Big Hit New Boygroup TXT Members' Name, Age, Position, And Photos

čas přidán 12. 01. 2019
Big Hit Entertainment finally revealed they're debuting a new boy group named TXT.
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  • those 'fans' should work for the police

  • TXT AND BTS😙😙💕💓💓😍😍😍❤❤😘😘😘💖💖💖

  • TXT or BTS? I prefer BTS!!!!!!!

  • plz don't forget our one an only bts!! me:*Cries badly and screams inside"ARMY FOREVER"* btw I meant no hate to the new group😑💛💛🌻

  • How does it always happen that everyone in bighit turns to older than me this not fair I was so close (ps: I am a 2003 liner)😭

  • Im only 2 years younger than the maknae of the group lmao

  • 0:32 wtf jihoon what are you doing here!!? He looks like jihoon there!

  • *what if there was a girl group debuted in bighit?* *"Jungkook Oppa!"* -bitch don't call me oppa-

  • *"Jungkook Hyung!"*

  • what country is this boy from?

  • Only 5?.... I thought there was more from what I've heard.

  • Kang Tae Hyun is so cute. I think I'm in love again IDK.😳 Cause he's close to my age so he's younger like me. Around my age omg. I'd like to date him if I get a chance cause I love Korean people. He's 16 and I'm 15. I can date him. 💗💗💗🌹💚. But so far I'm always gonna love and support BTS and I love my bias. But since Kang is around my age I might have a crush IDK yet. It's a maybe if I get to know his personality a little bit and stuff. 💗💗💗💗🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤

  • Well, time to make more room in my multifaned heart

  • u ever wonder how do they find these things? Are they professional hacker ppl or something XD I'm like rlly curious now :3

  • I’m the same age as Hyuning Kai yes!

  • Wow I feel so old!, 2001 child here. The new group debuting has 2 members younger then me.😯

  • Is it just me, or is there anybody else who just can't stan them?

  • Ok I can’t marry BTS so I might daydream with TXT

  • does anyone know if all the members are koreans or are someone a foreigner?

    • i left my family in china to get 5 lines per album kai is foreign I think

  • I am a Noona for all of them. Boys fighting, I will definitely support and protect you all if you all work hard 💜💜💜

  • 2 of them are a year older than me it’s shookening

  • My bias of BTS: TATA❤❤❤😚😚💜💜 My bias of 6aces: B-Wolf❤ My bias of TXT: SOOBIN❤

  • 👎👎👎👎👎

  • What is txt's fan base called



  • I want to squish them, they’re so cute

  • Holy frick. Some are LITERALLY just one or two years older than ME. I fell off my chair. SHOOK.

  • wow

  • 1:21 who is this

  • The main position is taken by maknaes


  • Bts why?!?! :'(

  • Omg choi bum kyu we're same age😁

  • they're all older than me.. i was born 2004.. oh wells.. Stan BTS Stan TXT CAn'T wAIt tiL THeIr dEbUT!!!

  • they're all older than me.. i was born 2004.. oh wells.. Stan BTS Stan TXT CAn'T wAIt tiL THeIr dEbUT!!!

  • Maknae is younger than me😏😏

  • Why dose the MAKNAE of TXT actually look like Jungkook? XD

  • If we are real army we will not betry BTS oh ya i am jimin biased and if you come for him .....ummmmm sis there will be tea everywhere

  • If I can’t have jungkook who is 9 years older than me I will take the two maknaes of txt cuz they r 4 years older.

  • This is the worst thing of the Korean entertainment .They introduce new groups and people forget talented all groups(BTS,EXO,Shinee).We can't stop that.Most of the people really like their cute faces not music.Sad story🤔🤔🤔

  • ... the two youngest are my age... WHAT AM I DOING WITH MY LIFE!! These dudes are literally revealing their lives to the world, starting to work at 16 and left their families to pursue their dreams and here I am, in my pajamas with my laptop on my lap and a heating pad behind me cause my back is sore, my grades are in the f*cking toilet but I don't care enough to do something about it!! I'm just sitting here, watching the world burn around me, neck deep in kpop!

  • h3h3

  • wayv came out with their visuals now txt? BOIII IMA DIE

  • 1:33 oh no he's got airpods in he can't hear us oh nononononnononononno


  • I thought it was only three member's because if you to the website, you see at the bottom, T and a X for jeonyun amd soobin, so I feel like there is only going to be one more....even though thats it what I'm thinking, I may be 95.5% wrong and only 00.1% right

  • I’m younger than all of them


  • Lol, these kids, im much older than them. 😂😂😂 Even Jin is 10 years older than one of them. Im happy that im not alone.

  • Looks like its time to find a new bias and bias wrecker

  • soo.. how many members are in that ?

  • They're my age!!! omg

  • There is one member in their team who looks alike kim taehyung

  • Awe so cute as BTS 😍😘

  • 1:22 who is he????

  • 1:30 not joking 😑...I really thought it was Taehyung😱

  • Wauu they are of my age,born in 2002 😇😇😁😁. And I am a potato, not good at anything 😑😑😣😧😥😤 . Just getting fat day by day. Hope my day comes too hope soon😂😁😁.

  • Yes!! A new group from big hit that are my age hehe but so sad bts are so much older 😭😭😭😭

  • Yeonjun mah god

  • Kae tae hyung is taehyungs little brother

  • i shall not replace Jungkook! and the other bts members! i will never replace jungkookie! >:|

  • YES 2002

  • Choi bum kyu😏😏😏

  • all of this MIGHT be true they guessed soobin and his position

  • Please army dont leave bts please stay army for ever😭😭😭

  • OMG except yoenjun all of them are younger than me. Sigh

  • Im probably going to choose a bias after I see their personality. *CrAcK ViDs WhERe u AT?!?!*

  • 2002!? lil Bros!! 2001? HOMIE!!!~~ 1999 ... Oppa ? XD

  • Minsoo not here😭

  • At least all of them are still older than me.

  • Omg I feel old I am older than all of them 😂

  • They are like the Son's of BTS 😂😂 They're damn young. What am i doing in my life until now?

  • They are like the Son's of BTS 😂😂 They're damn young. What am i doing in my life until now?

  • Jungkook: So you guys are the new trainees. Txt: Yes, it's nice to meet you hyung. Jungkook:... Txt: Hyung? Jungkook: H-hyung? Txt: Yeah, your older than us right. Jungkook: 'jungkook exe. Has stopped working' Rest of BTS: *Laughing* Me: They just called you hyung and you are jungSHOOK! Jin: *Laughter intensifies* Jungkook: N-nooooooo! BTS and ARMY: It's okay you are still our cute maknae.

  • Yay I’m happy that I’m still younger than them 😀

  • i can't stan this group😪

  • I'm literally just one year younger than some of them 🤣💜💜

  • A bit ago I wanted to be older....

  • Smone tell me who is on the left of thumbnail

  • Duh I'm too old to fangirl in rookie...I thought I was still young lol. All of them are younger than me except the first one.. (sorry forgot the name)

  • Yeonjun look a bit of v and Soobin look a bit of jungkook!!

  • If the oldest is 99line then the maknae??!?!?!?!😲😲😲😲😵

  • The maknae is exactly of my bro's age UNBELIBUBBLE!!!!!!!!!

  • If BTS are my babies, then this group are fetuses. 😅 I'm waiting for their debut! Uwu!

  • Okay feeling too old now 😩

  • Calliou

  • These Boys are The new group?😲 AND The youngerst is 16😍♥️

  • I believe one day bts's fan and txt's fan will fanwars Trust me it's true

  • Bts forever

  • Ahhhhh they all are babys Yippee new band is coming very excited to choose my bias😄😄😄

  • Nooooooooooooooooooooooo......bts forever😲😲😲😣

  • OMG The boy groups are still older than me! I bet when I'm 20, I won't feel his way

  • The youngest are the same age as me

  • I might be the same age as one of them

  • BTS, especially Jungkook will be the responsible hyung of these cuties!! I love how the Golden Maknae will be a hyung after TXT's debut hihi. But ofcourse he will forever be our Golden Maknae 😘😘😘

  • ah im 3 years younger than the maknae :)))))

  • I’m taking this with a grain of salt since we only officially know of YeonJun and SooBin but yet this video did predict SooBin before his introduction so idk

  • wow it’s so normal that the leader of a group that will literally be huge is as old as my sister (:

  • well that was fast lmao