. They will pick on anyone and for anything, so I understand that a lot of those 62M PDP subs are giving her shit and she wasn't prepared for it, but maybe, just mayyybbbeeeee ... next time she won't try to make $ by "hurting" others.

  • im ready pewds at any moment

  • Kaboom.

  • n i n e y e a r o l d s

  • 700 a month is good???? you make more working at pizza hut

  • No one under 13 watches pewdiepie

  • What's a twitch thot

  • i am 9

  • I actually love how mature pewdiepie has gotten. Even with his previous mistakes, he has actually learnt and is trying to stop others from making the same mistakes

  • I’m late watching this lol but in the US we have freedom of speech soooo....THOT it is! 😱

  • Everybody wants a piece of pewds at least once per day

  • there are two types of women, respectful whamen and t h o t s

  • *army of nine year olds attacks*

  • she needs to grow up

  • Stared at her cleavage during the segments that female was included...The entire time.

  • 3:00 keemstar quote

  • I'm pretty sure the reason people always hate on Pewdiepie is that he's real with everything. He admits when he does wrong, calls people out on their bullshit and has stayed humble through the years. Drama Queens can't handle an honest man... It doesn't feed their drama cravings of the day. :\

  • She disgraced MARIO KART!

  • Pewdiepie: She then very publicly admits Ad: IvE gOt A nEw SoFa! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • this is why i would rape Alinity and not date her

  • They sending me 700 dollars last month

  • I’ve watched this video like 4 time

  • 9 year old here 🙋‍♂️😅 LOL 🤣 Worst acting ever.

  • team PewDIePie


  • 11:51 *WHOA VICKY?*


  • OMG... Why do you have soooooo many ads???? But hey LOVE your vids!!

  • Thot slayer level: 120.

  • wow she's a real bad person, she's trying to deceive people by acting innocent, acting dumb, she did marriage fraud by using the canadian guy.. and she didn't get deported even she admitted it public?

  • This video started the nine yo army. Beautiful

  • Lol 9 year old army unite! 😂😂😂

  • Im gonna tell u bois heres about 17-20 yrs old og fans outhere from 1mil more than those 9yrs old kidd0sss :DDDD

  • "Thot" didn't "Thought" this through. Ordered the wrong pie lol

  • *grabs meme sword* I am ready to Attack for my king. I’m 12 by the way hah

  • Some nice thoughts here... u into philosophy?

  • It`s this kind of woman that would accuse a man of rape falsely because she just knows that she can.

  • Be gone, thot

  • 11:03 WHAT THE FU-aw man

  • 8:02 actually I'm 12 so GET REKT!!!!!!!!!

  • Ahhh the birth of the squad fam 9 year old army *Aaaaaauuuuuuuu!*

  • She’s 0% black

  • I’m kinda mad that she lives in the awesome country that I live in.

  • The nine year olds are ready to attack we took our naps drank our warm milk and got a good job from our mom for eating a bite of broccoli and gave the rest to the dog secretly and we are ready DM me on CS-tv kids when your ready

  • Is it bad that I'm 13

  • Idk who you are. The past two days I have binged in this channel don’t even know how I got here but I subbed ,

  • I laughed when you said stuff about that it matters what you say because I agree I mean you laugh at a meme of a heroin addict (don’t get me wrong you shouldn’t have gotten any heat) and the entire world hates you

  • Getting married for the intent of getting a green card and splitting up, aka false marriage, is a national crime, and she's the one actuallly breaking the law. SERIOUSLY REPORT HER TO THE CANADIAN AUTHORITIES!


  • I legitimately can't listen to alinity when she eats. Oh my god. Just... the smacking of her chewing, it's like my whole body cringes in disgust. Is it really that difficult to chew quietly, or maybe not eat so close to the microphone? I had to mute it whenever she was on camera just because of the chewing.

  • This video can also be a documentary of Ranchero Middle School

  • I’m actually not nine I’m nine and a half Sincerely the 9 year olds

  • pewdiepie, you did nothing wrong lol. you made a joke. she got wrongly's still debatable if she's even legally supposed to be in Canada--my point is: the internet has so much crap on her that if she wants to start stuff with you, you better bet that the internet is gonna dig up as much crap as possible on her. also, all you guys that love sweet revenge-- we have a petition to get Alinity deported from columbia. here's a link

  • pewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww dieeeeeeeeeeeeeeee pie what about funny ad

  • pew pew dieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee pieee what about funny


  • Good Money... Stealing money....

  • The lights on the left are so lit

  • Guys im 1% black so i can say the n word now right

  • She's colombian On behalf of my country, I'm sorry

  • Was the Austrailian streamer he showed the guy who was in most of maxmoefoes old vids?!

  • Real talk tho she sucks at maria krat

  • Preach my brother

  • damn twitch thots

  • 5:21 pewds thot slayer mode activated

  • Copystrike her stream for reacting to u lol

  • In this video,2 memes is born "Can we copystrike PewDiePie" "9 year old army"

  • i never thought i would see the day where pewdiepie is a bigger man than i am..... if i was in this situation... i wouldnt have backed down.... your really have done a 180 from 5 years ago.... mad respect man... btw isnt most of your community like 18 year olds now????


  • She is a thot don’t apologize

  • The Rise of The 9 Yo starts from this video

  • Don't know about you. but i still love those glowing triangles

  • Who eats spaghetti like that?? Thots?

  • Didn’t Danny Gonzalez work with Collab?

  • Alinity is a mail order wife lmao.

  • She is the meaning of a twitch thot

  • Im gay so i see right through these digital prostitutes.

  • z

  • stupid thot

  • This is why men hate women

  • Begone THOT!!

  • When you are as succesful as Pewds your bound to have people try to leech off of it! Dont let these intetnet thots get to ya. 👊

  • But I'm 20, studying a career in college and working. What do you mean by 9 years old? Wth

  • LOL it's so fucking hilarious to see how ignorant people are. She acted like she was the shit. Omg she was so triggered thats funny.

  • are you on Twitch


  • Aw feck, the nine year-olds!

  • Stupid Twitch thots

  • last time i checked im not 9

  • Seems like twitch is keeping her around for that good sex appeal...

  • Taddle tale lol

  • She then, very publicly, admits-" Ad: "siMPLE SKINCARE IS UNCOMPLICATED" 162

  • Should we copystrike that girl

  • Oof now she's acting like WoahVicky lmao

  • Wait we became nine year old army after this video?

  • Hmm Twitch Thot? more like *Copy strike*

  • this is where the 9 year old merch came from.

  • *Icarly*

  • 7:56 and thus the 9year olds were born

  • i am 9 years old +(6x2)