BEST FRIENDS BUY EACH OTHER DREAM GIFTS! Ft. James Charles & Emma Chamberlain

čas přidán 25. 12. 2018
We buy each other our dream gifts! Things get **EMOTIONAL**
HAPPY HOLIDAYS!! We just wanna give a special thanks to our best friends and all of you for making this year on CS-tv so great for us!
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  • Ethan and Grayson

  • It’s Emma’s channel

  • The fucking espresso machine is 2300$ KK-

  • Fruck Mruck Shuck Fucks

  • It's not fair that the whole squad has such nice jawlines and I'm sitting here with a potato head

  • I'm literally crying seeing Ethan's smil every time Emma gets excited

  • 2 years later I’m still waiting for the camping trip

  • I missssss the sister squad sooo bad!!

  • James buys the best sweet!!💗💗💗

  • Every one hates on James..oooh he flirts too much.HELLO??? It's scripted dumb asses!! If you watched all of their videos you would see!!

  • What happened to them????

  • Anyone here 2020?

  • Please get your group back together

  • When he said we are giving each other I thought he was going to say hickeys

  • 43:51 James looks so orange.

  • im still waiting for the camping trip:(

  • Try to count how many times earthen says it will fuel her addiction for coffe

  • Wish the sister squad still did videos 😭 they were perfect


  • i miss this

  • I ship Grayson and James

  • imagine ur best friend gets you something

  • Emma was extremely emotional

  • 34:47 when Emma says she read her mind

  • Close friends 1 scandal never speak again

  • james is hot and sweet i am a gril

  • I was bored so I decided to rewatch your guy's videos and I came across this one and realized you guys didn't end up going camping together. I know you guys don't post much anymore but you should get back together for a couple days and all go camping, it would be a really funny video.

  • Bro Emma’s reactions? Adorable

  • omh how did u get James Charles in ur video

  • 2020 and I luv u guys. And our birthdays are 3 days and 5 years apart btw

  • I really wish they would get back together I miss the sister squad

  • Little did Ethan know that a few years later he would have his own Tesla😂

  • 2020?

  • Please reunite with eachother I miss the old days plzzzz

  • Alexa play Charlie Puth - we don't talk anymore

  • Anyone watching 2020?

  • @emmachamerlian

  • @emma gave the worst gifts ever

  • Your so fucking funny😂

  • i love the squad

  • who else is going back on all the sister squad videos because it’s 2020 and you miss them...just me? alright then

  • Emma: *hugs Grayson* Also Emma: *awkwardly hugs Ethan*

  • “ what the nut bro “ - grayson

  • anyone watching in february 2020?!

  • Anybody miss them?

  • I wonder if the skate park is done yet?

  • Is it just me or did Grayson look super uncomfortable with james when he got his gift, it actually made me uncomfortable , like It gave me a mini Cringe moment

  • James- 😂


  • close your eyes bitch.

  • I wish I could see this again......

  • This will never be happen again 😊

  • I M I S S T H I S

  • 2020 anyone?

  • i’m still sad that their friendship ended : (

  • “ Emma drinks so much coffee” A year later Emma sets her own coffee company 🤣 What a coincidence 🤣

  • Fortnite pyjamas!! 😂 I’m fucking dying🤣🤣

  • Still waiting for the skate park tho

  • who else just keeps coming back because they miss the sister squad.

  • حاجی با اون ناخونا پیانو نزن