Boats in Waves you wouldn't believe | Haulover best of 2020

čas přidán 31. 12. 2020
Haulover Inlet Boat Action in 30 min.

Here you will find a variety of videos showing the coolest boats hitting rough waves through the infamous Haulover Inlet, one of the most dangerous inlets in the US.
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  • We stick together during this crazy 2020. Huge THANKS. We hope those videos helped you to handle the quarantine and this new normal. Happy New Year 2️⃣0️⃣2️⃣1️⃣ Stay tuned, more great content coming...Stay safe, dear friends!

    • Your new normal!!

    • @Boat Zone yes boat zone you are 100% AMAZING 👏

    • nEw NoRmAl

    • @Rui Domingos Once again...the tolerant left everybody!

    • It's not the new normal and it never will be

  • So many submarine captains, lol

  • Yeah just slosh your kids around in the bow that seems real safe

  • What breaks off the top of The Beast at 1:38 ?

  • Truly a collection of idiots. It's amazing!

  • Your videos are like watching a fire...can't stop watching. And then there's cute butts at the end.

  • See what happens when you act like a jack ass just because you have a bunch of ass on the boat?

  • Maybe you wouldn’t need to bail if you didn’t have 20 people in that little boat

  • So she flys out and they don’t instantly turn about?

  • Damn the beast rocked it

  • Idiots on parade 😡

  • Looks like most or about 80 percent of the captains DO NOT know how to drive a boat though the Inlet. A lot of people getting hurt because these captains are showing off or just plain dumb. !!

  • Money does not make saylors.

  • In my country boat drivers like those would have lost their licence at once. Boats wrongly loaded, children in the bow while facing waves, no life vests. One even falls and loses control of the boat without safety line to stop the engine. One losing a girl and not manouvering at once to distance the propellers from the woman at sea and not stopping the boat at once, with another passenger taking the initiative to jump into the water for rescue but without life buoy. Where did they learn to sail????🤦🏻‍♂️ The only ones who navigated properly, thank God, were the ones who by experience and by performance of their boat could if necessary be faster: the Coast Guard guys. The ony real sailors there.

  • Those bitches like attention much? Makes me nautious

  • No wonder why Trump won Florida, that state must be full of idiots, well, no doubt.

  • Все ,что могут предложить современные самки миру,это дырки,прикрытые куском материи....

  • Your mystery boat looks like a checkmate.

  • 18:22 ele cai, voa e se arrebenta, mas a cerveja do cara ainda está na mão!

  • OK does that fucking idiot actually have a face mask on on the bow of a fucking boat I pause the video as soon as I saw him I hope he does the biggest phase plan I’ve ever seen in my life

  • It’s great watching people that don’t understand why the following Sea is , far more dangerous than head on

  • There’s nothing better than watching lake people get a taste of the ocean. Do you see that Michigan shirt you know there’s gonna be a face plant

  • The parents letting those little kids chill in the bow while it keeps porposing without life jackets is pretty fvcking stupid.

  • unbelievable how they let kids in the front of the boat without life vests. It is totally irresponsible and it's a miracle that not more kids drown there every day. The Haulover Inlet is probably not the most dangerous bar in the world, but those "skippers" surely are...

  • Do the strippers come with the boats?

  • Obviously the gods protect drunks idiots and Many of these fools .

  • I like Boat Zone endorsed by Alfred Montaneer

  • I can't believe they're allowed to drive that fast through that inlet, or even entering the inlet.

  • Just think, the guy in the Beast now gets to wipe down the entire inside of the boat not that all that salt water got everywhere! SUCKS to be him now.

  • Lots of trumpers

    • Yep, Farking around and Finding out.

  • The women goes overboard, and then the guy makes it even worse by diving in...Also why do parents put kids in the bow with no life jackets, it amazes me, it's not all about looking cool...

  • 4:27 you cut all the fun part.

  • As a boat driver I am always going that fast in messy water when I am alone. Be abuse passengers with no knowledge or which aren’t watching exactly the waves. The boat and can not know in forefront what’s about to come are not abgetötet prepare their body for the massiveforces. Teeth, bones, head….all easy targets to get damaged without even having a big incident.

  • Is it just me but, isn't there a capacity limit for passengers on boats for hire (11:49)? Surely if things go wrong out at sea the Captain is liable.?

  • love the dude at 7-32 filming over his shoulder towards the bow

  • makes you want to yell, "FASTER YOU IDIOT!"

  • Why the fuck r the kids not wearing life jackets

  • what hapened to the girl that felloff!!!!!???

  • It’s official!! I am Awesome!!!

  • Next understand why the state and local governments don't put a big wall out a ways to stop those waves in that inlet... seems they like spending millions on rescue and seeing people die...

  • Dude caught some AIR at 1:20, nothing like nearly drowning your kids in the front of the boat earlier.

  • Inch of morons!

  • Wow. Who could have guessed that overloading, inexperience and irresponsibility could be a recipe for disaster???

  • Что упало, то пропало) 😄 👍

  • is there no speed limit in that shotover... crazy speeds being run?

  • Bikini. Check Boat. Check Beer. Check Bounced into the brine without life jacket. Check

  • Mystery boat 1 was a checkmate

  • #1 taking such a beating that the bow girl gets tossed off the side like a ragdoll just make the entire year of filming worth it.

  • It’s insane midnight express quad 90 mph?

  • i'm convinced I am in the wrong line of work

  • 4:05😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • This place is a death trap.

  • Florida is the gayest place on Earth

  • These people are crazy and should lose their kids. Not having life jackets on kids in these kinds of waves is asking for tragedy. The parents should be ashamed.

  • This Chanel sucks you don’t even focus on the boats it’s always on the half naked women all you want to look at

  • That Intrepid: “Put your titty away, mama.”

  • So I did see a drone

  • Ummm sea ray single mercury had a Suzuki on the back

  • 1.3 Mil for that yellow 2 seater? Pffft…

  • The coast guard was like f this were going back!

  • So, now that they can't water board anymore, they just take them on a bow rider to get answeres? Good idea.

  • Why do so many young women become strippers the moment they get on a boat?

    • Im guessing they were actually really slutty before they got on the boat.

  • That boat with those nasty hoes on the front-end hitting that post marker...🤣😂🤣

  • Wow the only thing missing from these clowns driving the boats are their Covid masks, lol. Thanks for the video, really tells a lot about people. God bless

  • LOL…The ‘ol nip slip @ 1:55

  • Piuttosto che tirare indietro la manetta di un millimetro ..... si ammazzano loro e i propri cari .... mi dispiace per i bambini , vittime di adulti malati !!

  • Omg I need seatbelt 😂😂😂

  • Great video but it shows just how stupid some boaters really are.


  • 21:55 did no one get the boat? Glastron!

  • 5:25 he absolutely man handled the inlet

  • LOL, who was that guy in the BLOW-UP BOAT??!!! LOL 20:07

  • im so rich i dont care muffy!

  • mystery boat # 1 is a CHECKMATE ...

    • Looks like a Glastron to me.

  • How anyone could fly a flag with trumps name on it is beyond me....

  • What amazes me is how many are not wearing life preservers in rough water

  • In NZ I would say most boat owners actually know how to operate a boat safely and considerately, with perhaps just two percent being completely incompetent or inconsiderate F/witts. It seems remarkable that in America (and so much money poured into boats, the ratio seems to be the other way around.

  • The drone looks so close from the outside, but when you see the drone-view it's pretty far away still!

  • Trump idiot boat 0 - Sign post 1

  • 17:28 I was wishing he fell in

  • I love these fucking idiots with there Trump flags. Look at your state now idiots with all the Covid outbreaks going on...!!! As the saying goes; "There is a sucker born every minute"...(g)

  • Speeding in an inlet with children in the front without life preservers on rough seas. Nice

  • Dude you need to use a drone for some good close up bikini shots!!

  • I live here, you don't need a permit to pilot a boat here, even a rather large vessel, add a very rough inlet and you get some quite sketchy events.

  • The guy in the blue shorts at about 29:15 is obviously super rich...

  • 12 minutes into the video and Ive already seen more clueless boat passengers than Ive seen in 20 years boating in my area. They are so stupid that I would actually laugh if and when more of the idiots go overboard haha. Im actually hoping for it now...

  • How can these people and especially the kids like the one who went overboard be not wearing life jackets in those conditions? I know up here in Washington all these people would be getting tickets so fast... Prettt much nobody in the entire video has one on except for the super tiny boats and JetSkis.

  • The dude destroying his NorTec 390 was just going too slow

  • Please explain somebody to a noob. Is their ride going to be smooth, if they go very slow? Or speed doesn’t matter?

    • Speed is all that matters

  • that Intrepid 1 Twin Merc made me fall of my chair laughing

  • Im norwegian.. Where seamanship is culture and the ocean is feared and respected. I would literally beat the living shit out of half of these skippers if i had been a passenger. There must be loads of serious accidents in this inlet? Also clearly quite a few of them have been drinking. Tell me, isnt there any training required to drive these big powerboats? In norway there are several types of lisences required depending on size and speed capabilities.

  • Those girls on those boats isn't fair. It's just not fair watching rhem wag their asses, so unfair., so I can't watch.

  • So what the hell with the captain of that boat after that girl went overboard, then her friend jumping off the back to save her"????? This video shows a good number of these vessels burying their noses in the swells and the occupants being drenched, ha, ha, ha.

  • 1:55 lol dumb

  • anyone taking that inlet with kids without life vests should have their boats seized. what I learned from watching this video is that there are alot of people in boats who shouldn't be. that chick fell over board and the captain kept going forward., no one should be up front in those water.

  • that second boat was a violation= three kids - no life vests.

  • 13:30 try to spot the drone. Bad ass flying skills. 21:57 Maxum 2400 SCR with single Mercruiser 5.0. 4:07 The most dangerous inlet in America and you have an unsecured person laying on the lounge area in front of your windshield when you are about to go into massive waves. That person is screaming and barely hanging on. And then he pushes it into a wave to send them flying into the soup with no life jacket in an inlet where high powered boat ripping through there. Then nobody throws a floatation device, and another guy jumps in to rescue (I give him props) but he ALSO has no life jacket and jumps in while the propeller blades are still in motion, no one throws him a floatation device. Two people could have died that day. This captain should NEVER take a boat out again EVER. 10:42 When your boat is overloaded with people and nobody is wearing a life jacket or putting one on while your boat has ALREADY taken on so much water it has to be bailed out, WHILE THE HELL WOULD YOU CONTINUE GOING INTO THE MOST DANGEROUS INLET IN AMERICA???? He too should NEVER take a boat out again. Captain fail!

  • I would rather drive an extra hour in order to launch my boat in calmer waters.

  • 1:35 , that boat is really BEAST , see how it plowed threw that wave , damn

  • I was waiting for the Trump one to flip over!!