Boxing's Big Juggernaut - Joe Joyce

čas přidán 20. 03. 2023
Today on SmB Boxing we take a look at the giant aptly nick named 'The Juggernaut' Joe Joyce.

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  • However "slow" you think he is, having a great jab, serious power, and a massive chin is basically the dream combination for a Heavyweight. Those things are gonna overwhelm 90% of people.

    • @Peter Stern Yes

    • @olddirtypelican Why, is Big George still fighting???

    • @Steve Loeschke Depends on whether Fury and Usyk can stay away from Joyce for 12 rounds.

    • @Steve Loeschke not sure he can be stopped Dubois has incredible power and he never even came close to stopping him. the other thing is he never stops he just walks through everyone and keeps coming and coming.

  • Parker took a lot of hits but still gave some back. Respect.

  • Joe continues to prove a lot of people wrong, including myself. When he went pro I did'nt think he'd get far, but he keeps on going. Now, I really hope that he wins at least one of the belts for himself 💪.

    • He really does, and his last 3/4 fights have proved it more than anything else. I remember thinking something similar about Fury, everyone did, he looked sloppy and erratic but he knew what he was doing. Joyce fights in a way no one else can he has the most granite chin I think I've ever seen.

    • I'm the same. Every time I watch him, he doesn't look like a well rounded heavyweight, but surprises me every time.

  • He’s one of the best fighters I’ve ever seen. He doesn’t mess around he gets in there and does the job. Good on him Go Joe

  • He is like the British George Foreman lol

    • Lol lol 💯💯💯

  • That slow ass jab does some serious damage. Everyone that gets hit with it repeatedly ends up with eye damage.

    • And its accurate too. Seems like everytime he keeps consisently throwing that jab it does serious damage. I would think the only fighter that could give him issues is Wilder, just because of his killer instict finishing when he catches you with the right hand.

    • Timing beats speed every time.

    • What's underrated that people dont appreciate is Joe Joyce has to have amazing timing and precision to land those slow ass punches.

  • Joe Joyce a bit of George Foreman and Joe Lewis mix. Definitely a champion in 2023.

  • Whatever happens between Usyk vs Fury, l see Joe getting a World title fight this year. Deservedly so... what a jab, what a knockout puncher... & what a great defence with his head! No one else can take a ko punch like him.

  • Big Joe Joyce is hugely respected by Tyson Fury, for me that speaks volumes. Avoided? Definitely. Underrated? Definitely. Unstoppable? Probably. There's really only One Important Question left now though: Who will be The One to give Big Joe Joyce the World Championship Opportunity his efforts so richly deserve!!? 2023 seems Destined to be The Year of 'The Juggernaut'. 👊👊💯

  • Everyone applauds Joyce for his chin, but that defense is definitely underrated. I though Parker would definitely take a close UD, but I didn´t expect the fight to go at all the way it did. I realized Joyce could break him down, but I didn´t think Parker would fight the way he did. Just look at how off balance he is constantly because Joyce made him miss. And when Parker missed, Joyce took the opportunity to let his hands go. I think it´s one of the reasons Takam was so effective. He always kept his composure and balance.

    • Parker came in too heavy

  • I would say big Joe Joyce is more skillful than we give him credit for, the guy has got a great engine and athleticism for his size and stature, has accurate jabs and the knockout power to go withit.. His defence may be slightly suspect though, but has the courage, chin and ability to keep coming forward despite what is getting thrown at him.. For me that makes for a very dangerous heavyweight that will be a handful for anyone IMHO 💯🔥💪👊🥊🥊

  • Massively underrated, for me he is in the top 3 in the world

    • @guy man Was just gonna say that. It sounds wrong but when you look at whose up there you can defo make the argument.

    • Dean I've been a lonely voice for ages backing Joe, listened to the " I can make a cup o tea before he lands the jab " comments.But I always knew more than any heavyweight he has this ruthless determination to walk through counter strikes.Granite chin and power in both hands yes I'll go with you on top 3.

    • Top 3 no ways

    • Heavyweight division is rather thin at the moment, his only real competition is, AJ, Fury, wilder and usyk. So saying he's top 3 sounds odd but is totally believable

  • While I mostly followed lighter weight classes, there is definitely something to be said about tactical masterclass that is heavyweight boxing of the modern era. Slower fights, yet so methodical and powerful shots all around.

  • Joe movement is slow but consisten from 1st bell to the end of the fight. Also his power punch and his ability to take head power punch from oponent.

  • I'm very impressed by Joyce's chin and his stamina. He can throw heavy punches from the 1st to the 12th rounds. He seems to be getting better with each fight. Age is pushing Joyce to fight the two top dogs in the HW division and I hope it happens soon. He may have trouble catching up to Fury or Usyk in the ring, but if he does it may be over for them. Also, good job on this video. I enjoyed it.

  • Joyce is just relentless, no other word for his style

  • Joe has his limitations, but people don't give him credit for his assets in the ring. He throws slow punches? Okay, but ask Joseph Parker and Daniel DuBois how they feel about them.

  • He breaks his opponents down with a slow but grinding beating. Never in a hurry this guy I wonder how he generates so much power at such a short distance😂

  • Haha Joe reminds me of that determination to chop a tree down(object seems immovable but at some point its going down).He is so certain what's in front of him is going down he won't stop going forward

  • This fight was the best of the year if not the decade, I had to hold my hands up I said a few years ago that he should stop as he come across as far to slow and taking far to many head shots but the man is called right he is a juggernaut he comes forward none stop.He would beat anyone put in front of him and that is Fury I just wish he would not take so many head shots. Good luck to him and really true fighter that we should be proud of.

  • Joe Joyce is a seriously underrated boxer, with a chin like granite and a jab like prime Lennox Lewis….

  • Very impressed with Joe's under the radar body work. He and his team have got to work on his movement, though. He shouldn't be taking so many big, thudding shots to the head.

    • @Orji Friday Chukwuma He's definitely a tough opponent for anyone, but that doesn't mean he's a good boxer. Wilder is a tough opponent, he can't box. I do like Joyce, but a good boxer avoids punches, not block them with their face

    • @Clifton M So DD n Parker aren't good boxers? It is when you are in the ring with the Juggernaut that you will know how it feels and how difficult it is to figure him out.

    • No foot work. A good boxer will figure him out quickly

    • Yeah, those blows cause retained damage that a fighter will have after he retires.

  • Dude has a head made of solid brick. Damn.

  • Juggernaut is the one of the only fighters I'm watching with as much to see him landing shots as him taking shots. I like the slow-motion as I try to find even ONE punch that has ever seemed to phase him. Just stun him a little? Nope. He just blocks KO blaster rights with his Left Forehead and seems, if anything, to become even more powerful. It's actually kind of spooky.

  • He has 2 big advantages he has a brilliant engine never gets tired and just constantly comes forward throwing punches! But at the same time has a granite chin where nobody can seem to hurt him!! He is well spoken and a nice guy not a trash talker outside the ring people are beginning to like him a lot!

    • I agree, the bronze bomber is a true great and no one can punch like him in the history of heavyweights. He needs to carry a big danger sign .

    • I do hope he won't take on the Bronze Bomber though - with his leaky defence he'd probably get laid out. He has a granite chin, but still, there's a limit to what the human frame can withstand.

  • His calmness is incredible

  • Well done Joe! 👼🏽🙏🏽

  • Joyce..... Consistently breaking eye sockets from his very first professional boxing match! 😁

  • Hats off to Joe !!! Hope to see him go the full distance

  • Ace video. As Joe doesn't rely on speed and he's so durable, he could probably fight well into his forties ala Big George. He'll be world champ someday, maybe even undisputed.

  • He simply deconstructs these guys: Fancy counter shots and all those bells and whistles isn't enough to triumph over Joyce - he'll just pick them apart.

  • with a granite chin and accurate punches joe is the definition of a pressure fighter

  • I doubted joe joyce once,ill never doubt him again ! :-]

    • @a.d t lol oh look at you the crybaby won't mention Fury because of the obvious reasons 🤣🤣🤣😭😭😭

    • yes u will win he faces usyk agin if he does i think hes to slow for aj and to bad on defense for wilder styles make fights though

    • Carl Froch rates him very highly. Nuff sed

  • While he does seem slow his timing, power and fundamentals are definitely there. His defence is very underrated. Dunno if he can go all the way to the top but with his skills and chin he'll defo get close. I'd like to see him against AJ or Ruiz.

  • The way he throws reminds me of Foreman

  • It is stunning how Joyce can take many solid punches...blink, and shrug it off like it was nothing...over & over again.

    • It’s working for him now, but he needs to start blocking or avoiding punches. Punch resistance doesn’t last forever, especially when fighters are taking lots of big shots.

  • Joyce is a wrecking machine

  • He is just so heavy handed

  • Your videos are on point cheers mate merry Christmas xx

  • The way Joe Joyce beat Dubois and Parker was brutal it makes him number 3 easily and a future heavy weight Champion. He is seriously a dangerous Man in Boxing and everyone in the top 10 maybe running in the other direction.

  • Joyce is a wonderful fighter

  • JJ is unquestionably in the 3rd position in heavyweight. He is slow but I think he compensates for that with that rock solid jabs. He is definitely a problem for anyone in heavy weight. I actually start paying more attention to him after his fight with Triple D.

  • Joe Joyce is a great man who carries himself with dignity and is a clean but tough AF fighter. How he beat DDD and Parker was brilliant and showed how he can take a punch, survive and then destroy top ten contenders. He is the heavyweight I support being from just over Putney bridge. However Fury is currently untouchable and only Wallin and Wilder have been a threat. Bring on either Joshua or the Usyk v Fury winner.

  • Joyce has a great chin, great jab and a great motor he will definitely wear most boxers down. I think he will win against Wilder, Joshua and Ruiz but loses to fury and Uzyk.

  • By far the most gentleman fighter in modern boxing. I respect him for his skill and personality! So many fighters could learn from Joe Joyce

  • JJ has a strange fighting style , like no other!!!

  • Underestimate the Juggernaut at your own peril...

  • It's one thing to encounter a man like this who is short, like Frazier or Tyson, but he is huge. You can't escape him. At some point you gotta get in front of him and try to work him out. But that jab and chin... It's a scary combination. He doesn't seem to even show much of the punishment he takes. Doesn't seem to change his tempo or mindset. People keep sleeping on him because he is slow, but Foreman fought similarly during his comeback and only real elite guys fighting smart beat him. Alexis Arguello wasn't fast, but he made up for it with power and timing

  • Joe Joyce vs Deontey Wilder is a very good matchup, hope this will happen

    • Wilder isn't relevant and doesn't deserve to fight the English top boy's.

  • Superhulkman Joe Joyce⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️💯% Pure Facts No Doubt 🎯!!!

  • His punches remind me of big George Forman

    • Punches? Wtf are you on....

    • His hand speed is very slow no wonder he stayed in amateur ranks. He is easy to hit no much of a defense. Looks like a smart nice person with an education that decided to go into boxing at such a late age for some reason money I suspect?

    • Joyce has power in leverage.Foreman also did,but his hands were heavier than Joyce.Very similar though.

    • @Unknow people if u are talking about the young Foreman joe is slower but has much better stamina.

    • Yeah but he jabs like he’s giving someone a hand Job that’s on a stepladder.

  • When he burst onto the scene I have to admit I wasn't a fan of his slow and ponderous style. I thought he would come unstuck against a "proper" heavyweight with good timing but time and time again he has shown he is the real deal. The win against parker was fantastic. Really am glad he proved me and many others wrong and I hope he can go all the way.

  • Is it just me or does this guy fight only in slow motion. He looks so slow and yet he keeps winning. Must be brute strength

    • LMAO😂 I thought the same Damm thing!

    • Absolutely joyce is very slow

    • He has slow hands but seems to have good timing. He does'nt have an eye catching punching style but he must be very heavy handed, very damaging.

    • Yeah he is very slow and sloppy. But he is 6'6 and built thick so thats more than enough to carry you in HW to very high level, as proven by him. Size matters so much in HW, which makes Usyk's performance all the more impressive.

    • @Arch Stanton dunno, I’m definitely not sold on him. But he is putting in work and I think 2023 he’ll have to fight a top 3 at least if not for the title

  • After watching Joe's resume in this video I am convinced that no other boxer can beat him other than Fury and Wilder. However, he can also easily beat Wilder if he can neutralize (or take it) the right hand which is highly unlikely due to Joe's tendency to get hit repeatedly. Also against AJ, it is will be a 50:50 fight. Hence, it is only Fury that can beat him fair and squarely.

  • Dude is hard asf 👏👏👏

  • Great heart great boxer and man what a kind of punch taking quality’s he is the most dangerous opponents to Fury

  • This is the guy that'll finish Joshua and usyk, his biggest flaw I see is constantly getting hammered with an overhand right in everyone of his fights, I don't think he would endure it as well if Wilder was the guy throwing them, Hopefully will get to see him whip Joshua and usyk

  • His punch too slow but to heavy too take 💪

  • I love joe joyce, does what he says and honest, no shit shows, i hope he becomes champ he deserves it.

  • Joyce is , at least , 37 years old. There's been a few times when really old boxers have won a title or a big bout against much younger fighters.But those boxers were ,allready truly greats like: Robinson,Foreman ,Holmes. Lot of old fighters around now.Usyk 35,Wilder 35-36,Fury 34 soon 35. I hope Fury fights Usyk, he's sure to win.Usyk vs Chisora was'nt that easy for Usyk.

  • Good thing about Joyce is the ability to swallow heavy punches.

  • Parker put on a good show. But Joe pulled out all the stops and im looking forward to watching Joe in 2023. Joe looked fresh all the way to the end.

  • Yes, great Joyce, second only to Usyk!

  • I like Joyce, he has a lot of good qualities ay heavyweight, and he is a humble person. Fury might not be able to KO him, but Fury would beat him with ease by UD.

  • He doesn't look like he has any rhythm or movement, but surprises me every time. He just steamrolls his opponents. Tyson Fury said Joe Joyce will be a bigger problem than Usyk.

  • When Dubois shoved him, it was Dubois that moved 😂

  • Yes he is slow and people have taken the piss out of him and believe the top ranked fighters would make quicl work of him.....BUT,Joyce has proved everyone wrong...his chin is cast iron,takes big shots and keeps coming forward,has heavy hands and hits very hard and lastly and i think the most impressive...his engine,this guy looks fresh and solid even after 10 rounds...he just keeps going...The Juggernaut,i wouldnt be surprised if he beats Fury or Joshua and wins a world title,well done Joe.

  • Big Joe bought holyfields heart and determination,,

  • Big Joe "Juggernaut" Joyce will be World Champ this year, no doubt 💪💪💪🥊🥊🥊

  • Reminds me most of Vitali Klitschko, not elegant or fleet footed, but in great shape, enormous engine, great reach and jab and accurate with the power punches. Most of all a chin of adamantium, think we only see him wobble once in fifteen fights. Just like Vitali everyone knows what he will try and do , but no one can stop him.

    • Gr8 call, imagine a fight between them

  • Oh boy that was a good fight 👏 parker just run out of petrol at the end, if he have a little bit betro in the tank. Could have go either way. Joe is a tough man. He's a real deal👍❤️

  • Lacks some speed but has a hard punch, great video again thnx.

  • Excellent film. Please do some others for Fury, Usyk, Ruiz, Anderson,

  • He is the next heavyweight champion of the world 100 percent

  • Everyone's avoiding Joyce.... Even Fury

  • Joe is in some way similar to Foreman - granite chin, heavy bones and massive power behing "slow" jabs.

  • Not calling out a winner here, just part of what is observable: We know Fury's not going to wear him down and we know he's not going to ko him. Parker finally started throwing punches again, after inexplicably disappearing for 7 fights, landed flush and it didn't do jack s..t to slow him down. As to the record: Hamer, Takam, Jennings and Stiverne were excellent gatekeeper wins. Dubois was an excellent prospect win. Joseph Parker was an excellent world class win. 15 fights? That's a solid record. Wilder and Fury at 15 fights did not have that. Wilder fought meat balls until at least fight 20 and John MacDounagh (the English title holder, was that his name?) was giving fits and starts to Fury in that 1sr fight on or around fight 15.

  • And they think this guy could do something against Fury?!?! Haha

  • I think it did Joe good to fighting Fury in his amateur career. That taught him alot I reckon

  • Joe Joyce is Hard Man’s Hard

  • He would be a formidable opponent for either Joshua or Fury, and to be honest, if it isn't a cheap wrestling match from Fury I am sure that Joyce could take Fury out in the 7th round. With Joshua, he must avoid that uppercut by all means.

  • Joyce's hands must be really heavy because he's so slow. It's mind boggling.

  • Juggernaut keep it coming 🥊

  • He Get much power and Durabilities Despite the fact that he's a Juggernaut fighter. He throw alots of Jab.. Those are his Advantage and he can go as far as possible with that.

  • Other than Tyson Fury no one can touch JJ!

  • Top three heavyweight match ups that I like happening soon: 1. Tyson Fury vs Anthony Joshua 2. Joe Joyce vs Tyson Fury 3. Deontay Wilder vs Oleksander Usyk So first and foremost, bring ON the Fury vs AJ emphatically soon.

  • joe and salas are a great combo together im pretty sure he will be champion of the world , his chin is made of granite and his work rate is one of the best , he would worry any of the top 6.

  • Unrelenting Big Joe I met joe and he is a Monster of a man.

  • I want a rematch between Joyce and Dubois again.... Joyce almost lost the fight

  • Big Joes The Man

  • Joyce and Usyk are the only ones who can stop Fury.

  • a good sparring session For Joe Joyce a mix of Sonny Liston and George Forman

  • If you hit a man with 5-6 of ur best shots and he just walks forward,only option is Run lol

  • Old Muscle 💪🏼

  • I really like Joyce. I really want him to get some top level fights before he retires. People think he is slow but they still can't get out the way, cant be that slow then.

    • Nah he needs title shots NOW so we can see him defend the belts undisputed champ style..

  • I'd love to see Joyce vs Wilder to see how he copes with such power

    • @Red Coat He's still dangerous and if Joyce beat him it would put him in line for Fury or Usyk bout. I think Joyce would win but you can't guarantee anything

  • Joyce looks robotic in he style but he noticeable great with that jab lately he looks lot more loosen up abit and he certainly can take a hit be interesting when he Vs fury

  • Joe Joyce is the biggest threat in the heavyweight division, we havent even seen him rocked or knocked down and hes next in line for a title shot, if fury knocks joyce out end of discussion fury is one the greatest boxers of all time especially if he beats usyk aswell in 2023, its all to play for next year 🥊💯

  • Fantastic heavyweight

  • I would like to see him go against Wilder. That should be a nice battle.