Bellator 256: Bader vs. Machida II | Monster Energy Prelims fueled by Fiesta Mart

čas přidán 9. 04. 2021
We are kicking off #Bellator256 with the Monster Energy Prelims fueled by Fiesta Mart.
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  • 34:52 Best KO of the night

  • I almost had to stop watching the Bell/Lugo fight. YES SIR.....NOTHING!!! WERE JUST HAVIN FUN! YES SIR!.................. NOTHING!!!! 😰😂

  • Im a huge MMA fan of 10 years and only in the past 2 years have I really started appreciating Bellators and ONE's growth. Its so good for MMA, UFC needs the competition so they dont get lazy on their matchmaking. Well done Scott Coker 🙏👍

  • Will smith got robbed These judge's these days wouldn't have a clue

    • he sure was they should take young judges not old they fall asleep during the fight and get side tracked all the time,i watched them one time they saw only 20 percent of the fight.fresh young judges who love mma should do it have a great weekend vernon.

  • Great fights! Thanks Bellator!

  • Рыгатина

  • these judges cant count Smith should have won

  • Диана красавица! Молодец! Одесса за тебя!

  • Get rid of judges, saves money and silly decisions. Smith clearly won the 1st fight, round 2+3 were dominated by him.

  • В "Плохих Парнях" и "Я Легенда" Уилл Смитт выглядил эффектней)

  • Need to talk on IG 🥺@pomelopeach4u

  • Bellator é melhor que ufc.

  • Where was the main card fight

  • Thanks for the free fights Bellator!

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    • @Grace Edwardson they are lies.

    • Definite SCAM promoting going on here. Pretty much everyone who is agreeing with Janet and promoting Moore anderson, have only had youtube accounts for the last 3 weeks. Not a coincidence. BE CAREFUL

    • Sounds like a not so cryptic scam.

    • Fake spam comments

    • Trying to generate hype for your own pyramid scheme 😂

  • Nainoa win???? Bull$hit

  • Eddie is getting DQ'ed for punches around the ear and Nogueira just gets a timed out for multiple deliberate hits to the back of the head ...

  • Wrong title

  • Está passando da hra de Lioto passar dessa fase de meio q respeito de mais pelos seus adversários,ele é um cara incrível mas parece ter medo de machucar os adversários,de inovar com novas técnicas, é respeito de mais,sei da doutrina do Lioto e está mais q na hra de entender q o esporte q ele faz e porrada msm pra valer e sem dó, não tem como tbem ficar focado só numa modalidade, é se adaptar ou parar... abraço Lioto,te admiro muito...🙏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

    • Oi Miranda, não estou conseguindo te responder,seria um sonho...🙏🏻

  • I really like goldberg for all he's done for mma, so many good years, thanks mike.... Mauro is so much more engaging and entertaining.. most likely the best

  • Triple H vs Cuba Gooding Jr.

  • How the hell did smith not win that , like really how the hell

  • Bader na primeira luta deles desmontou com um único soco, na segunda luta o Lyoto tomou todos os golpes do Bader no chão, e não foi nocauteado, e mesmo dominado abriu a testa do Bader, muito jovenzinho teria apagado. De pé Bader não luta nada, todos os chutes do Lyoto entraram.

  • Timestamps?

  • Where is Borics vs Kennedy?

  • Bellator TAKEOVER!!!!

  • 36.09 yep thats the beautifull ufc woman liana jojua in pink

  • I Love bellator for free fight love from Macedonia Skopje yeaaaaaa

  • i lovee bellator for this free fight love from macedoniaa

  • Bellator is the best :D

  • Isso é besteira !!! Apenas as preliminares ao vivo e as estelares nada para ver. Assim foi com as estrelas do Patricio e até hoje ainda não vi. Isso é uma piada. Jhon McCarthy, coloque suas lutas estelares no cu.

  • This is bullshit !!! Only the live preliminaries and the stellar ones nothing to see. So it was with the stars of Patricio and to this day I have not seen it yet. This is a joke. Jhon McCarthy, put your stellar fights up your asshole.

  • Esto es una mierda!!! Solamente la preliminares en vivo y las estelares nada que ver. Así fue con las estelares de Patricio y hasta el sol de hoy aún no la he visto. Esto es una burla. Jhon McCarthy, métete tus peleas estelares por el hueco del culo.

  • Wish more companies would do tournaments.

  • So awesome.

  • where is the main card stream?


    • He clearly won that fight. I agree. They should get rid of judges.

  • Wasitttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt hahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  • Bellator is 💯..

  • Lyoto just got smashed !

  • Dung should learn the "pile driver" move, and he could call it "the Dung pile" eh

  • Great win for Bader.

  • Por que no pasan las estelares bellator ya estaba empezando a ver sus eventos seguidos y me malogran la noche u_u

  • so happy for Diana Avsaragova, Akhmat power! 👊 👍

  • Alguma indicação de onde assistir a luta?

  • LATAM?

  • Maguila is The Best Fighter

  • VIVA MACHIDA ✌🇧🇷😍🌷

  • Wtf, no main card in southamerica?? 😲😲😲

  • Robbery

  • Bellator is better than UFC

  • good to hear Mauro

    • He talks 1/2 as much , AT LEAST , and I agree !

  • Ossss

  • jamas superaran a ufc nisiquiera dan la facilidad de ver el evento en una plataforma accesible

  • Where is machida ?!?!?!

  • Muito bom

  • O Bellator é melhor que o UFC

  • Cadê??

  • Love this being streamed live 👍 bellator is taking over

    • @Seth Lee now you know how its for us europeans

    • Let’s be honest neither of them are taking over

    • I love bellator and one aswell but usada will always give ufc legitamacy over it’s competition unfortunately..

    • Good answer Mr Seth Lee

    • @Zk Aranha love one too. Only thing that sucks about one for me is watching the fights live due to the time difference. But saying that one could legitimately take over mma in time if they do it right

  • no hay nada ptm

  • Salve

  • Cannot watch the main card.

  • Dazn isn’t playing the card what’s going on here ?

  • Bader, 1-st round. Easy task.

  • Que otro video.? No encuentro. Pásame enlace

  • Tá passando no ESPN BRASIL

    • Genesia entra para o bellator eu serei seu tecnico professo

  • Where is Machida?

    • @Fede Pérez An illegal stream lmao

    • @Fede Pérez Sí bro, justo me acabo de ver el evento en vivo

    • @Arturo Carballo Hablas español?

    • @Fede Pérez Do u know the minute?

    • in the main card, dude. right at the end

  • 👍

  • Where is Luke Thomas

  • How u watch maincard

  • Qual canal passa o bellator?

  • Por qué no pasa la estelar.?