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  • YO WTF-

  • It’s all the fun and games until he does ten and stimpy

  • It was all a dream.

  • I wanted to cry at the end

  • The ending is sad to the point where it was comedy to a drama

  • Wow this fucked me up a bit at the end. Especially since I have a beagle and that dog at the end looks a lot like a beagle

  • I love your videos because my twisted sense of humor. But this. THIS. Is a masterpiece that deserves an Oscar.

  • Holy shit I wasn’t expecting that ending

  • I’ve never cried while watching a CS-tv video before. That was wierd


  • Werid

  • It's all because of that damn phone

  • Wtf that's fucked up

  • i hated the ending so sad for the puppy but lovely video

  • You ruind my childhood

  • I’m guessing he had an extreme case of paranoid schizophrenia. Amazing animation and story telling 11/10


  • My childhood’s ruined

  • They should make a part 2 with a better ending, even though meatcanyon is meant to be bad and scary. It’s just too sad.

  • Super sad saludos desde México jejeje 🤠🥰🇲🇽

  • Yo what the f***😐😐🤮

  • im never going to sleep again

  • He has been high for a vary vary long time

  • Why are they ugly

  • ...,.....

  • Holy Shit this is the most darkest one I've seen so far.

  • *im shaking*

  • I was laughing at the mailbox's personality but now Im mentally crying inside.

  • Holyyyy shit. That- that was- I- oh god. You switched it up a bit on this one, and jesus it was twisted.

  • W h a t

  • It’s depressing that some people actually suffer from conditions like this and it’s very common, this video made me gag

  • Please seek therapy.

  • Well, f*ck...Tonight I ain't gonna sleep.

  • Can you please do an episode with Trisha paytas lol

  • This Scared Me That If I Ever Went Into Some Rage I Would Hurt My Dog 😭

  • Meatcanyon you are ruining my mental health each day 😭

  • demented youtuber


  • 😳

  • no wonder he left the show god the fuck damn

  • Im crying My kexyboaxrdx is floodexd ]]x

  • I did not know this was going to happen 😳

  • LOL that's funny XD

  • I feel like this is a reminder that sometimes your animal companion may be annoying and make a mess, but at the end of the day they bring happiness and colors to your life.

  • I'm supprisd his house isn't blue

  • Did everyone turn into wussies in the gayments?

  • The only movie that outcome to be cruel even not inch funny. I watched it one time and I could not more.

  • God dame idk what to say xd

  • Out of all his videos, this is pretty sad

  • this was dark

  • every object yelling about how blue is doing more clues, while the mail box is screaming how he is full of mail and that the mail man is coming back again.

  • COVID turn him into a monster

  • this hit hard and i dunno why

  • Every time I watch this it always gives me sadness and anxiety at the end😭😭

  • touching the dog?now you went too far pal.

  • Here's the breakdown: So the reason Steve has become crazy is because his original dog, the real Blue has died. He lost his best friend and in his grief he tried to replace her. You know this because during his speech he tells his dog "you've lost all resemblance to the dog that I knew" he tries to run away from his new dog who he hallucinates is blue, when they have become too "needy". When we see "Blue" coughing and vomiting in the beginning it's because Steve's new dog is sickly and also starving due to neglect. The clues "Blue" leaves around are the basic needs of the dog such as food on the dog bowl. "Blue" is possibly disabled, but either way looking at this new dog it's ugly to him because it can never replace real Blue thus taking the form of a monster. Steve is incredibly lonely and never leaves the house. We know this because his mailbox is stuffed to the brim, and inanimate objects become personified as they are the only contact he has to the outside world when it comes to socialization. His objects such as the TV try to tell him that "Blue" is leaving him clues. Which means his subconscious mind is attempting to tell him to take care of his new dog because he is neglecting them and the dog is crying out for help. The mailbox ask Steve if he orders alot of prime and Blue touches the laptop so he may spend all of his time addicted to online shopping but can't bring himself to actually leave the house to get it. The TV also plays a commercial that's telling Steve to love and care for his dog. The "Blue" Steve's runs away from in the paintings represents that no matter where Steve goes he can never get away and that's why "Blue" can travel though what seems like space and time. But it's really just his mind attacking him because he feels hurt that the real Blue left him. Right up until the moments that Steve kills his new dog you can see "blue" wagging their tail, showing Steve they are still happy and they still love Steve. It was just hard to notice through all of the monstrous qualities that the hallucination of new Blue had.

    • Bro its just a silly cartoon trying to be edgy.

    • @空条 承太郎 i was just about to say that lol

    • Damn

    • Bruh I keep coming back to this to try and figure out what it meant and now u explained it. Thanks

  • I theorize that the dog was just asking for food…he hasn’t been fed in a while, and the blue substance could be puke. He’s kept in horrible condition.

  • childhood = gone

  • damn....

  • See Doctor Markiplier or Dr Mario in weird style for mental medication

  • The end actually made a tear up wtf...

  • just like always it's f*cking disgusting!

  • When Steve had enough

  • Well This was horrifying

  • no beagle my dog

  • *It is just a drawing. It’s just a drawing. It’s just a drawing.* *breaks down in tears*

  • I wanted to start my dad crying. Thanks

  • All the videos usually make me laugh, but this... Damn that ending is gonna disturb my head for a few nights

  • Bro why am I actually emotional

  • 0-0

  • That puking was so realistic your videos disgust me I guess there supose ti

  • I gotta go hug my dog now...god this hit too close to home...

  • And this is why you shouldn't stop taking your antipsychotics

  • The crippled "drawing" of a dog at the end is hillarious... My doberman found this funny. 😂 You now weild the power of controversy my friend. You are ready to make a fully fledged animated movie. And I love your mind.!!! 👌🏾

  • Dhar Mann plss

  • Damn

  • You okay? At first it was kinda funny dark humor. But that's just going too far

  • man your shit used to be funny now all you make is this kinda crazy bat shit insane stuff.

  • The ending was beaultiful in some way like the end of a horror movie

  • The ending made me cry!

  • I cried at the end

  • This remind me of that garfield game Anyone too?

  • This was depressing


  • this is so fucked up but you have my applause

  • Wow. I cried at the end it resembled my dog.

  • How depressing

  • The horror of the context within the fantasy was bad enough, but to then put it into reality. Fuck me.... You haven't lost your touch !

  • I can only imagine what it looked like outside of steves perspective :(

  • Damn bro that's just sad

  • Schizophrenia.mp4

  • thật tội cho chú chó😭

  • This hurt way too much :) wth

  • Holy shit...I think Im more mentally fucked up now.

  • Holy. Shit. That was soul crushing

  • WTF i so scary

  • 3:50 the girl isn't in the TV. She's in front of the blood on the TV.

  • Fuck dude… just… holy shit…

  • that got dark reall quick

  • The way my cousin actually stomped his own dogs head in- yeah uh.. time to take a very long mental health hiatus.