BAN PEWDIEPIE // Twitch Drama #2

čas přidán 23. 05. 2018
This goes without saying but I dont condone anyone harassing anyone on my behalf.
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  • It's interesting how she was soo tough when she was "copy striking" your video, but now she's acting like a poor lil lamb. I don't like seeing sad, hurt, abused people, it's not something that makes me happy, but when someone is trying to gain something by hurting others, well they should be prepared for that special lady... her name is Karma and she'll get you. The internet is most definitely overflowing with haters. They will pick on anyone and for anything, so I understand that a lot of those 62M PDP subs are giving her shit and she wasn't prepared for it, but maybe, just mayyybbbeeeee ... next time she won't try to make $ by "hurting" others.

  • 7:56 A 'Little' Community with a Population more than Germany...

  • I'm twenty 9 year olds. 20 9yr old kids.

  • Lmao in her "apology" she is clearly reading a script

  • Can we talk clearly here? We see a spoiled whore who took advantage of a male canadian so she can go to Canada and then she wanted to be popular from pdp. This third wave feminism combined with spoiled little illiterate brats is a real CANCER.

  • “You need to do something positive with your community, maybe go vegan!” We’ve dealt with this before!!!

  • Thot

  • Man I hope alinity watched this video

  • i hate her. she reminds me of easy triggerd girls.

  • Why hasn’t she been banned on all media

  • I guess she had some Jilly Juice.... cause she so salty. call Dr Phil!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • 10:56 Who is that guy xd?

  • I totally forgot that this is wear the 9 yr old thing started

  • Starting to see a pattern here.

  • This is THOTSLAYER

  • She lives in Canada? I'm out.

  • Someone needs to go to the ranch.


  • Guys I’m .69 % black I can it

  • Her body and vocal language is indicative of someone who does use her sexuality to get herself anything she wants. She gets caught, and she fakes her body language to show that she seems "apologetic" or plays some type of victim. Marrying someone just to get into a country like Canada, then bragging about divorcing him once their in should be more than enough to show just how vindictive and psychotic she is. Those that follow her and defend her are fooled 100% completely by her. Felix is correct... making Alinity accountable for her disgusting behavior and sexualizing (which she is very well accustomed to do to get her way) should give her a good taste of real world medicine.

  • If I'm 12 does that mean I'm a part of the 9 y.o army

  • Gloria Borger And Poppy Harlow should copystrike pewdiepie for stealing their face

  • 7:57 .....she has no idea what she just did lol

  • "I'm going to copy strike THIS GUY" ......acting like she doesn't know who PewDiePie is

  • And now twitch bans her for permanent..

  • And thus the idea of the 9 year old PewDiePie army was born.

  • We Are AcTUal 9 YeAr OLds

  • Hey pewdiepie what is that black zaku in next to the char models? Is it a custom paint or maybe a black tri star?

  • So, this is why XBox moved to their own streaming and dropped Twitch. Wow, Twitch is a THOT.

  • 10% black? 😂😂 reminds me of woahvicky. but i think woahvicky is better, especially the fact that she does motivational videos, not copy striking other ppl's video.

  • B u t i m 1 3


  • I think content creators and people in general should say whatever they want to. And call twitch hoes - hoes. Like she is herself.

  • 9 yer old army

  • funny cause true

  • Logan Paul > Alinity

  • She doesn’t know but everything she says makes it worse

  • And the stupid twitch thot gave birth to 84 million little 9 year olds 😂🤣😂🤣

  • Ban THOTs

  • The Army of nine year olds is at your command pewds.

  • dont forget u gotta 9 year old army

  • The birth of nine year olds.

  • awww poor thot

  • Basically the lesson is, don’t fuck with Pewds or you’ll get your whole life memed and ruined.

  • "Twitch hás been behind my back all the time" Hmmmm

  • Why the hell does she have spaghetti o's Always in her videos

  • She's a kind of person who will vote for Trump again

  • Ranch.

  • wait, if she’s stealing money then that’s theft and theft is illegal. CONGRATULATIONS I KNOW IM ONE YEAR LATE BUT STILL BRUH

  • I've been a 9 year old following pewds for almost 15 years

  • lmfao hi i’m a 25 year old 9 year old

  • 8:07 This dude is fucking hilarious!!

  • 8:10 T Series

  • Now thats what this is all about removing harrasment cause harrasment is not a game *wii music plays*

  • Mexican 9 year old here, ready for operations

  • My dad is 9yrs old

  • My guy such a savage. she needs to just stop.

  • This is such a typical childish behaviour, she literally can't accept the consequences of her words and actions ... As weird as it may sound, I actually wish she just fails at everything she's doing right now and starts something else, where keeping that naughty mouth open wouldn't generate so much.

  • Alinity must be doing "FAVOURS" for the guys at Twitch.

  • Alinity is a stupid Thot.

  • MARK ANTONY is here!!

  • she copied striked our king so we striked her career , and lively hood down

  • You guys already know y we are called 9 year olds now or soon.... Take a look at pewds channel and go see the date of the birth of this sacred account.

  • Contwent Qweators

  • I never knew this is where the 9 year old army was born

  • I love Pewdiepie

  • Anyone else looking at his Blue lights in the background while he talks? No, just me?

  • When she "defends" herself I imagine the SPCA Animal Awareness Commercials

  • Well I just googled Thot and the first thing i see is a fucking egypt god xD


  • But she is right at one point. "I don't think so allow your community to bully someone" i don't hate you pewd but huge fan base have huge responsibility. Now the same. T series mostly hated by your fanbase for no reason or just they growing by self without spreading hate or saying bad about someone. Miss your nature in past. _2015-16. 👍🏻

  • Pewds should be an Internet Therapist

  • Lol he just destroyed her... Legally

  • I'm 19. But there's a 9 in that number so I'm obviously 9. #9YrOldArmy

  • she seems so annoying bahahaha i cant

  • thich thot

  • T-series would like to know your location

  • 9 year old at heart, 19 irl. Think she is a bit off on her guess

  • The spawn of the nine year olds, at least something good came out of this

  • Wow... this is what happens when you’re attractive enough that what you say or do doesn’t matter to most people. So you skate through life getting everything you want while playing the victim card every time you screw up. I hope she keeps doing this. She’s a terrible liar and a terrible actor. A truly dreadful woman.

  • Legend has it, it keeps going. Anyway what a thot.

  • can she really not take a 5 minute break from her spaghet to whine to her fans


  • Wait... she’s in Canada?.. How do I get her out of my country?

    • A petition i think in

  • Here st 6.9 mil views

  • the smart one is alinity. She's now famous

  • Thats what i thot Alinity Get it i hate alinity for this because pewdiepie is my boi

  • I am 13😑

  • She's so freaking petty

  • why did you guys like the vid now he is gonna get stiked 115 times

  • Should never have apologized Pewdiepie, nothing to apologize for.

  • The video that started the 9 year old army

  • She owns the word twitch thot

    • She is a twitch thot

  • How to not get called a THOT: Don't act like a THOT That's all 👍

  • Owned dat bishh!!

  • "Im TeN PerCeNt BlAcK"

  • Heh....what a thot.

  • The rule for the n word is that if u get tan lines you can’t say it, but if u can’t get tan lins you can say it (this has to be tested after long hours in the sun) ( no hate)

  • Anyone else distracted by the wall light in the background

  • What’s wrong with her voice ? I don’t understand her sometimes