Belle Delphine must be stopped... LWIAY #00127

čas přidán 26. 07. 2020
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  • hi pewds, can you vlog in swedish? 😍

  • 4:11 apology video??

  • The intro is disturbing

  • We need justice for Jack’s mic

  • Me geeting a time machine and going back to time (Jan 5) to pwedipeeeeees home and killing him so the whole world is saved

    • Casually watching this dying from laughter each time he makes a weird noise at 3am

  • Felix if you pay for my bail money, I promise I’ll chop Belle Delphines head in two 🤷‍♀️😂

    • I am Speed running PewDiePie’s CS-tv

  • Awesome video sir

  • Simp

  • Pewdiepie: " let's make 2020 the worst year ever! " 2020: Y E S S I R

  • Freaky ass intro

  • Do people watch this guy because he's hot and has a hot girlfriend? This shit suuuucks.

  • Belle Delphine is a good person u don’t see it if u call me a simp fu


  • I regret searching belle delphine now

  • The box should be filled with C4s

  • So when’s the marzia vs belle fight? Could take in some money

  • The intro is disturbing lol😂😂😂

  • What is a simp

  • I am Speed running PewDiePie’s CS-tv

  • Casually watching this dying from laughter each time he makes a weird noise at 3am

  • 9:26

  • Me whatching this makeing him something and him saying dont send me stufg

  • U tricked urself into being a simp if she would send u a package she would be the simp but if u send her the package u r the simp so 【S】【I】【M】【P】


  • collab with bell

  • I still prefer the loud Irish man

  • 🏪🧱🏭🧱🧱🏗🏪🏢🗻🧭🗺👑👑👑🏗🏣🕌🗽🌌🚈🌆🚌🚔

  • How come pewdiepie looks like an old man who's had enough of this generations shit


  • *day 298 of asking pewdiepie to build a ship for boat cow*

  • I’m a simp and idc I respect women

  • Lol , who’s a reddit mod.

  • Did anyone get phineas and ferb reference

  • horor intro

  • IRL memes turned into ANIME memes but i liek it doe

  • I leared the meaning of simp when i was 8 and i am 8...

  • Shave ur beard please

  • Pewdiepie i like your videos about ryan and cocomelon

  • "Belly Delly" 😂

  • Don't be a simp guys

  • to much cringy

  • Someone says hi to a girl. Pewdiepie: SIMP

  • I knew pewdiepie would do this So when I see I click...

  • Leave your goodbyes on the sub reddit bros... And i'll watch farewells IN THE LAST EPISODE OF LWIAY

  • Me: sees intro I agree

  • kinda hate that he said ca-za-blan-ca like that

  • Pew die pie this. Need. To better. Stop

  • i think sive was like : Well its me the editor and personal friend of Da Pewdiepie

  • 8:29 sick yoo he hav to go mma

  • IMP! Pewds: “Let me just live my life with nothing!” Is currently sitting on a $499 chair, with three monitors, and a monster PC!!!

  • Tamboweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen

  • I speak english, born & raised in U.S.A. but when I watch these vlogs I feel like I'm a foreigner ! Why is that ? Just don't get this dude. I'm out

  • 7:22 look at number 82😳😳😳😳😳😳😳

  • Yes

  • who else loves the gravity falls reference in his new game trailer

  • Imagine accidentally clicking on this in the middle of the night

  • "My own editor, my own flesh and womb"

  • Me: Trying to find a girlfriend Pewds: All girls wanting to send packages and simp to pewds

  • Pewds in January: lets make 2020 the worst year ever Corona: on it

    • Charlie chase Imagine he maken Corona

  • She is a joke. Nyannyan cosplay is the best 😋😁🤤😏