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Blackway & Black Caviar - "What's Up Danger" (Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse) [Official Audio]

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"What's Up Danger" is the second single from the official soundtrack album Spider-Man™: Into the Spider-Verse (available December 14, 2018). The film opens in theaters nationwide the same day. Get the song here:
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Phil Lord and Christopher Miller, the creative minds behind The Lego Movie and 21 Jump Street, bring their unique talents to a fresh vision of a different Spider-Man Universe, with a groundbreaking visual style that’s the first of its kind. Spider-Man™: Into the Spider-Verse introduces Brooklyn teen Miles Morales, and the limitless possibilities of the Spider-Verse, where more than one can wear the mask.
Shameik Moore
Hailee Steinfeld
Mahershala Ali
Jake Johnson
Liev Schreiber
Brian Tyree Henry
Luna Lauren Velez
Lily Tomlin
Nicolas Cage
John Mulaney
Kimiko Glenn
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  • When you doge a bullet me:hit the the radio. Kfox:lih what's up danger :I me:😎😎😎😎😎😎😎 See's mom with chankla me:ohoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo my weakness like what's up danger gets hit with chankla RAN IT'S THE The CHankla zilla!!!!!!!

  • go to 56:42

  • My nick name is danger

  • Ha ha I was listening to this and my grand daughter said MeMa what's a hoe😂. I said he said for smh

  • How bad do you want that line in Spider-Man Far from home?

  • RIP Stan lee who made this aLL


  • 99.5 -per opps- 99.4% comment what's up danger jokes 0.4 -per UGH- 0.4% comment how epic the sence was 0.1% this type of comment

  • Black Caviar killn baby with hanger Chip Chippersons mugg says what’s up danger

  • To goood

  • Man, Danger is a dick. Not once did he say "What's up" back

  • Me Playing Fortnite 1v50 What's Up Danger... Don't Be A Stranger. 😉

  • i put milk before cereal *whats up danger*

  • When you're the only Mexican and nobody who speaks Spanish *What's up danger*

  • When you argue with your girl while driving on the highway

  • Teacher:Did you finish your homework Me:. :((((( Teacher: why? Me:Was hearing this"Song" Teacher:Which one? Me:You shouldnt listen to it Teacher:Why? Me:Cause it's dangerous What's up danger 0:47

  • I blasted this while waiting to testify against my abusive father in court and this song is now my internal badass anthem. Like, this is the shit that goes off in my head when I feel super anxious but I gotta do something.

  • 2019?

  • Like what's up danger can't st op me now I said I gotcha now

  • I'm Always gonna ansa my phone

  • What's up danger don't be a stranger

  • 2:10

  • When you play Wii tennis without the safety strap.

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  • Comments: 60 % - (meme) what's up danger? 30 % - CANT DO IT ON COMMAND 10 % - Such a good scene 😭💕

  • When you meet danger *what's up danger*

  • What up danger

  • The guitar part is what gets to me the most🔥🎸

  • When my parents tell me to do something but I don’t do it *What’s up danger?*

  • When you eat 2 gummy vitamins instead of 1 *What’s up danger*

  • 2:40

  • When you’re playing a game and a kid named にか中谷日812 joins

  • Great movie Great film What's up

  • 2:40 gives me chills everytime

  • I love when the glass breaks but I can't help wonder thoes people who whent to work and the glass was just broken. Like glass ain't cheep. Lol

  • Smells like updanger

  • Omg 42:03 is so good!

  • Who is here from movie ?... only me ?

  • When you play Czechoslovakia in HOI4 *whats up danger*

  • Yeah Yeah

  • When you put the dishes in sink instead of the counter

  • Can't stop me now!!!!!!

  • listening to this song, after my crush just called me cute, is making me melt at the same time as build a wall, so he cant hurt me like every other time he has played with me, i love him though soooo, imma say 'whats up danger'

  • Eu amei muito mais muito mesmo essa música, a tradução dela para o português e muito legal ,eu gostei também do filme do Miles Morales, pq antes de lançar o filme muita gente nem sabia dos outros aranhas mais agora deu para mostrar eles no universo cinematográfico da Marvel Observação:esse e o único comentário em português kkkk

  • The song is so trash but so good

  • This song is LIT

  • La canción me gusta la canción

  • Friend: Let's play the "Say hello to 2 friends" game. Me: OK. Friend: I will go first. Hello Zack. Umm. Let's go to Tom's house. Hello Tom. Me: My turn. Hello Alex. Umm let's go to the top of a steep cliff. *we get up to the top of a steep cliff* What's up Danger. Friend: WHAT THE! WE CAME UP HERE ALL FOR THIS?! Me: Yep. Friend: WHY!? Me: You're the one who decided to play "Say hello to 2 friends" game.

  • When you wake up one minute before having to go to work what’s up Danger

  • WHAT. A. MOVIE! And what a song! Clap clap clap

  • When you skipped the tutorial of a game you're playing for the first time.

  • What up *danger* when fighting every boss at once

  • The first thing I saw about this movie was some promotional images (I think) some months before it came out. The one that really stuck with me was the one of Miles jumping, the perspective making it look as if he is going up instead of down. It looked so... Powerful? So yeah, the moment I knew the scene was _actually happening_ I let out some tears. Man. Crying not because a movie it's emotional, but because how beautiful it looks. Before, I only had that emotion with Ghibli, and that says something about how good this was xD ahhh-

  • Put+454=)=_)&@4532)(654++///44555=)=_-+=264+=))==+1222111dre

  • 5:51 is my favorite part

  • YEET


  • Two-thousand on thermometers Two-thousand surroundin' us Travel two-thousand kilometers To hang out with us What's up, danger? (Danger) What's up, danger? (Danger) Ayy, gettin' old, they doubted us Makes it that more marvelous Sign 'em up, 'cause I'm in this vibe and I get synonymous What's up, danger? Ayy, don't be a stranger 'Cause I like high chances that I might lose (lose) I like it all on the edge just like you, ayy I like tall buildings so I can leap off of 'em I go hard wit' it no matter how dark it is I'm insane but on my toes I could keep the world balanced on my nose I had a slumber party wit' all my foes Now I wear 'em like a badge of honor all my clothes If I'm crazy, I'm on my own If I'm waitin', it's on my throne If I sound lazy, just ignore my tone 'Cause I'm always gonna answer when you call my phone Like, what's up, danger? (Danger) Like, what's up, danger? (Danger) D-don't be a stranger What's up, danger? Two-hundred miles-per-hour wit' a blindfold on (on) Mama always askin', "Where did I go wrong?" (wrong) What's up, danger? Ah, what's up, danger? Traveled two-hundred miles, I'm knockin' at your door And I don't really care if you ain't done wrong, come on What's up, danger? (Danger) D-don't be a stranger (stranger) I like it when trouble brews, I won’t dare change I like it when there’s turbulence on my airplanes I like it when I sense things I can’t see yet Swimmin' with sharks when they ain't feed yet 'Cause I like high chances that I might lose I like it all on the edge just like you, ayy I like tall buildings so I can leap off of 'em I go hard wit' it no matter how dark it is If I'm crazy, I'm on my own If I'm waitin', it's on my throne If I sound lazy, just ignore my tone 'Cause I'm always gonna answer when you call my phone Like, what's up, danger? (Danger) Like, what's up, danger? Can't stop me now I said, "I got you now" I'm right here at your door I won't leave, I want more What's up, danger? Yeah, what's up, danger? Can't stop me now, yeah I said, "I got you now" Come on, what's up, danger? Come on, I said, "What's up, danger?"

  • More like high chances I will win

  • Hello Peril


  • When you find a entitled parent and they try to hit you or something. WHATS UP DANGER!

  • When you do an entire test in pen *WHATS UP DANGER*

  • Goku "i can keep the world on my nose

  • I listen to this when i asked my crush out it worked😅😅

  • Horrible song the people should Regret making this

  • The movie scene song was better

  • When im sad and I listen to this it make me want revenge on who made me sad. CUZ WHATS A DANGER

  • My fav song and I love spider-man universum

  • Best movie ever and dop song

  • When you buy Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

  • 0:40

  • when you get a F in school and your nervous of what your parents have to say. what's up danger

  • This song fits so well in the movie, absolutely love it, no doubts.

  • This movie is a boost

  • When you’r trying to make a funny comment, but people Might not like it. *What’s up danger*

  • This song is damn hype concentrated!

  • PVP... first time

  • The sound of a Blitz main rushing Me: What’s up danger?

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  • My kids really loved this movie and its music

  • Danger: I have come calling for you! Me: What's up Danger? Danger: Oh hey bro. Didn't know it was you here, my bad Me: Don't be a stranger man!

  • Cool song

  • Liking CS-tv rewind *What’s Up Danger*

  • 2:30 this is where the tingling sensation kicks in, your welcome

  • Yo whats up

  • Listening to this while watching my tortoise crawl around the yard makes it better.

  • inserte un like para empezar a ver los que hablan español aqui

  • Miles is BOSS man, and his suit is cooler than Peter’s EVER was.

  • Keeps missing the skill check on purpose and the trapper is coming What's up danger!

  • Random time stamps 1:32 2:54 0:21 3:01 cost 1 like

  • Lachlan

  • When you enter a high level area in runescape with all your good stuff