Binging with Babish: White Castle Order from Harold & Kumar

čas přidán 13. 08. 2019
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This week, the challenge lies in both the volume of food and the method by which it's prepared - 30 sliders whipped up at once, onion-steamed the way White Castle does it. Can I wolf down the entire hyper-stoned order placed by our titular heroes? Of course not, I'm no Matt Stonie, but I've got some hungry friends.
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  • This movie is like a time capsule - remember what it was like back in 2004, when it was this hard to get your hands on... ...white castle?

    • Make the elvis sandwich

    • Ive had white castle i think they are fucking gross

    • If u get married it must be easy for your wife. She doesnt even need to cook

    • Which of the 49 types of ounces was it? American measuring is hard.

    • Depending pn where you live! The nearest is a 10 hour round trip for me. I have not had a chance to walk into one in 30 years.

  • Doesn't even look like the beef cooked. Nasty

  • I've never heard of this whole hole business

  • Gotta add mustard to the burger

  • As someone who lives about half a mile away from a Martin's potato factory I could literally smell them when u started slicing them

  • They were not supposed to have cheese. Gonna have to make them again.

  • can u cook one for me?

  • potato buns are the best anyway

  • Do the Swedish fish tacos with the chili dumped on top from family guy

  • You should make omurice from Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid

  • You made......... *S T E A M E D H A M S*

  • I need a rum ham recipe 💯😂

  • You need Matt Stonie to help you devour everything you make after every video (:

  • Anyone else hear the JonTron theme when they bite into the burgers in the clip? 0:07

  • I could eat 20 of those.

  • I'm just here to vent so you can keep scrolling. I'm just hoping this gets lost in the comments and nobody finds it honestly. I'm tired of every day being a struggle with no drive to want to improve. Keeping myself from having a full mental breakdown every day is exaughsting and with college coming up and my whole adult life ahead of me I don't know if I want to experience loneliness and depression for years more. I'm almost 18 and have never been in any serious relationship and that's one of the few things I've ever wanted in my life was a stable relationship with someone who cared. With someone who wouldn't judge. I don't know if that will ever happen for me. I'm just tired and done being the one people come to for advice but never being the one allowed to Express any feeling. I'm ready to give up but it's not like I'll be missed. Im everyone's background low budget extra with one line so the movie of life can go on without me and nobody will know any different. Drugs don't help alcohol makes it worse and anti depressants leave me numb and that's worse than depression. For those that have read this far I don't have any advice except find someone who cares and never let them go no matter who that is. Try and remember to love yourself because I cant remember how. Have a great day 👋

  • White Castle is only in 13 states but luckily I live in one of them and let's just say it's one of the best fast food places ever.

  • Can you do the marzipan cake from the adventure of Sabrina on Netflix episode 7?

  • I subbed to your channel right away !


    • Could you run that by me again in English?


  • Lol you actually said my last name right

  • Big Smoke would be proud of you Binging.

  • Everytime he shows and cooks the food. He's making me feel hungry.

  • You forgot the yellow mustard

  • Fuck. I think I could put away at least 8 of these. 10 if I'm high.

  • Fun fact, In Europe (or ireland at least) this film was called Harold and Kumar get the munchies. Because we don't have white castle here!!

  • Your kitchen is awesome. That stove makes me moist in the best of ways, and when you pulled the griddle out I swear I kinda... you know... "went".

  • No, no, no, no, most cathartic scene ? Dry white toast, 4 fried chickens... and a coke

  • The Hulk says Hulk smash, The Thing says its clobbering time, you combined them a bit.

  • Does Krystal Burgers use the same method.

  • You should given it to Matt stonie

  • 4:24 “The buns are nice and warm and squishy” -Babish 2019

    • LMAO when he cooked up his dog in the end 😂😂😂 had me dead LMAO

  • Please make Homer Simpson’s Scrambled Eggs!

  • Why not make steamed hams? Like a normal burger, but the patty is steamed.

    • You should do grilled squid from black clover

  • Can you make the wiener dog from spongebob? Also H a m b u r g e r

  • MSG is not bad for health....a recent study has disproved a myth about MSG being very harmful for health.

  • Who doesn't love White Castle burgers? You just made them fresher and better, I know my son just loves White Castle burgers. I still have some on my freezer. Thanks for the video it was great.

  • Im really sad that I cant try White castle burgers because I live in Germany y and wie have:mcdonalds, burgerking, KFC, and Subway

  • whitecastle is such sloopy garbage

  • Do the "Good Burger" Movie Burgers!!!!!

  • You should do the Paul blart peanut butter pie

    • Could you do one of the foods from food wars? Maybe one of the burgers?

  • I'd be quite hilarious to see breakfast from Casper, ru goldberg and all

  • Making the strawberry pie from celeste would be neat

  • the episodes where he has to do fast food are good because we all know there has never been this much human labor used to make white castle burgers ever before in human history

  • But you only cut five holes...

  • I actually thought that White Castle was just cheap frozen foods, never knew it was an actual restaurant.

  • Does the cookbook feature metric measurements as well as imperial?

  • You guys down in the States are nuts eating those raw looking burgers. Especially ground beef. Any red looking ground beef is not cooked .

  • You should do grilled squid from black clover

  • LMAO when he cooked up his dog in the end 😂😂😂 had me dead LMAO

  • Eeew pickles and steamed burgers, unfried french fries (should it perhaps be french mashed and processed turd nuggets) along with almond cola (there is no actual cherries in almost any cherry drinks)..... Do people actually buy this?

  • Hahahaha kosher salt? REAlLY? Why do you have to have a rabbi bless salt ffs? Salt is a dual compound of Natrium and Chloride...

    • To be clear, i do not mind some dude/dudette blessing my food (as it means nothing to me) but as it is just a mineral that is naturally occuring as one of the most common compounds in the universe, i figure i do not need to pay extra for salt blessed by someone that believe in bronze age superstition that tells about a guy that was mocked by kids, only to have them killed by proxy by asking a imaginary friend to send bears to eat them, a story about how grains falls from the sky for 40 years whilst a group of dissenters travels either at snails pace or were really fucking stupid in a desert (sinai desert is not very large, they could just have followed the coast and be in palestine in days) or a dude that was immortal in all regards except if his hair was cut.

  • You should try cooking another meal from the Harold and Kumar movies. I suggest the Cock Meat sandwich from G-Bay 😁

  • Damn that hit the spot

  • Sincerely, A Loyal Binger

  • Me and 2 friends drove from east of Toronto to Detroit for whitecastle after we graduated in 2005. Good times but sketch Detroit

    • family to help-out. I got whole boxes of those things and had them for lunch and dinner for months. Somehow their cheapness and overall lack of quality made them charmin

  • Could you do one of the foods from food wars? Maybe one of the burgers?

  • We need a Matt stonie collab stat

  • Matt stonie would nail this challenge

  • Do a cook of the town famous Riblet from the movie Freaks of Nature.

  • An Idea for the Next video since its Football season and for the 20th anniversary of the film. Coach D'amato (Al Pacino) Jambalaya from Any Given Sunday

  • What watch do you have on?

  • Binging with Babish and Epic Meal TIme need to collaborate. NOW!

  • Hehe. Shrinkage.

  • Make that a cheeseburger and fries and a medium coke while you are at it

  • You should try to make the Elvis burger from supernatural

  • I could eat thst all and still be hungry

  • That movie was so inappropriate

  • I now have a strong desire and craving for some shitty White Castle burgers

  • You should do a vid on the grits from my cousin Vinny

  • My snack is usally ramen or white Castle burgers with siracha

  • Your house must smell wonderful during this episode... But here's a problem; you forgot to compare to the "Control-Group" - the Frozen In-Store White Castle burger. I was looking forward to seeing your disdain for it. But I remember; my third semester of college after I moved into my own apartment - first time I was ever truly on-my-own with no family to help-out. I got whole boxes of those things and had them for lunch and dinner for months. Somehow their cheapness and overall lack of quality made them charming...

  • Hawaiian sweet rolls!

  • I ordered 120 burgers for my birthday once... I now have diabetes

  • I wish we still had a Whiye castle within a hundred fifty mile radius.... maybe it is but I’m not that desperate....

  • Would making a Turducken Slammer from Supernatural be something to try and make?

  • How about Bilbo's dinner that is interrupted in "The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey?" We haven't seen a whole cooked fish yet!

  • Nice pu-... uh... sliders

  • make the cock sandwich from Harold and Kumar escape Guantonamo Bay