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we try and break 100 rules in 24 hours and we get in trouble!!
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special thanks to @redbull for the stunt helicopter :)
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  • break CS-tv's BIGGEST rule: like and subscribe at the same time :) THEN comment done for a dm

  • Brent totally make our day.I love his vids so much!He's vida are so fun to watch and funny

  • Love to see Drew being crazier than Ben 😄

  • It's so cool how you guys got yelled at but still kept breaking rules just for our entertainment :)

  • I love drew bc hes not scared,love this content💪

  • Drew always try’s to beat Ben at being super crazy and brave 😂

  • It was an enjoyable video, indeed. It just boosted my mood. Thanks 😊

  • Brent seriously makes the best and most entertaining vids ever!!

  • 3:52 now we know why Andrew doesn’t want people to come over without knocking.

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  • Love how Drew can do every trick!!

  • Ben is hilarious🤣😂

  • This video was so entertaining! Brent never fails to make everyone happy and I’m glad he’s out here making the world a better place. The stunt helicopter prank was by far the best prank you’ve ever pulled. You’re amazing Brent.

  • I love how Drew is always trying to prove he’s crazier then Ben 😂

  • You never fail to entertain us❤️

  • Drew was so funny 🤣

  • i love how when Drew is about to do something dangerous someone says don't do it! and then he just does it!😆

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  • Loved this video! I love it when Ben does these videos and it’s nice to see you doing them too!

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    • If you mean he goes above and beyond respecting woman and not exploiting them I agree

    • U have 69 likes

  • Lol LOVE ur videos Brent! ❤️ Stay safe everyone 😄

  • You always put a smile on my face Brent.

  • imagine drew wearing preppy pansies lol

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  • Breaking the rule of studying and just watching Brent's vlogs😂♥️ Edit : Mom I'm famous😭

    • @Gloria Simon And?? I like watching him and I'm 12 btw

    • I bet all the fans here are under 12

    • @Krystia bruh, u probably 9 or something for being such a fan of Brent

  • They never fail to make me smile and laugh keep up the good work!

  • Drew's a good sport for getting tricked into going upside down in a helicopter.

  • 7:01 was so wholesome 😊

  • It was so funny how Drew reacts to the helicopter😂

  • The fact it went from breaking rules to stunt helicopters 😂

  • brent I don’t know how u always tend to paint a smile on my face on my worst days. you’re more than just one of the best content creators that I’ve seen, you really help me and a lot of other people 💜 done btw :) heres some candy for anyone who wants it 🍪🍩🍭🍫🍬

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  • I love watching your videos it always puts a smile on my face :)

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  • Brent, your videos are amazing. They always put a smile on my face.🤪

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    • He comes up with ways to exploit women fs

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    • By copying other's youtuber content ? What s a joke

    • wasnt his idea tho bud

    • Don’t read my name 😑 ..

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  • Hey! I hope you reach all the goals you want! Just to let u know you are more than enough!! I’m really proud of you! Keep going! You are pretty smart!

  • Drew: bro if you want a slice you can have one

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