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Bhad Bhabie "Hi Bich Remix" Feat. Rich The Kid, Asian Doll & MadeinTYO (WSHH Exclusive)

čas přidán 1. 02. 2018
Watch the official music video for "Hi Bich Remix" by Bhad Bhabie Feat. Rich The Kid, Asian Doll & MadeinTYO.
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  • Bhad bhabie ..suck my chorra bitch..u cant rap for shit whos with me..


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  • Why do you think this low iq degenerate shit is being pushed on your kids and society at large? Ask yourself that.

  • Yes been waiting all week to hear this! Thank God for Bhad Babie. My 7 yr old son has the biggest crush on her. Gonna get him posters and maybe some tickets to her show lol

  • isnt that the girl who sang friday😂 wtf is this

  • just smile

  • If she eats chicken breasts she's a cannibal because she's 100% tities

  • She forgot to say White Trash

  • Notice how you can't really see her eyes, its because a demon is looking out through her eyes..and she knows this....

  • Dannell B. is demon possessed and needs an excercisum its the sign of the times on planet earth...real talk.... .

  • Dr Phil made a little hoe famous

  • Bass is real 😂😂😂

  • I don’t really listen to female rappers because I’m sexist asf but I’ll admit Asian Doll went hard lol

  • Dr. Phil needs to get a % of her sales.....he put her on! Lmao

  • He said somethiing about frieza 0:55

    • Oops wrong timing this the right one 0:53


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  • After Asain doll Im done with the song! Glad she's at the end!

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  • Iggy da real bad bih 😎

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  • Not my type shit. 100

  • Iggy left the chat..........

  • Bhad: hi bich, hi bich, hi bich Eminem: thats how much we have in common WHOO!

  • Y’all are sick hating on a 15 year old

  • Lol I love her 😍

  • Yo this shit fire

  • Hi Bichi

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  • Lol she is trash that was horrible

  • Richthekid was trash

  • who came back after the iggy vs bhad bhabie fight?

    • Christina Jackson yeah lmao “ bye broke bitch bye hoe”

    • Lmao me you hear the diss at the end?


  • I like you

  • All I can think about is how forgettable that one female who sneak attack fought her must feel. Hate or love her, Bhabie made a name for herself and the haters won't be remembered for any of their own achievements

  • Here to hear the Iggy diss again

  • Mad!!

  • Lit song Yass Queen

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  • i love how when rich be driving he's focusing so much... he be a safe driver

  • Anyone here from the Domislive video😂?

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  • she 15 wtf she talking about xd

  • Oh my god rony !

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  • It's a wanna be coolio 👍

  • Shit

  • Iggy woke up to this on her social media like "oh fuck"

  • I like the beat and all but bhabies voice kills me on the inside

  • Dr.Phil, are you proud of yourself now?

  • This is cheesey asf

  • She really needs to stop flexing on Logan's paul G Wagon

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  • She is God damn Hot but dump as Fuck

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