Body of fallen Pinellas deputy arrives at Lutz church

čas přidán 23. 02. 2021
Body of fallen Pinellas deputy arrives at Lutz church


  • Please stop

  • Rest Easy in Paradise Deputy

  • Wasted taxpayer money.

    • ​@Steve McRae Manager why would a doctor, vet, or school teacher need a funeral escort. if your not from Pinellas and don't know how the Pinellas sheriff cars are used you shouldn't be saying anything and the escort shows respect to a man who gave up his fucking life so that this guy didn't hit someone else and the fact you cant respect him and his family after the way he died makes you a terrible person.

    • @Matthew Many "heros" die almost daily in FL .From the vets that fought for this country to the school teachers that have served children to doctors ect. How much tax payer money is spent for their funeral excorts? And not all officers take a patrol unit home. Where all these cops off duty? Can you jump in your squad car and run down for take out when you are off duty?

    • I agree that it’s a waste

    • ​@Steve McRae Manager he died trying to stop a drunk driver who could've killed someone else, he is a hero idgaf how much they spend using the vehicles which they take home every night anyways

    • @p Lambo I don't leach off tax money. They should be using there own vehicles, time and fuel.

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  • My condolences to the families and friends support the blue.

  • RIP Officer