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Black Clover Opening 4 Full『Kumi Koda - Guess Who Is Back』

čas přidán 20. 08. 2018
Black Clover Opening 4 Full Song『Kumi Koda - Guess Who Is Back』
TV Anime "Black Clover" OP 4 Theme
Artist: Kumi Koda
Kumi Koda (Guess Who Is Back)
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Illustration by ''KORIGENGI''
Anime: Black Clover
Artist: Kumi Koda
Song: Guess Who Is Back
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All music belongs to the original creators.


  • Kumi Koda released today new album and it also includes opening 4 song for Black Clover - Picture edited by ''KORIGENGI''

  • Though I do like Black Clover, this anime is just plain copying Naruto...First Wizard King so similar to 4th Hokage....Asta is just Black Naruto.....Shippuden had Heroes Come Back (OP 1) and now BC has this opening....Great Job seriously...

  • who else is waiting for Asta to find out he has the Five Leaf Clover and has the power of a demon

  • Litch is fvckin vengeance!!!

  • The best opening


  • I obviously love this song but I gotta know what's that song playing on the background after the song is over? THAT music is Melodic😍

  • 2:30 nicki menaj drops the beat....

  • Every time I hear this song, I start HEADBANGING :D

  • This is so god Damn dope i love it

  • This track is dope

  • 0:33

  • I love this especially 0:37- 0:47 Great song am I right?

  • whats the song at the end?

  • im dont mean to sound all condescending, but i bet all the young black clover and anime fans doesnt know how big of a deal koda kumi is, especially getting her to do a song for anime. she was one of the jpop queens beside ayumi hamasaki, namie amuro and utada hikaru.

  • I didn't watch Black Clover, I'm just here for Koda Kumi.

  • Вот бы в аниме так же выглядел в будущем Топчик

  • Best opening ever and the song just tells you this is a bad ass anime fucking love black clover

  • Me on the first day of school

  • best op from black clover


  • This is a perfect theme for the underwater temple arc

  • WHat's the music after the music c:

  • GUESS WHO IS BACCKKKKK!!!!!!!!!!!! hell yeah, the chorus is just full of energy LOL

  • what is the song playing in the credits?

  • i like everything. i turned on captions and it was so impressive.

  • I wish my dad came back

  • love that opening

  • A melhor abertura

  • افضل مقدمة انمي سمعتها بحياتي ادمان


  • Song Creation Magic: Drop The Beat!(LOL!)😋

  • 영상으로 봐야 존멋 ㅠㅠ op한번도 안넘기고맨날봤음

  • awesome


  • Love black clover opening 4

  • Damn, just picked up BC again a few days ago. Finally pushed past the first few episodes and am liking it now, OPs for daaaays! Just got to the first so with this OP and just had to look it up like oh my god

  • 블랙클로버 짱

  • Back-On band it's the composer of the music alongside Kumi Koda. Kumi Koda x Back-On it's a amazing collab for this Black Clover opening. 😃

  • Is there a live link for the image?

  • its the best op. mine atleast

  • 0:35 - 0:48 best part 😃

  • I don't watch the anime but the OPs are all so good!

  • who else is waiting for someone to tell Yuno that Asta's arms are fucked?

  • Me malaysia best op full

  • How i can dowloand the romaji lyrics n Snap Tube?

  • All the op are bangers, but this one is the best

  • This opening is sick

  • OK this song gave me a very western/K-pop vibe. This is also probably the first anime related song that I don't feel like it's been completely animefied

  • the full op is better from the short one

  • I can't wait for Asta's demon to finally unleash!! Also, may this be the best opening of the season?

  • Op 4 = Op 3 > Op 1 > Op 5 > Op 2

  • I played it many times 😍😍😍

  • I ruined op 3 for myself by listening to it over and over again thank god op 4 my saviour

  • Man my all timr fav opening

  • Guess who is back Me:Your mom

  • That drop at 0:36 is my favorite :P

  • La puta de su madre

  • this is the best op of Black Clover

  • I really love Asta 💕

  • Woaaa!!! Gues who is back!!

  • refresh artwork info

  • 歌詞ちょうだい!

  • fan việt đâu hết rồi @@

  • Uff 10/10

  • best ever of Black Clover

  • lyrics????:(

  • Should I watch this anime? MAL tells me that is so bad tho ;/ [6.76]

    • +şariØ Thanks. Well I'll think about it

    • It's no that bad, just the animation it's.. well you know Pierrot, but the fights are decent and the history it's interesting

  • 0:37 made me nut

  • Ебат пиздато

  • كل مااسمعها انجن!🤪❤

  • this song is stuck on repeat i live the guitar dead ass music is godly 😂😂

  • I'll download all Black Clover OP and show it for my mother

  • i lovit sooo much and anime is very good

  • i remember opening from Time Hollow for DS

  • imagine if this was an opening for a bleach new secret series

  • Any body get reminded of the mob psycho opening

  • All the people wondering about the outro song, it's ninelie by aimer

  • AWESOME!!!

  • This doesn't even sound like a anime opening and take that as a compliment

  • this song is FIRE GUESS WHO'S BACK ! But I wonder who is back ? :/

  • اكو عرب بلطياره 😂😂

  • Needs a music video desperately

  • im not used to anime but when my trainer introduced this song to me, i cant help it but listen to it every now and then..

  • One of the best openings. Didn’t know Koda Kumi did this. I was first introduced to her by Final Fantasy X-2 and Gilgamesh. What was the ending song of this video?

    • pegususpheonix Aimer - ninelie 😊😊 it's good

  • What's the name of the soundtrack played at the end?

    • Sylarzx Aimer - ninelie 😄

  • The picture has Ken Kaneki's eyes :o

  • i need your ending song, what is?

  • i Love this anime so muchhh :)

  • Besto opanig

  • Melhor Abertura 😍😍

  • The best anime song ever!!!!! 💓❤❤💓😘

  • 0:00

    • 0:00 is the best place to start listening to the song

  • este opening me hace sentir como si fuera uno de FMAB (Spanish commentary)

  • For some reason i imagine Noelle singing this lmao

  • ASta goul?

  • I love it Black Clover season is awesome and amazing job art work

  • where did you download that image? it looks cool

  • Goosebumps

  • Let's be honest, we came to hear the trap beats lol