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Today I play as a cop in roblox break in story game.
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  • Preston Lancashire

  • Crazy lol pete

  • q

  • Sketch if you collect a lot of badges you get new adults and kids you can get the hyper kid has a lollipop and the guest has a sore we can only get those if you collect of a lot of badges

  • I like your videos I wash it and in my little room TV and I sit on the couch I love your videos

  • The rat you need to bring it to the hole it would bring you a key then you unlock a ending but you have to go in the truck

  • Did he say the sh ward at the sh ward at the end

  • If u wanna get 2 bloxy colas, u dont hv to go to the store, u walk up the stairs and u turn ur camera the other way u were walking (up the stairs) and u see a hidden area with another cola :>

  • You're breaking videos are very good

  • Hipopo

  • 5:36 lol

  • He opened it and there was a cookie

  • Guys in the pink room there was a cookie he missed

  • It two five 8 two sketch

  • Sketch you forgot to put the Mouse in the mouse hole

  • Ti 😈

  • 0:01 and girls

  • hi there is it still well

  • Omg ur finally not jokin around😀

  • Sketch why don't you do bad ending

  • Hahahahahahaha your videos are so funny I always watch your videos all the time 🤣🤣🤣🤣😁😁🤩🤩😍😍🥰🥰

  • Do the evil ending

  • Bacon

  • I bit the secret ending of break in!!!

  • Username:itty5530

  • It said happy uncle pete

  • ummmm dos uno sele

  • Lol

  • U

  • Plkklloooooooeeeeettttuyyyyyuuuuuuuiiioooooopppqq q aaaasssfffggghh

  • Sketch add me my name is flashboy6ix even I have the swat guy not the cop

  • Me be like when someone is robbing my house : Take the kids I don’t care!

  • Cats like rats soooo yea

  • I know why u did not get the rat on dis vid 5:37 its CAUSE somebody got the rat first and fed it to the DANG CAT look wat it says AT........5:24

  • 6:30 cool ryme

  • lol lol lol

  • he cant read

  • Here’s what you have to do if you want to golden crowbar you got to get a lot of food a lot of energy and if you get a lot of energy then you can get the crowbar and if you don’t if you make everyone else do the work for you then you get the thing you get up

  • I’m the real jerry

  • Look at the Mouse

  • When you tried to give pete the pie the green man gave louie to the cat and the cat ate Louie

  • Sketch: I love you! Few minutes later Sketch: why does he get all the credit!

  • Great video, I have just uploaded my first break in video and Im only 7

  • I mean funny

  • When sketch he sing the pizza man fight that was dunny😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • I love this video

  • I see you in vr name sketch

  • Ddrdrdrd

  • yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  • L Zero B😄😳☹️

  • Sketch: and allows me to murder WHOEVER I want 👿 Real police officers: BRUH

  • Piggy2 is coming soon

  • No

  • Once you look up though the house you should have 40$, 2 cookies, a bloxy cola, and 2 apple

  • sketch: i here pee Me: dont look it is me

  • King you

  • Spoon

  • With enough energy to pick up the crowbar, you can get the evil ending.

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  • Videopizza

  • YAY skek has a gun!

  • I mean cat

  • The only bad thing in this ganes is the car

  • Oklahoma

  • He is soooooooo funny

  • I know the bad ending

  • 8:17

  • You55555😑😑

  • 23er

  • The code is in the bacemetet

  • bandi sounds and looks like you. is that your other channel?

  • All AoPa Agjvala Sos

  • Especially

  • That was funny when they tried to kill you

  • Sketce I love you I like you

  • I win this hole thing

  • Break in is my favorite game

  • I don’t need to buy it it’s not time to go shopping at day 1

  • The cola can be near by the toilet near the stairs and up on the shower

  • Sick

  • Remember to hide in those little brown cupboards in the lounge room where the TV is or the kitchen but they're the not open when you're having the dinner

  • The code is somewhere in the basement

  • Someone did it for you and you didn’t get the red pet Louis so try it again with the bigger gun and try to lift a costume. And the gun mini gun

  • Maybe you can come by tomorrow

  • Uncle pee💩

  • you need to be full HP the pick up the golden crowbar which activates the evil ending.

  • Nothing is going to happens is you shot scary Larrly he’s to strong

  • The code is in the basement under the 📦

  • 5:54😂😂😂

  • W

  • me: i laughed when Sk3tch saids i will shoot the bad guy in the mouth

  • Play the funnyist game ketchen gun verey 😆 has not

  • What scary dummies

  • its 3

  • Her name is uncle pee

  • YO NOT BAD!! You are better than me in break in I try to complete the story and not even 1 time I have won!! Can you give me your phone number?! So we can play break in and complete it and you can help me please sketch help me it is my favorite game do it please.


  • Your are so verry funny

  • 2:27 bruh 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂

  • Sketch:hehe Scary Larry: :l