Battle Royale Dev Update #10 - Season 4 Battle Pass and Map Update

čas přidán 4. 05. 2018
We just launched Season 4 and with it, the brand new Battle Pass and Map Update! Explore two new Points of Interest and discover a new consumable around impact sites.
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  • *Here we are*

  • Its your Banana Mooney

  • Who’s here in season 8

  • 0:50 those ain’t loading screens

  • Put back in misty mire

  • pls bring back Dusty depot

  • Throw back

  • 0:34 Season 3 ??

    • He said differents in season 3

    • Listen good

  • 0:41 We are all going to ignore the rose team leader before it was realeased to the public


  • Watching in Season 5

  • Anyone watching in season 5


  • Pause at 41 seconds

  • Plz put dusty depot bak

  • Did anyone notice at :44 look at the bottom right in his skin locker it’s a leaked skin named rose team leader

  • Look at bv message

  • You got rose team leader.

  • Rosé team leader like IF u saw it in the locker

  • Who else seen Rose Team leader in his locker? And those unused loading screens of the Brite Bomber?

  • 41 seconds in you can see the Rose team leader at the bottom


  • Not Dusty

  • :41

  • Hey thats the rose team leader

  • You need to fix trap switching on PS4

  • Add a trio gamemode

  • You can see the rose teamleader

  • Is the rose team leader gonna come out

  • Pls give back old lobby music

  • Bro a biplane glider please

  • He has a unreleased skin

  • 0.45

  • 0.45 rose team leader

  • No one noticed Rose Team Leader ?

  • O:41 u can see the pink squad leader on the bottom of the middle

  • Why is the rose team leader in your locker

  • Leaked skin hope you guys find it

  • Does Anyone see the rose team leader the third to last skin

  • Can epic add missions in fortnite to get vbucks??? Its way to expensive to buy stuff at the idem shop it cost like $25 for 1new skin and 1 emote. In fortnite. But i could buy the battle pass for $10 and get about 100 idems from it.

  • They should add new different port a fort. In diffrent layouts.

  • Did anybody see the new skin at 41 sec on the bottom row

  • When will rose team leader come out as it is in your locker so we know its in the game + one of the screens on mobile while waiting for updates

  • look between the rex and john wick what skin is that

  • Roast team leader leaked skin announce when

  • Why do we have to pay

  • Where is all the founders skins

  • when you start the battle pass your supoust to get the whole first page but i didnt

  • Put the raptor back in store