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BEST RAP SONGS OF 2018 (XXXTentacion, Juice WRLD, Drake, Lil Pump & More)

čas přidán 14. 12. 2018
Not really TOP 100 rap songs... but still pretty close!
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  • top 100 songs nicki minaj but no lil skies ???

  • Wait u owner of drip drop

  • 6:55 the new Shane Dawson

  • “I actually like Cat piss “ - Tommy Craze I know it’s the song but……

  • Walk it like I talk it sucks

  • Kings dead remix with xxxtentacion is legendary

  • Lil mosey next

  • TaKeoFf voice crack

  • React to Zillakami

  • The whole vid Denzel Curry

  • My ears hurt in the first 9 seconds

  • Is that morgz 💀💀💀

  • I love train food

  • Mgk rap 😈 was 🔥

  • At 5:16 my dude u said “I actually like CAT PISS” XD

  • U seriously acting like X is better than Zel

  • Love amine one over my favorite rapper

  • Ynw melly

  • Mad respect for this legend he put xxx in so much

  • Nice hat u got there

  • Ur so fucken gay

  • Remedy of a broken heart is tha best

  • Topanga is based on that man that kill everyone with a drink don’t do trippie 😅🙂

  • Yo where Mia Khalifa that was like the one of the biggest songs of the year🤯

  • Dippen finess, it don't make no sense.

  • I will be subbing to anyone who subbes to me I will be quick ✌️✌🏽

  • 7:56 You know how strange music does it I’m a big Tech N9ne fan strange music for life

  • Go to the one on hip hop universe

  • harlow reppin the 502

  • better see NBA yb

  • Deadlocs? 10 hours?

  • *Watches worse songs of 2018 and sees Rap Devil* *Watches best songs of 2018 and sees Rap Devil* WHAT KIND OF SORCERY IS THIS!

  • You only said rip to mac Miller but not XXXtentacion

    • we got an xxxtentacion fan over here

  • Tell me why he looks like Dan from the diamond minecart. Not hating I like his videos just pointing that out I do understand people can look similar 😂😂😂.

  • Is he satanist??

  • Kid listens to Take a step back by ski mask the slump god and xxxtentacion *HOLDS BIBLE CLOSELY*

  • Best rappers eminem xxxtentacion juice wrld

  • My 2 favorite rappers as first in the title

  • To much depression

  • Xx sucks ass sorry man

  • 10:05 they put the worst part of the song or is it just me ❓

  • If this is gray you gay 👇

  • I know he did not just say on the dead locs finna really talk about him

  • 5:57 this song is in F.I.F.A 19 wow

  • 10 hour video

  • You have to listen to deadlocs for1⃣0⃣ hours😂


  • Nuketown

  • im glad he put x dere

  • rap devil hell nah


  • No mo bamba or sicko mode?????

  • 5:13 i actually like cat piss...

  • Train food by X is🔥

  • I don't get why people like x sm his music is boring

  • All of those rappers are trash

  • is this in order cuz lucid dreams hella low

  • Mama mode underrated AF

  • Who thinks rap devil is better than venom I like rap devil more

  • 🗑 🗑🗑🗑😹🗑🗑🗑😹😹🗑🗑

  • Trach

  • Drake is trash

  • Why do u look like the wrestler angelico

  • Were the hell was sad

  • murder on my mind

  • Creator of this top 100: Shit, Denzel didn’t make 100 songs this year what am I going to do

    • bruh it wasnt even a top 100, it was just a general list with no rankings

  • Why didn't he say R.I.P X

  • Not even half way through the video and there’s three songs from Madden 19 already

  • King’s dead remix wit x n Joey is better then the original

    • No the remix was good but not better than the original well this is my opinion

  • What did you Say? Yachty ruined Cat piss? Are you drunk or something? He made this track more fire

  • His fucking beard is weird

  • 69 is homo AF

  • No sad no sicko damn this is kinda bad

  • BRO I WHAT ABOUT LOGIC. I’m legit mad at the whole list he so biust. Sicko mode wasn’t even on there

  • this is me 🧢 👦🏻 👕 👖 👟 Comment who you are in the comments

    • 🧢 👦🏻 👕 👖 🧦

  • That Gucci cap is low key 🔥

  • Yachty was good on Cat Piss imo his verse was fire

  • Not trying to be rude but u look like the adult version of morgs

  • This is how many times XXX say yea or UH in a song

  • Me: I HAVE THESE LUCID DREAMS! Others: StIr FrY Me and other XXXTENTACION fans: SpotLiGht m00nliGht XD

    • lolz rejected spotlight uh moonlight uh

  • Clout Cobain is a super underrated song. 🚫🧢

  • I'm so happy mac miller is on here❤

  • Where is 772 love and other melly

  • dont really like today's music i find most of it terrible amine is annoying and theres too much mumble rap only listen to eminem and a couple others but mostly listen to 90's and early 2000's as it was the height of rap

    • blue face is terrible, iggy is annoying, and a lot of the people on that list i had no idea existed

  • Quality content: quoting blueface every 5 seconds

  • In my opinion half of those songs sucked but ig I have a different taste then other people.

  • Just a thought u should make a reaction of like loud rap MUSIC

  • I think im deaf

  • *ski x and juice wrld r the best*

  • O LORD of the rings trilogy and cheese I have have Robocop either way to the top AND blue one the bathroom is how to change Xbox one and cheese I BE able to the same day as he didn't give it to get to get verified by soon after all of the free and cheese and I will be bad for a house I just put random things

  • Ur tripping

  • 8:28 WTF

  • xxx and mgk is best on this---------facts

  • rap devil best on here stfu

  • Isss not good when you put killshot and rap devil in the same category for anything😂

  • wait, is tommy craze, dripdrop?

  • MO BAMBA ???????

  • what s wrong with Topanga

  • What about Stoopid

  • X died way to early