BMW E36 Rebuild in 10 Minutes | 2 days project | NIGHTRIDE 4K

čas přidán 2. 04. 2021
Today we present to you a 2 day fix that we managed to do with our friends winter beater BMW e36.
The car looked terrible after winter and we wanted to make it look slick again with low budget.


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  • polska tablica :D

  • I love how the car turned out. But why do you guys not use primer?

  • What is the body kit you put on it? Thanks

  • i love seeing cars that are badly abused gets what it deserved. LOVE.

  • May I ask where can find this widebody please help I need it too nice 😍😍😍

  • Z czego zrobiliście dokładki na progi

  • budget tuning only can happen in poland :D

  • Nice job, but some elements bullshit

  • Quality work here makes me wanna do it myself

  • russian build

  • Where do you guys get all your parts from ?

  • anyone know where to get the front & rear panels from?

  • Szacun za pomysł ale te rynny po bokach i lampy z tyłu wieś jak skurwysyn

  • How expensive it was??

  • o widze ze Polska rejstracja Przypniesz?

  • co to za dokładeczka do przedniego zderzaczka? ;)

  • ja z Polski

  • This is the one I saw from TikTok

  • Bardzo dobra robota Panowie ,pytanie gdzie dostać taką ładną dokładkę zderzaka????????????????????

  • Takie pytanie.. Wy chodziliście do jakiej szkoły (w sensie np technikum samochodowe)??

  • Polacy a taka ręka do aut

  • My favourite CS-tv video guys-..

  • What body kit is this????

  • C'est ce que j'appelle mettre du neuf sur de la merde, je suis réellement triste que cette BMW n'a pas eu une réelle remise en état...

  • Cool) From Rus

  • polacy? O_o

  • what model is the car?

  • Why u dechrome logo 😢

  • Tymczasem ja myślący że kupiliście odemnie tego gruza żeby go skończyć... Dobra robota!

  • Rejestracja Czerwionki Leszczyn haha

  • What’s the engine inside this bmw ?

  • No Panowie powiem kozak projekt :) Szacun

  • anyone know what that front lip @ 03:00 is called?

  • bardzo fajny projekt

  • What motor is in that car?

  • All I keep thinking about is how water can rust those cut sections of the body kit

  • srb-serbia

  • okádék munka

  • Which overfenders and what front lip are those? Would really like to put them on my Drifter..

  • zostaje tu

  • siemka! macie link do body kitu albo stronka na której bym kupił taki sam? z góry dzięki 💪

  • How much did it cost ?

  • Wow...amazing ...👍👍

  • sub od razu wlatuje

  • Zostawiam wielkie ❤️❤️❤️❤️ pod filmem. Luks się oglądało. To pierwszy film który od Was obejrzałem. Tak trzymać 🖐️💪

  • Awesome works :)

  • You guys mind helping me redo my E36😢❤

  • Мужики красавы

  • Siemanko chłopaki, ile zapłaciliście za cały projekt wraz z autem?

  • What about the rust tho?? :(

  • Hey man, nice job y’all did there! Actually got the exact same dream!!!! Would you mind telling me the name of the bodykit? And what kind of paint you used?

  • Polak potrafi

  • Are you from Poland?

  • Это вы украли колеса с семейного?

  • what over fenders are those? and width of wheels if you dont mind me askin?

  • This inspired me to buy one.. Literally a few days after watching this I bought an e36 325is coupe! So stoked to start drifting. Anyone know where to get tail lights like those ones at the end? They looks so sick. Must be custom?

    • i think those are just vinyl wrapped

  • Bardzo dobra robota panowie 😁

  • Wow great WORKK :D I have few questions about your project if you are willing to answer. I am wondering where did you buy or you made yourself those tin exterior parts? Also did you make that radiator support yourself? How did you guys deal with rust problems and do you have any recommendations of videos I can learn more about fixing rust problems? Thanks for reading and have a good day :D

  • So beautiful

  • Amazing my brother From Indonesia BMW fans 😘😘😘😘

  • Jaki sprzęt do nagrywek?

  • 👏👏👏👏👏🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • What’s the total cost to make the car please respond

  • is it only me or its fcking awesome wiithout the bumper ?

  • Like ta pidpuska xlopci)

  • 3:54 is that K E V I N?!

  • Hell yea🤘🏻♠️ did you use that home privacy film to overlay the tails ??

  • well done my friend, keep it going 👍👍👍

  • Świetna z was ekipa. Każdy dał coś od siebie i powstał śliczny bokiemlot ;) Mam nadzieję że mój małoletni syn bedzie miał takie zajawki a nie siedzenie na chacie. Pozdrawiam

  • whats absolutely beautiful car😩

  • wyku*****a robota

  • Приветствую куплю такие рейлинги на е36 на крышу

  • This is just a decor of BMW

  • Ciekawa robota chłopaki, fajny projekt To pierwszy film jaki zobaczyłem na tym kanale i chyba mam wiele do nadrobienia Pozdro

  • Great🚀

  • Great🚀

  • How can I make the tires rotated outwards like this? does it affect the car in a negative way?

  • That front lip ruined it for me. Dope car regardless.

  • fuckingggg aweeesummmmm!!!!! good work guys⚡⚡⚡

  • gdyby nie rejka pomyslalbym ze to produkcja stany,gb na pewno nie polska szacun

  • Пороги некрасиво смотрятся

  • Какие 2 дня? Я день только ходовая снимал на своей е46

  • Ładnie ładnie

  • I wish the video didn't have that stupid music!!!

  • А какой там движок?

  • big respect from norway!😍

  • This is my dream, but my friends don't like cars, I have no money, no experience and I am a 14 year old student. But without a doubt I would like to achieve it

  • What engine do you have? I have a 1.8 naturale aspirated, has 140 hp on weight 1200 (approximately ) and doesn't drift like that, but the engine it's unbreakable, i was thinking about puting a turbo but i do not want on stock internals i want to fully rebuild the engine and the car. But you guys made it seem very easy. 😅😅

  • Kozacko

  • My dream car 🤤

  • no words! bez slow! jest kottt!

  • 9:09 that entry

  • so good

  • 2:45 Where can i find it?

  • Where is the over fenders from?

  • Czemu jesteście Polakami i się tego wstydzicie

  • Ziemlich viel daran gepfuscht... Schade drum...

  • Wiedzą co robią swoi :D Pozdrawiam ze Śląska :D

  • How do you name in english this cover pannel for door? 3:44

  • Спасибо чуваки 🤘🏼🤘🏼🤘🏼