Blessed Images because my house was robbed /r/blessedimages top all #56 [REDDIT REVIEW]

čas přidán 2. 12. 2019
reddit top voted all blessed images are nothing but treat epicl
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  • Did that dog just quote John Lennon?

  • The reason Donald trump ate pizza like that was because it was a pizza hit add for their stuffed crust, so he was eating the crust

  • the last fox I saw was dead in the middle of the road

  • Pewdiepie: i dont care about curing diseases Everyone in 2020: well sh*t

  • Felix being a softie for 10 minutes

  • I like how it's pronounced yoshi but felix calls him yawshi.

  • Ha

  • 13:17 a warning for the year to come

  • I'm sure it's been mentioned before but the picture of Trump eating a pizza backwards was an ad for stuffed crust pizza at Pizza Hut.

  • 4:44 Garfield confirmed

  • 19 y/o grandma

  • You can still see the 2011 PewDiePie in this video or is that just me

  • FRICK NOW🥕🥕🥕🥕🥕

  • 14:47 Pewds then: that is so wholesome Pewds now: look at that simp

  • 2:25 “My name is Yoshikage Kira. I am 33 years old.”

  • I was Jared at least twice. Here with PewDiePie and on EmKay channel. Bruh.

  • 3:51 any Community fans out there?

  • My house just got robbed, remembered this video... crazy how much better pewds can make me feel

  • This is so freken wholesome. Bless you pewds. Bless y'all.

  • The dog in the picture “shut up I trying to get my degree in bitches get off my ass”

  • 💕I love that decoration❤️2:44💖

  • 600,000th like

  • 12:23 foxes in ghost of tsushima

  • she married a youtuber?

  • 13:20 does anyone not notice that Donald Trump said boring all caps

  • My mom was yelling at me the entire day and this video honestly made my day. Though generally speaking, I’m not really accepted in the family for being a lesbian and quarantine/being away from people I feel safe by didn’t make it any better. But at least I have Felix’s videos that give me at least a little bit of serotonin. The time I spend watching his videos is almost as good as spending time with a really good friend, thank you Felix for helping me throughout these days! (I’m sorry if this was poorly worded because my eyes were tearing :”)

  • The rats have learned how to wield snipers

  • Not to defend trump. But I immediately thought “that’s a stuffed crust pizza commercial” . I was correct lol

  • 9:14

  • 2:53 best camera placement ever

  • 1:23 **Me seeing jared for the 3rd time** *Hi jared*


  • Salute rather that sold yugioh

  • I send u toad boi

  • Seeing pew die pie have a heart be like 💗🙂😄

  • 0:16 "I shouldn't have said that, I should have NOT said that."

  • I'm super sad because of quarantine. I fell better now

  • 13:25 its important goddamit! you need to suffer through eating the crust and reward yourself by eating the best part at the end!

  • Here i am seeing jared for the second time in the same video

  • Pewds people eat seals

  • Just try to think about or imagine what an adventure that missing dog, his goat friend and his other dog friend had while coming back home (5:16)

  • We do have support dogs! 😊 The school I work at has a support dog, one of her jobs is to listen to children read to gain confidence if they struggle with reading out loud. Edit:I live in England btw

  • I was cry and saw this video and now im laughing, thank u Felix

  • a veeeeeery niiiiiice content

  • he sounds sad

  • Did his place actually get robbed

  • Not gonna lie I needed this

  • "you will never see Jared again" Me: favorites video so I can see Jared again

  • my anxiety is gone for now thank you

    • We are all lucky to have this man in our lives

  • that dog likely has a sad background story and is a final boss somewhere.

  • h

  • this does put a smile on my face

  • Pewdez is a VEGAN

  • imagine them interrogating the bird... "Sir, if you refuse to cooperate we will have to keep you here until you give us some answers."

  • I have seen Jared multiple times now

  • 5:11 Imagine being so chill that youre friends with a gator Snake Discovery would like to know your location

  • When he finds out people do actually eat seals...

  • 15% of comments be: Whoever robbed pewds was an asshole 5% random shit 80% tHiS DidNT AgE WeLl

  • I follow that Ups dog Page on insta!! Just search "ups dogs", itll bless youre feed!!

  • PewDiePie: * calls a sea lion a seal* People who study the oceans: peace was never an option