Bellator 253: Caldwell vs. McKee | Monster Energy Prelims

čas přidán 19. 11. 2020
We are kicking off #Bellator253 with the Monster Energy Prelims!
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  • "HERE WE GO"!!

  • fake news, fake pandemics and fake elections =real resistance. We need 10 million in D.C. dec 12be there or we lose the country

  • Master Bader teach you hairy palm strike?

  • Baby slice fought like his daddy had to all the fighting for him up until now. I get Kimbo wasn't great in pro, but bro change your name or something.

  • Slice sux

  • That wasnt even promoted,goes to show how nobody gives a shit about bellator.

  • This thing of bellator uploading free fight cards is really awesome- doing something strictly for the benefit of fans. Classy move ✊

  • Mohegan Sun sucks they use schills @ the gaming tables to steal your mnoney, i dont want to even watch this bellator cause of mohegan sun makes me sick

  • Bellator, crew and talent. THANK YOU. During this lockdown, we have something to look forward to on Thursday nights (and Friday replays). Who'd a thought MMA would become a public service! -Jeff BC Canada.

  • Loving these. Jenn & Chael, such pros! Great. The prod keeps a live feel and pace. Of course, great fights! Thanks.

    • ..of course Goldie, Josh and John make it an A-team!

  • Did baby slice get payed for this? waist of money if you had bet on this chump

  • Jaleel Willis is a beast!!! Lemminger's face shows that.

  • How about sum fights that are actually competitive for a change pimps...

  • Great night of fights, that was. 👊

  • I haven't seen a really good fight card from bellator in a minute now... McKee vs pitbull should be good tho

  • What a pro debut from Cauley in the first fight against a fighter with 13:4 record! Chapo!!!

  • Sullivan Cauley- Hello Bellator!!!! What a way to start the card.

  • The granpa gangster Chael Sonnen

  • Could tell Markland was a total bum from the start.

  • Baby Slice probably over trained

  • Murray vs Slice was a snooze-fest. Neither guy has any panache.

  • Mike “just like that” Goldberg

  • When prelims have more exiting fights than the main card.


  • フェザー級レベル高すぎてビビる

  • Wow! Haven't seen wrestling like that from a Canadian before. GSP excluded. Kennedy is a badass! Bissett isn't any slouch.

  • Wow! Willis looked amazing and Lemminger has a freaking cinderblock for a head!

    • Willis up next

    • #1 for Lemminger, not to bag on him but that compliment is true for 2 reasons... WHY didnt he try to take it the ground in the 3rd?!

  • Amigos de hispanohablantes, activos.

  • Slice looks scared to throw!!! I hoped he would pick this up. Maybe he needs more practice in the lower tier organizations. He really looks pathetic! How many punches did Jr. land, 5? I just don't see him improving that much even with each can they feed him. Probably not even in the Top 50 in the class.

  • Mobb Deep

  • Caldwell is sick but McKee might be able to stop his wrestling...

  • D-nice

  • These timestamps will start you at the tale of the tape: 7:07 - Sullivan Cauley vs Jason Markland 18:54 - ‘Baby Slice’ Kevin Ferguson Jr. vs Kaheem Murray 44:43 - Jay-Jay Wilson vs Sergio de Bari 57:11 - Jaleel Willis vs Mark Lemminger 1:28:01 - Jeremy Kennedy vs Matt Bessette That’s it everyone, enjoy!

  • Sa commence fort

  • Slice has potential and a great coach. He just need to train harder

    • @Linny P Simpson sioux

    • he was awful

    • Love Kimbo and wish his son the best but come on man..... Half Slice or Kimbo Junior or how about just use his real name? Baby slice is as bad as A Boy Named Sue. Damn I just showed my age there.

  • JJ Wilson is an exciting up and comer!!!! Clean KO

  • New to watching Bellator, this announcer gives me the heebie jeebies

    • @idz135 I think it was less his voice and more the way he said "Baby SliiiiIIIIIiiiicee"

    • at least he has a voice for it, unlike someone who just has a famous-announcer-brother

    • hes a good fighter

  • Bellator you gots to do better. Hire me and I’ll see to it that you get some real traffic!

  • I got caldwell taking it home

    • Damn i was wrong lol 😆🤦🏽‍♂️

  • Ok there they are

  • And right.Where the rest of the fights

  • I just hate when they drag em to the ground n that’s it

  • Am I trippin or?? Are there fights missing?

  • Wtf

    • @Voidm8 not sure either.... someone said CBS sports at 7pm

    • @Matt Dieter thanks I love baby slice but u know what time the main card start?

    • Skip to 19:30

    • FTW