BAN PEWDIEPIE // Twitch Drama #2

čas přidán 23. 05. 2018
This goes without saying but I dont condone anyone harassing anyone on my behalf.
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  • It's interesting how she was soo tough when she was "copy striking" your video, but now she's acting like a poor lil lamb. I don't like seeing sad, hurt, abused people, it's not something that makes me happy, but when someone is trying to gain something by hurting others, well they should be prepared for that special lady... her name is Karma and she'll get you. The internet is most definitely overflowing with haters. They will pick on anyone and for anything, so I understand that a lot of those 62M PDP subs are giving her shit and she wasn't prepared for it, but maybe, just mayyybbbeeeee ... next time she won't try to make $ by "hurting" others.

    • TerraDiASMR I need to get the

    • She made a video about her mental health just to stop people "bullying" her or to make people feel sorry for her, she even disabled the comments since she knew that some of it was going to be bad, so like that means she can criticize others but others can't criticize her.

    • jk ok ioikkk m k jk k jk kk9 jk o9kk ok ok kkkk9k no 9kkonkkk ok 9o ok ok ok kk99

    • nk9kk9jojkjo9j ok 9 ni 9n99kjoo9 ok k9kjknoj kota o on jk k9ikkk ok n

    • Yup

  • *Thot's not hot*

  • You come at the king you better not miss!! Stupid twitch thot!

  • The origin of the 9 year old army

  • Gold digging thot gonna gold dig.

  • When your a thot and you got begoned

  • Respect *_W A M E N_* not *_T H O T_*

  • Bot this make her fames on a bad bad way.

  • Worst thing is ... she fcking sucks at Mario Kart. HAAA! Pathetic wahmen!

  • After she says all this... She is caught selling her underwear.


  • I am not 9 years old. I happened to be 17....

  • I play Dance Dance Revolution and that short skirt actually IMPEDES your ability to play the game with the constriction on the thighs.

    • (I'm also a crossdresser) [No, seriously]

  • If she makes so much money copy striking why is she eating ramen noodle?

  • I don’t even understand how she can strike “twitch thot”

  • thots be thots. What you gotta do?

  • I'm starting to find it weird that I've been 9 for 9 years

  • ...says the N-word.... *pweds* : HMMmmMmMmM


  • 9yr Old MZ250 here pewds reporting for service Seriously she became what she denied she was, all by herself

  • Does she really think that the 9 year old army actually is a bunch of 9 year olds??? Like, Im 14, not 9

  • "Im not a thot" *litteraly sells her underwear*

  • her video should have been removed because it is just her sitting there watching your video, she hardly even says anything

  • Why we still here? Just to suffer?

  • Send her to the ranch

  • this is why women are DUMB

  • 12 year old 100000000000000000000000000230430542054306543060 reporting for duty sir!

  • Bish you attec pewds WE ATTACK YOU!!!!!! BE AWARE thoott

  • the begin of the 9 years old army was from this vid lol

  • Power to the ppl BRO!!!X)

  • This is the day that we became 9 year olds

  • I like how Pewds says the word whore, it's so innocent how he says it

  • i was curious about how her ig comments look like. v obvious she deleted all of the ones she didnt like, and then disabled or it just says "comments on this post have been limited," which i had no idea ig even had that function.

  • B E G O N E T H O T

  • Don't mess with pew He has a 9yr old army

  • I'm gonna see a million "thotbegone"s now This is a million and one Thot begone


  • Omg she was s trying so hard to manufacture some tears ya manufacture big 9yr old world U can almost see some water in her eyes Poor girl she has to fight all 75mil

  • Pewdipie turns into Ben Shaperio in this vid, I love it.

  • This is why we subscribe #meme review

  • Im getting woah vicky vibes...

  • So why dont you ask us to rain-dowm hell fire on her *blink* *blink*

  • That idiot thot really think we are 9 years old? (not in a joking way or sarcasm) and started comparing us to her horny audience.. If she called us 9 y/o for a comedic and laughable purpose then it's fine.. But no i feel like she really believe that.... And she is a medical graduate?... What is the requirements to meds school these days?... Knowing what is a bone? We all know that some of us attack her not because we are young and listen to pewds... We just find her disgusting and gross.. And then without using her boo~.... I mean brain to think, she called us 9 year old XD I find it offensive when a moron call me names

  • Few months later, comes out that she's been selling her used undies to fans at absorbent prices. *Clap clap* THOT REVIEW.

  • If you are part of the nine year-old army led by pewdiepie to attack whoever he commands, like this comment

  • you were wrong and now she is wrong we get it now can u stop talking about her? I'm tired of this unnecessary drama

  • Can we please open a patreon or kickstart to suspend that THOT for half a year atleast?

  • Lil 9 year olds 😁😁😁

  • Her voice is disgusting

  • And today sister fisters become 9 year olds 😁😁😁

  • The birth of 9 year olds 😁😁😁😁

  • The birth of the 9 year old army

  • Cause there are 75 millions 9 year-olds watching these videos

  • I love Chad's reaction

  • whole MCU thinks she is a THOTTTTTTTTTTTTT

  • 【ℳℐ】۝JEISo҉N۝

  • Ohh love the Zakus Pewds!

  • Chad's reaction though 😂

  • *The Birth of The 9 Year Old Army*

  • destruction 100

  • im so glad a right thinker is the top person of the internet

  • Emotional blackmail, nothing more, CAN WE COPYSTRIKE PEWDIEPIE!? oh im being harassed and someone needs to stop him blablabla

  • Just get idubbbz to do a content cop on her...

  • 8:05 Hear ye, hear ye, The Duke of 9 Year Olds, Lord Pewdiepie is speaking !!!

  • twitch thots...

  • This just shows that you will never win an argument with an idiot.

  • 9-year-olds ATTACK

  • this is why i subscribe to you

  • I f*cking love that music in the background

  • So here 9 year old born?

  • PewDiePie: 9 year olds... ATTACK!! 9 Year Olds: AHHHHHHHH

  • I mean if the thumbnail showed something sexual and we clicked on it, it would be our fault

  • Welp, there's another one of our great laws that being abused oof

  • I like how she's basically naked... and claim to be objectified

  • okkk...why be they be so sensitive to such things.

    • It's like they're going to die over some words that's addressed to the public

  • This is where the 9 year olds raises

  • To this day I am still saying, "copy STRRIIIIKE" lol

  • Yeah don't apologise. Because then you admitted you did something wrong. This doesn't appease them, it just encourages them. SHE IS A THOT

  • "Good Money"......."stealing money" -.- laughed so hard my chest hurts

  • can't believe this wasn't copy striked

  • 3 zaku 2s! Holy cool! Wanna share gunpla collections?


  • You’re both terrible people

  • calling all the 9 YO army to fight this girl

  • 9 years old army always winnnn!

  • *BEGONE*

  • All of the dislikes are twitch THOTS

  • I’m part black, Is Alinity the new wicks woh?

  • And thus we became the 9 Year Olds. Thank you, Alinity. Very cool!

  • stupid playing the victim trying to get over on others check your female privilege

  • I’m 14

  • Your Awsome Bro, Great Video,. keep Rockin!

  • So that's why we are called 9 year old..

  • And here lies the origin of the 9 yr olds

  • I want the lights in the background

  • Reading her bullcrap on twitter already causes physical pain >.< But then looking at her blindly supporting comunity it's even worse =_=

  • She made a video about her mental health just to stop people "bullying" her or to make people feel sorry for her, she even disabled the comments since she knew that some of it was going to be bad, so like that means she can criticize others but others can't criticize her.


  • *im not nine I’m actually 13*

  • She wants money