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BEST RAP SONGS OF 2018 (XXXTentacion, Juice WRLD, Drake, Lil Pump & More)

čas přidán 14. 12. 2018
Not really TOP 100 rap songs... but still pretty close!
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  • Squidwards nose by Joey trap

  • NF WHY, No Name

  • New patek?

  • No mo bamba??

  • this list was ass

  • Fuck drake Triggered

  • Where is DAX

  • whole lotta blueface references

  • also what's with sicko mode? stop tryna be God is better

  • fuck you Denzel a God I made a top 100 6 made it

  • Ur taste of rap is fucked U dont appseciatd real rap My opinion lucky you was the best

  • you out here smoking dick DENZEL THE GOAT

  • He hating on Denzel...but calls Lil Mosey the next goat. Excuse me what the fuck.

  • He need to watch ten hours of DeadLOCS

  • Wrong wrong worng worng worng worng worng worng worng


  • Even though I like Denzel curry I would admit that it was getting annoying seeing him on the list so much

  • yeah cat piss is ruined by yachty but ig it’s fine

  • Sorry but i don't liked because you diss rap devil😓

  • unpopular opinion but sicko mode sucks so bad it’s such a bad song

  • Rip the legend xxx

  • anyone else notice he sang praise the lord wrong ?

  • Where the if is kaan and token the f u hear fuckers

  • Sicko mode is a trash song

  • The f u hear to all this mumble rappers are taking over and I don't like it sure I am only 13 but mumble rappers are dumb u guys are dumb the only good one was x

  • He didn’t even have some of the better Denzel. there was hardly any Astro world and he put cat piss over foot fungus.

  • no mo bomba either 💀💀

  • I have listened to every song on this list at least once

  • Rap devil actually fuckin good


  • Rap devil was higher than killshot wrong

  • I barely know half of these songs 😂😂 and they are bad My OPINION

  • No logic no sicko mode

  • 1:38 why did you add a perogi thing

  • Rip headphones user 0:06

  • No FUCKING way is don’t come out the house by we savage is on here 🤮

  • No sicko mode says the white male

  • Lupą

  • Tede baba gugu Gaga XD

  • Bruh JACK IS ON THIS LIST!! Reppin Louisville, EAT YOUNG FELLA!!!

  • Rap devil slaps but the only reason people don’t like it is cos he dissed Eminem the song itself is flames

  • Chloraseptic remix should be no1.... fire verse by Eminem 💯💯


  • Make a film : The best songs (Rap/Hip-Hop) POLAND 2K18 !!!! POLSKA KURWA POZDRAWIA!!!

  • 10 hour deadlocs?????

  • you’re a music hypebeast

  • Been 3 weeks where that deadlocks vid?

  • Denzel is god

  • this guy acts like he’s black it’s very annoying

  • Rip xxxtentacion

  • Sicko mode sad mo bamba where the goods at

  • Is that kaneki!?

  • Can you stop talking so much can't hear music

  • When YBN came on😂 this nigga🤣🤣

  • him trying to say a few lines from praise the lord had me dead "She came, I came, I saw"

  • 3:54 F I lost

  • Denzel is there for a reason

  • Title says rap audio says pop

  • Take X off this list, he’s terrible.


  • Tbh. I feel like this guy ain’t really listen to rap and just listen to mainstream shit that everyone knows about but I could be wrong

  • Mo bamba???

  • and i love idk so much

  • denzel is the best tf you mean

  • where is SZPAKU kurwa ?

  • " I actually like cat piss" Tommy Craze, 2018

  • last this

  • There is Kurt Cobain

  • This guy gets hyped when x says I’m sadder then most of u with the money and the freedom. A true fan

  • Bro you kill me. Aloha kurwa 😂

  • Thanks for adding Migos and Takeoff

  • How tf you gonna say yachty ruined cat piss he spits in that song so hard

  • That list was straight fuckin shit. Sicko mode? Mo Bamba? Nice for what? God plan?

  • Kamikaze?🧐

  • Tic tic and kika where the best

  • Rip to Mac and x🙏

  • Jonyer lucas?

  • 0:05 pls song

  • Keep it 100 by Joyner Lucas and Sunday’s by aminé, and he same beat just slowed down.

  • no sicko mode NO UPROAR

  • You over use DeadLocs

  • they gotta put womp womp in there

  • I mean if you go search it up again, it’s more accurate lol

  • 2018 was a bad year for rap

  • He should be on there for #COWYS2

  • Were the fuck is lil peep at

  • Lil skies?

  • no nba youngboy😐😐😐

  • SAD isnt technically a rap song soo,also i think moonlight

  • I liked, subbed, and rang the bell when you dissed MGK Eminem is the GOAT and you can’t change my mind we lost some legends in 2018 like XXXTentacion and mgk who got lyrically murdered my Eminem

  • Denzel did numbers this year

  • The reactions he does are cringey

  • His room is fucking lit

  • Someone call street fighter, Chun Li is getting out of hand

  • Machine Gun Kelly is very good raper.

  • You should react to that kid kearve

  • Yo Denzel had the album of the year so don’t be hatin my dude

  • No Guardian angle?

  • 0:06 beware, headphone users

  • He didn’t know Denzel’s shit.. wtf