Bitcoin: Battle For The Bull Market

čas přidán 26. 07. 2021
With this most recent rally by the price of Bitcoin, it makes us wonder if we could be coming out of our summer lull. Our general timeline on this was 3-6 months, and within 1-2 weeks we will be approaching the lower bound of that prediction. Can the Bitcoin bulls scrape together enough momentum to get us back above the bull market support band and resume the bull market? Or will the Bitcoin bears keep us at bay for a while? Let me know where you think the price of Bitcoin is headed in the comments!

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  • The battle for the bull market begins! Will the bulls come out to fight? Or will the bears hold us off?

    • The Bears are drinking red bull

    • Why do you use 21 weeks for EMA and 20 weeks for SMA? Why not 20 weeks for both?

    • Find out next time... on Dragon Ball Z!

    • Hey.. Please do a very dubious speculation about the price Bitcoin can hit considering the M1 and/or M2 increase and technically still diminish' the return. Thank u.

    • @Rodrigo good one 🤣

  • 40k! ...aaaand it's gone.

  • Ben's video is a lagging indicator

  • It reached 50k on binance for a whole minute lol

  • Yo Ben - I assume you saw the news about Tether. Youll need to discuss that next

  • I really hope it keeps on crashing cuz I been enjoying this accumulation phase

  • Ben I fucking love u man

  • So many weak hands at 40k smh

  • Whenever he says "Cryptoverse" it reminds me of the Universal Studios logo in the beginning of a movie tutututtuuuuuuuuuu

  • Never leaving the cryptoverse

  • And then next Alon tweet coming in again...there we go again oh noooooo

  • Mom: Telephone call! It's for you. Something about a Forbes interview ?! Me: Meh..I'll call them back once I've finished up here in the sandbox Mom: uhh ok..

  • the volume is too low , I don't get this move .

  • It's going down again folks. It'll test 25k befor hitting ath.

  • Ben, what is your opinion on borrowing againts your crypto instead of selling?

  • Ben has the best titles! 💪

  • I'm hoping the we get rejected so I can accumulate more, remember guys. It's not a bull market or a bear market. It's a Ben market.

  • Hey.. Please do a very dubious speculation about the price Bitcoin can hit considering the M1 and/or M2 increase and technically still diminish' the return

  • What do you think guys, why is Polkadot still soo low? All other top 20 coins skyrocketed back up, Dot is just under 15USD.. Ath was 50 almost. Lost the most and now going up slower than the rest.

  • Hey Ben, it's time to be proven wrong and be rich.

  • Benjamin is changing his mind😉

  • "I'm still somewhat skeptical, but I'm not AS skeptical" Bullish af

  • 👍

  • My concern is that there are a ton of 40k stop limit sales. As much as I want to see it pump, sideways is good for preventing this.

  • Bitcoin's coming home

  • I had become so content with the idea of 3 more months to accumulate

  • 200k inc and we won the MA 50 last time we did not

  • Is Ben about to go into surgery?

  • I must say I LOVE the fact that you stayed active during the market BEAR-down over the past weeks compared to other “influencers” who only show their faces when the market is pumping. It shows how REAL you are which makes me (and maybe others) trust your feedback much more than the others out there 💯 KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK AND LETS GOOOOOO 🚀

  • Any updates on the ITC polka dot staling pool?

  • Hey Ben

  • Watch Ben's views and comment section swell with "hodlers", once it's above 50k 🤣

    • lol the diamond hands re-appear

  • u r the best mate love your videos !

  • Ben sold his melanin to get more Bitcoin

  • fear and greed index hasn't moved much so it will be interesting where it goes today into tomorrow after this squeeze and some fomo in the market.

  • Regardless - just feels good to have some signs of life. Flatlining doesn’t help long or short - just makes you bored

  • What’s with the hate comments about Ben not knowing which direction BTC will go? Of course he doesn’t know; his job and purpose is to give you the indicators and informations in order for YOU to make a calculated decision based on your own risk tolerance, time horizons and other factors relevant to any investment. What do people expect? For him to tell you when to buy and sell? Unbelievable how people want everything easy.

    • I dont think that we will go above 42... another fake

    • @Daniel Kim Yeah I used to for that reason, but his TA is shaky and uses lagging indicators. Check out CoinsKid, not a hype guy, just experienced decennt TA

    • @Daniel Kim yup same here 👍🏻

    • Lol thats actually why I follow Ben. He just gives technical analysis rather than BITCOIN 500K EOY 🤑🤑🤑

    • Well he did say "lets call it what it is - a bear market" . It hasn't lost a bullish structure.

  • Bear market is still in full effect, these were just mini pumps by elon and amazon. We still have to get over sec crypto clarity and senator warrens 99% crypto destruction

  • You look like you could use a Red Bull!

  • I was holding out for 25k, I probably lost my chance. I think I'll wait out this rally and buy around 33k

    • see in the moon if u can make it

  • How to know if there is bull market or not? Spammers activating and pretending to be Ben. Lol 😂

  • Stock to flow stil in play, just sayin.

  • Tether executives said to face bank fraud probe, reports Bloomberg

  • hey Ben, you almost as slick as Steven Segal with the hair man ;-0

  • No, more bear. More blood needs to be shed.

  • Why do I feel like we will get rejected and go sideways till the end of the year.

    • Well I can tell you now we probably won’t break ATH until November but then it will rocket over 100k and that will be the top for this market in December… it’s quite obvious

    • Yeah it’s highly probable. (Or so I tell myself so I don’t FOMO into things when things are heading upwards and DCA more when it’s going downwards).

    • that would be the absolute best for the market, plenty of time to DCA and a more explosive upward move, but there are too many bullish news and coming updates in this mini bear market for it to hold so long, my bet is on a december peak, but who knows?

  • Every Benjamin video : this can happen counters his own idea end result:zero

    • Every cryptotuber does this. But he openly admits he hasn't got a clue what could happen in the S to M term.

  • I miss the qoute "Time is our side"

  • thanks ben, you know we're trying to have a party here right?

  • No one: Me, on the phone: Hello, Forbes?!

  • Bearish Ben....

  • How the hell do I find those indicators you used?!

  • 20k

  • Is your video feed lagging and all or is it just me?

  • Ben's shirt is buying the dip....

  • cautiously optimistic is the most bullish thing i’ve heard ben say

  • Imagine having close to 500k subs with a 1 frame per second webcam. Just shows how good Ben's content is. Love you Ben

  • You are a king , that’s for sure

  • clever lad this bloke

  • Bitcoin went up, Ben now has enough money for a light bulb

    • He may sell the chairs first then when he doesn't post any new videos... He sold his computer as well. 😆


  • Did he really sell his furniture to buy more crypto?

  • I'm arranging my Forbes interview. Dont ruin it

  • Ben looking slightly vampiric. Explains his ancient energy.

  • I’d be very surprised if it goes above 48 to 50k in the next couple of months

  • I like that you are keeping us updated no one is posting videos now

  • Great content. One of the best crypto CS-tv!

  • Todayy we are going to talk about Bitcoin. Wtf, you do that everyday , not just today. Ahol

  • All time highs are coming far sooner than this video would suggest.

    • Lol until it breaks 42k we're still in a bear market (short term). Check Satoshi Stacker's channel.

  • why is everyone so interested in "all time highs" ?? who ever SELLS btc??

  • Time is on our side.

  • 2 points for the bulls!! 100k. Coming. Federal Reserve System is broken. But you're not supposed to talk about it

  • He sold?! Pamp it.

  • Thanks dude

  • Ben, do you still think BTC/USD has nothing to do with news?

  • Ben, what do you think about fibs?

  • Little relief rally. Maybe ben can afford a new camera now

  • before watching the video, i already know Ben wants me to rescedule my forbes interview once again -_-

  • Personally, think we will drop back down before we really make the run up but this is very encouraging!

  • Imagine how many people actually jumped back into the cryptoverse today 😂

  • Some of you need to go easy on the coffee and zoom out

  • but we are still heading to 20k...because we are in a bear market...right?

  • Bitcoin is an egineered monetary network the first of it's kind, a paradigm shift in the history of money everyone needs it few understand it we are still early

  • Was S2F finally invalidated?

  • Good morning Ben!🤗👍💥💪🎉🎊

  • this still counts as sideways

  • The question is do I close my $2,325 ETH position right now anticipating a drop to a better buy?

    • @Dora D I actually firmly decided to HODL like 2 hours ago, so not sweating it anymore! 😂

    • Same here

    • @Just a weeb Yeah, that'd be the smart thing to do. Only I am not the 'smart' type of person, more of an all-or-nothing personality... 😂

    • If you are really unsure, just close some of your Eth position, so when it drops you can buy again, but if It rise you won't miss it

  • I didnt think this would pop so fast. I loaded up under 31k but could have gone little harder. See of tomorrow gets price above 40k and create a golden cross in a few days

  • thanks Ben

  • Kindly Make a Video On Cardano ADA and its Price prediction for 2021 and 2022......

    • @David Young Why ??

    • $1 forever with zero use cases

  • Ohhh Ben oh Ben…

  • I really hope it rejects. I believe it is better to wait a bit longer to fully strengthen our push upwards rather than some positive news article pump that does not last long.

  • It's a freakin bull trap

  • I would you guys to see past record of btc. When it tested 50week sma it rallied 50+% on average but then drops a lot more

  • You don't have to try to defend everything you've said man. Ultimately you'll never be 100% correct with every prediction and that's ok. You're right most of the time and your analysis is logical, rational and intelligent. Don't worry about it.

  • ADA!

  • I think I finally get it, there are two options: it can go up, or, it can go down.

    • Nope, you fundamentally misunderstood some things, sorry.

    • Wait...... What? I thought it went straight up

    • Hahahah

    • Or sideways….and backwards, if you rewind Ben’s videos.

    • 🤯

  • Forbes interview scheduled.

  • A half-assed rumour leads to this? Jesus.

    • Buy the rumor, sell the news

  • I think Ben this time around we wont see 50% rejection from the 20wSMA of bull market support band