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Thanks to JJ for this work opportunity!
Also thanks to these two for helping me:
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  • SIMP

  • Why’s this video so sus 😂😂

  • And the KSIMON memes were born

  • JJ went from 0 to 100 real quick 😂

  • 7:56 i got fooled

  • 😳

  • I thought is was the other way around

  • a nice workout for simon

  • .

  • simon you mean butler not his maid

  • This title should have be “ being my girlfriends assistent for 24 hours

  • 9:28 oof oof oof oof 😑

  • 9:28

  • Simon is such a g for saying idk when that guy asked him if it was ksi looking out for his freind deserves way more credit for that

  • New title for this video: Being me for 24 hours

  • 🤣🤣

  • Mini inter gets punched by ksi ksi:Roblox oof

  • Re

  • 3:55 Simon am i a joke to you.

  • We need him to become Toni's assistant so that we know what he does while not on a video

  • Simon: "So I'm posting on this channel again!" Me: _accidently skips 10 seconds_ Simon: *"kill me inside..."*

  • 1:20 simon in his mid life crisis

  • Can we please get another assistant video

  • simp

  • Jj you cant iven beet logen pouel

  • You should do say yes JJ for 24 hours

  • Jj went to school with Simon.

  • Alternate title: A normal day in the life of Miniminter

  • JJ must love Roblox after all those oofs

  • Friendship💯💯💯💥💥💥

  • 😂😂🤣😂🤣🤣

  • Go to 2:06 and look in mirror

  • Hi

  • The couples challenge

  • 2:25 oh no," I'm rumaging through your pants".

  • 24 hours? It’s everyday in it?

  • Who else is watching this in lockdown

  • I think jj should box Ryan Garcia

  • Calfreezy also shooting a video titled --- "I trained with KSI For a day..."

  • I actually wanna be jjs assistant you know how much I can make

  • 9:09 In an alternate universe...

  • "There's still a little bit chocolate. How am I supposed to do this?" "wASh iT"

  • How the tables have turned🤣

  • 9:25 they go harder in bed👀

  • Simon:The mum of the group Josh:The dad Tobi and Vik:The twins Harry and Ethan:The acholic uncles JJ:The crackhead brother

  • Fr tho simons a good mate

  • I could just imagine a fan seeing simon doing literally everything JJ says and just debating what they just saw.

  • Plot twist: this is a day in the life video of simon

  • He'd be a better wife to KSI than any girl😂

  • 9:22 JJ as a Roblox character 😅😂🤣😆

  • being my wife's assistant for 24 hours

  • I would have said be my assistant forever if I were jj

  • Be the sidemens assistant for 1 week

  • Why on Earth is chip there🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨

    • What time is it where chip is


  • :Real title: My life in 17 minutes

  • O b o o f h

  • Think I might start making CS-tv vids where I clean my room every month seems to bang views

  • Anyone notice that yung chip is in the vid

  • HA, Look at that simp!

  • Was this just for views??

  • Is this some weird type of couple therapy or fantasy?

  • 9:27 (actual title) Babatunde beats up a slavery guard in a concentration camp in nigeria to escape slavery (1863 Colorized)

  • Give me 5 push-ups

  • Wasn't that already Simon's job?

  • Why is the sky Q remote on the dinner table T^T

  • Babatunde would be disappointed when JJ threw away the skittles...

  • I have one word ksimon

  • Nowwww I understand the gay memes

  • He has 12 things of lube WTF

  • Just a thought... *alternative title* : “being my boyfriend’s assistant for 24 hours”

  • simon can't even get the lyrics to twinkle twinkle right

  • ._. The part where he had him feed the food to him is where i was rlly confused, ik ppl have been shippin' them so now im suspect :))

  • If the tittle was I simped for my bf for a dsy

  • Kong

  • 12:09 the look jj gave I cried 😂😂😂

  • KSI: ..... MiniMinter:I Want to Be Your Assistance 24 hours *EVERYONE LIKED IT*

  • 14:07 I did not know Simon lived with ksi 💀💀💀

  • Why did you choose to be his assistant what did you want 😂

  • 0:32 ksi was probably thinking he was going to get some cake 😂

  • Ksimon

  • best miniminter video, imo

  • I love how simon knew that JJ was naked by his scream

  • poor si🥺

  • Just realized they were playing faneto at the gym

  • Why is there a knuckles box on the table in the kitchen

  • Don’t try this with Ksi 😆

  • Every time KSI says oof punching Simon, it makes me go oof

  • simons face when jj punching him

  • Isn’t this everyday jkjk

  • The last thing to do is hide behind jj tv

  • Did Simon say ‘ I don’t know’ when the guy asked is that ski because Simon thought that the guy might have shared where Kai was

  • miniminer si so cool

  • lol jj doesnt know how to pair socks

  • You should change the vid’s title to “Simon getting humiliated”

  • Who else thinks JJ should be Simon`s assistant for a day? I don`t think he`d ever volunteeringly do that lol

  • I love how JJ took about 5 minutes to realize that Simon was actually being serious about this video😂😂

  • We can Finley. See his for hed

  • 10:23 um how did he know that 😂

  • This was actually pretty cute hahaha. JJ was so happy at the end lmao