Black Lightning Behind the Scenes + Secret Origins | TOP 5 HEADLINES

čas přidán 18. 11. 2019
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  • #SaveSwampThing

  • What is on DC universe?

  • If you want to learn about GOOD Titans stories (and the horror that was the "CRISIS"), listen to Marv Wolfman... More DCTV on The C-SJW...

  • Does drawing comics actually pay the bills? I always wondered what the paycheck system is like

  • Promote Black Lightning like the white shows.

    • Ign uploaded all the DCTV 2019 trailers at Comic Con except for Black Lightning's. I don't know what the reason is but that seems like questionable promotion.

  • oh man just got finished watching episode 5 of watchmen. Oh man this show !

  • Wish they would bring back swamp thing instead.

  • As much as I am against Black Lightning joining the other shows I can't lie it was interesting seeing the universes touch in the teasers. It was really crazy seeing a title character from a superhero show on CW who actually looks and sounds and feels like an adult with the usual CW heroes that look and sound like boys or teens. I mean look at the title characters on the other shows and the way they look and sound and tell me they don't feel like children instead of adults. Cress Williams the actor actually looks and sounds like a man instead of a boy or teen. As a result it's easier to take heroes like him and 90s Flash more seriously. Constantine is also another and so is Martian Manhunter. Stephen Amell and Grant Gustin feel like boys rather than men. It's probably the way their faces look but I think it's mainly their voices.

  • I think since Black Lightning should cast their own version of Halo, since they are dealing with Markovia

    • Thought of that too, Terra & Breon if im spelling it right 🤷🏾

  • Black Lightning will suffer being shoved into the CWverse shows. Different tones and narratives. Completely clashes with what Black Lightning is doing with their show. Multiversal conflicts feel cartoonistic and COMPLETELY out of place in this show's setting. It's been disconnected from all the other shows and universes for so long that this whole thing feels forced. It will force a break in the story they are trying to tell(one that's arguably deeper and more relevant than anything the other CW shows are doing including Crisis). The benefits of a standalone universe allowed the show to tell the stories they wanted to tell without having to worry about other continuity or continuity restraints. And it also prevented the characters from having to be sidekicks, servants, and tokens to white superheroes(something that has been done to death including on Cw's other shows.) The whole thing feels forced considering all the work they've done to establish this standalone universe and it's individuality and identity. Forcing things results in disaster.

    • Mr.Wolfchamp 1999 I love dc they have my favorite heroes

    • @Damian Wayne fwdc?

    • There could still be hope. I love the black lightning tv show and it works in its own world with the other fw dc shows. Possibly it’s a chance he won’t be completely shoved into the other shows by letting only 5 earths stand. Arrow and flash already take place on the same earth so it could work this way we get to keep what the integrity and what they have built on black lightning .

    • Mr.Wolfchamp 1999 I love you wording one this. I also agree. I like the fact that BL gets to have an experience with the other heroes, but the tone of the show is different like u said. I don’t really want it to merge but if it does I would want them to keep the tone of BL instead of making it like more kid friendly like what happen to arrow

  • Embarrassing show and CW should be cancelled.

    • @Joey Harry Enjoy the shoe everyone.

    • MRTUPAC 28 how ugly is the “Shoe” to be embarrassing lol