Brad Learns How to Compost | It's Alive | Bon Appétit

čas přidán 25. 11. 2020
It's Alive with Brad Leone is BACK for episode 73 and this one is all about sweet, sweet composting. Join Brad as he hops and skips all over the tri-state area to learn everything there is to know about organic composting from start to finish. Under the tutelage of Vivian Lin of Groundcycle and Jay Fischer of Ag Choice, Brad learns how to compost at both a local and industrial scale.

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Join Bon Appétit test kitchen guy, Brad Leone, on a wild, roundabout and marginally scientific adventure exploring fermented foods and more. From cultured butter and kombucha, to kimchi and miso, to beer and tepache, learn how to make fermented and live foods yourself.

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Brad Learns How to Compost | It's Alive | Bon Appétit


  • This show is starting to remind me of Dirty Jobs. Love it

  • Sounds more like that petite Asian lady wants brad's pickle.

  • Great towatch something out of a kitchen and of cooking. Loved it ! Well done !

  • the wildlife love it and rest their butts on it /sobs thats so cute

  • So is BA as we knew it gone? I haven’t been up to date on everything but it seems that all the chefs have left and Brad seems to be the only one left?

  • can't understand his mumbling with a mask on

  • I have been looking to bokashi compost fot a while. Also worm compost.

  • I miss hunzi

  • Sad to see such amazing talent go to waste on a channel that only came back to safe face of a company

  • Brad keep your mask on, man, please.

  • I Brad leone is doing it, I want to watch ...

  • I would love to see Brad loose his s*** over the fermentation at a biogas facility xD

  • It feels like the magic/fun of this show is gone since the BA Exodus

  • Brad and andy more of them together

  • Anybody know if vinny still a part of this?

  • I loved this and it inspired me as always but man I miss the old chaos

  • We miss this :/

  • Brad is so awesome I'll happily sit and watch a 26 minute video about composting.

  • Having Hunzi back as an editor is so great. He should feel free and add more jokes like he did before the Bon Appetit disaster period.

  • Love Brad🤗

  • i see a travel channel show in Brad’s future. he’s an amazing host and interviewer

  • Loose the maskthis us ridiculousness

  • So composting/recycling is not done as a norm in the States?

  • It’s a bit strange they are trying to reduce waste yet they wear single use facemasks instead of thick cloth 😅

  • Turn it up!

  • i feel like brad is rushing them - a little too enthusiastic in this one

  • Just give brad the company.

  • Brad, you need to get a worm farm/composter!!! Before I moved into an RV, I had a worm farm and we would put all our kitchen scraps and brown paper, coffee filters, cardboard (without ink or plastic), Amazon boxes, etc. The worms create a nutrient rich soil and they also produced a liquid which would drain to the bottom of the composter. You can dilute the liquid with water and use it like a fertilizer. It was amazing, I loved having that thing. Highly recommend. Plus, I think your kids would love it!!!

  • "I don't know anybody that's found a source for the outer husk of a pineapple" Me fermenting tepache because Brad told me to >.>


  • Am I the only one who feels like Brad should become part of the Babish Culinary Universe?

  • This deserves more views so people know more about composing, and save this dying planet

  • This is so amazing. Makes me very happy and hopeful for the future. A tiny ray of sunshine in a shitstorm of disaster.

  • It’s kinda cool that I didn’t even notice they were wearing masks.

  • This channel has lost so much appeal to me after all the bs. Wish Brad would do like Claire and start his own channel. I'm here supporting Brad....not ba

  • I so wanna drive that machine!

  • I used to Love this show now it seems boring

  • This episode was so great!! I am so excited to keep learning more about food waste. I've missed you Brad! You always make me laugh. 😁

  • Brad is GOLD.

  • all i ever wish for is an It's Alive solo channel. thank you

  • I was under the assumption that "No white people need apply" was the new rule at Bon Appetit. How did Brad manage to escape the Caucasian purge at his office, or is he the token white face now?

  • 3 weeks and not even 500k? The view count speaks for itself. People want to see Brad cooking. These field trip videos are boring.

  • Brad without closed captioning is not the BA material I’m here for

  • Updating my dating bio into "a hot bag of garbage"

  • I wish we had compost pickup where I live. Weirdly, we have a compost facility, and they frequently turn something over wrong and the whole town smells like hot dirt and sugar in a really bad way.

  • yes on the in and out of the sewerage system

  • His intro is so funny haha 😂

  • Brad is the only one keeping the channel alive

  • I don't understand how Brad hasn't been cast for some sort of Holywood Production or a Series or anything with his voice and his face... *_*

  • Brad why dont you just make your own channel?

    • I dont think he'd get the funding required to start his large scale projects.

  • brad needs to do his own channel!

  • this feel like a 2012 vice video

  • Get off this sinking ship Brad.

  • I miss Vinny !!

    • @David Davis - Yep. Its reverse racism and you're not allowed to talk about it.

  • The editing feels boring?

  • Lets go to the source and ask them to make stickers out of Paper

  • Brad sitting on whats left of BA at the start. Only reason I'm still here, wish he was at a different place like Munchies.

  • Brad, make your own content. Cause BA sucks now.

  • Brad is the only thing I’m subbed to BA for anymore, and we need more of him stat. Love ya bro

  • Brad make your own channel. BA is holding you back.

  • How about you deal with the systemic racism in your organisation instead of trying to distract with more token minorities. Y'all cowards.

  • I hate how she said "when the pandemic hit" like it some apocolypse or plague or disaster or genocide or smthn. Corona hasn't been that bad.

  • This channel is only good for brad And now that hunzies gone it's just upsetting now

  • Corbon

  • Based on the view count, Brad is the only person that can bring them up to 1/3 of what the channel used to get. I've tried to watch some one the new people but's not what I subscribed to. Not to mention, the majority of new people are just flat out weird. There's absolutely no more cozy feeling, its been replaced by that feeling you get when you're around people you don't want to be around for too long. Like having a party but you don't know anyone.

  • Brad, the only guy that kept me coming back. No disrespect to the others, just saying the Truth

  • The only reason I will watch this channel of God awful racists is for Brad

  • Brad Lè One, the first of Brad's.

  • I have no idea why, but I had to search the channel in order to get to the videos, all of a sudden they stopped popping in my feed... (!)

    • @David Davis Don't know if it's "such" a bad thing, but I liked seeing the videos on my feed

  • Why am i seing this time two weeks later. Is ba making content again?

  • Wait, so, just before Thanksgiving, the BA producers thought doing a cooking show about rotting food scraps would b better than actual recipes? I guess it's time to hit the unsubscribe button.

  • How long till Brad goes solo?

  • Brad should make his own channel before BA destroys his following.

  • Variété de saveur: le remède pour un bon appétit! keep the wite-boy, he wyled. : P DUCK!

  • This video would have millions of views if Bon Appetit paid minorities fairly.

  • Brad, please for the love of god end your contract with BA and start your own channel

  • No amount of fermentation can make BA great again :(

  • The only show I still want to watch on ba is It's Alive.

  • Ok Brad, we think it is safe to get you back on YT, but on one condition. You have to be sitting on a giant pile of compost. Lol, looking over the thumbnails for the past few months, wow BA must be scared to death. Really overcompensating. Poor Molly, has anyone checked on her lately? Sure dump Rapaport and fix the pay inequities, but dang it I miss Gaby.

  • Thank god Brad is still around.

  • brad just leave BA and start your own better show

  • Even the cancer of wokeness couldn't take down Brad. 😎

  • So here we are, months later, and we're giving the straight, white guy who was the channel's first breakout the highest proportion of likes to dislikes. What is the lesson Bon Appetit is learning here? Can all the Karens please raise their hands? I'm betting there's a lot of people here who's biggest problem with the whole scandal was the lack of content showing up in their feed while Conde Nast scrambled.

    • You see all those comments of people saying "I am here because of Brad"? They are supporting something more than just Brad, whether they know it or not.

  • I'm here because of Brad

  • Brad should just take the boys and get Claire and the rest of them and start their own channel


  • watching this bc i love composting not bc i like bon appetit... bc i hate bon appetit....

  • Come on Brad! Time for your own channel. My finger is itching to hit the sub button. If Clair and Gabby can do it you would crush it.

  • love it

  • Brad is carrying this channel... I hope his back is ok.

  • Brad is back, the only reason while I'm still a subscriber! Come on BRAD!!

  • I haven't seen Claire lately. I think she branched out.

  • I truly miss Hunzi's editing genius but as soon as I heard that glorious opening theme music I was like "YES LET'S GOOOOO!!!" and rocked out in true fangirl fashion! This is the only reason I stuck around!!!

  • This s*** is unwatchable

  • the amount of joy i felt inside of me when I heard the It's Alive theme song again is undescribable!

  • So.. New camera guy and editor?

  • If only Brad had his own channel ... I would have liked to give his video watch time ... Ohh well, maybe when BA finally dies off 🙃

  • The video editing style is different. Is Vinny still there?

  • Brad was like the pitcher for the BA ball team. Sure, he's a star player, but he wasn't the whole team. BA, you benched your whole f*****g team and brought in a bunch of noobs and expect your viewer base to just take it? NOPE. Say goodbye to the hand ✋. We GONE.

  • Sorry Brad but BA can not be composted.