Barry Season 4 | Official Trailer | HBO

čas přidán 28. 03. 2023
Ready for his breakout role. The final season of Barry premieres Sunday April 16
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  • This is one of the best shows currently airing. Bill Hader has proved that he's just as skilled at drama as he is with comedy.

  • He acted his heart out in the last episode of season 3. I can't wait for more.

  • Truly one of the best shows

  • Bill Hader has built quite a film resume over the years. Voicing animated characters, classic comedies, horror flicks, crime/comedy series(Barry), and the fact he directed&wrote a lot of the episodes is all the more impressive. Bill Hader Rules!!

  • I'm not ready for this show to end it's so good

  • the way this is the official trailer and it still doesn't tell me a lot about how this season is gonna go....i'm so hyped

  • I love the chaotic development of this show. It went from simply being a show about a hitman accidentally becoming an actor, becoming a successful writer and producer in Hollywood, back to being a Hitman, to a Cat and Mouse genre, finishing into a crazy finale of what seems to be a mix of psychological thriller and crime drama

  • Barry is modern-day television at its zenith; this show is everything I love about storytelling on the small screen.

  • Probably the best show I’ve watched in years. Sad to see it’s ending, but I want them to go out on top.

  • I thought season 3 ended perfectly and I was sceptical about a fourth when it was announced, but not having a clue how things are gonna go down makes this final season so intriguing.

  • Barry is honestly one of the best shows I've ever seen. Much like Breaking Bad, I started watching because of the comically dark premise, but what a show it has turned out to be. Superb humor and incredible dramatic acting.

  • I got into this series only 10 days ago, and it has immediately become one of my favorites. This is television at its finest.

  • The relief I just felt seeing Hank and Cristobal together omfg

  • The writing, the pacing, performances, production, camerawork.....every piece of this series is pure magic and I will bawl like a baby when the curtain drops.

  • This show truly displays just how versatile Bill Hader is. I’m not emotionally ready for the final season, but I know it’s going to be fantastic, and I cannot wait

  • Coming back to this trailer after episode 4, that ending was real. All of the clips in this trailer are from the first 4 episodes. Can’t wait to see what the rest of the season has in store

  • Cannot believe even with an episode length of 30 minutes, they're able to do wild and big stuff without ever feeling rushed.

  • The only silver lining of this show ending means that Bill Hader and the rest of the cast will have more time to make more incredible things. This show is so good.

  • The best show running at the moment. Bill is a pure talent.