Brendan Murray: Simon STOPS Him But What He Does After... WOW! | The X Factor UK 2018

čas přidán 2. 09. 2018
#Full Segment | The X Factor Season 15 | Audition Day 2 |
Audition: Brendan Murray
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  • He’s like a Better looking Alec B lol don’t come for me haha

  • This guy is the perfect example of the saying :What is yours will never miss you,lots of love from Africa

  • Okay sorry this dude is fucking trash yo what the fuck is wrong with people

  • Horrible

  • Quite Awesome,...! He does need a group,..!

  • great voice

  • This guy looks a bit like Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in his younger years

  • How many grown teen men can sing in a baby voice? Many. No vibrato, no power, no control. Cute face and a cutesy voice. A dime a dozen. Over dramatized preplanned nonsense that you see once in a while on these shows. All staged. There are dozens of teenage boys in every town across the world that can sing like that. It’s garbage like this which keeps me away from the show for a while. But like a good junky, I’ll be back

  • His voice reminds me of Alec Benjamin’s voice. Very unique and good!

  • Simon really went all out for this kid....BC?

  • great song choose! goosebumps!

  • He sounds like a female singer

  • same as what simon did to zayn malik before...

  • 2:21 i think we can be a couple hhh

  • My gosh I hope he did well bc I couldn't watch the poor kid, he struggled, oop ahhh I just listened as I was writing an YAAAY he did it!!! Congrats on

  • THIS IS NOT A BOY SONG. DAMMIT. Good for him though.

  • 🇨🇦Trudeau son 🤔?????

  • This video shows how who they want to win. They give him all the chances in the world. That’s bull. Sorry that’s my opinion

  • He sounds like a girl

  • First little bit like a girl voice... but yeah Simon give chance and teach him... Amazing

  • This sucked

  • Simon has soften a little but he knows how to get the best out of people. I didn't think the song he sung it didn't showcase his voice at all. Hats off to Simon for realizing the real talent standing before him and knowing what to do to bring out the range in his voice!

  • Sounds like a girl... but still good

  • He's got unique voice and great range

  • He's lowkey cute

  • Simon oh Simon

  • i cant believe how many people do NOT know this entire routine was staged !!! unreal

  • Simon is the best in the music industry best

  • 4:45 He kissed her

  • I loved the first song and he has the most beautiful voice and why is he not big star?

  • I remember someone like him, Unique Voice like Steve Perry. 😎😊

  • Justin trudeau

  • Good on robbie and simon for relaxing him

  • You can't complain 'Simon', because they always do what Simon says

  • Yh at first I was like rah dude kinda sounds like a girl.. then I was like mmm that song tho? Then I was 100% unbelievably with Simon except I was thinking Maxwell's version. After he eventually got it together, these goosebumps went into a frenzy!

  • tom cruise look a like

  • I think he should practice singing a bit lower, he does that on the long notes.

  • fudge thats like a movie

  • such a crock of shit. kid couldn't sing until he pulled the paper out of his pocket. unbelievable for anybody to think this is what it takes to get the best out of you. yep simon will stop the show for this high pitch squeal

  • Isn't he pretty??

  • Okay i didnt expect him to sound like a girl??

  • Sorry but I think that sucked

  • He has women voice

  • Not to be rood but he sounds like a girl

  • Simon is such a great judge 👍👍👍👍

  • Wow to Brendan and Simon!!!! Amazing!!!

  • I hate the crowd when Simon or the other judge gives feedback when they boo

  • Maxwell? Not bad...

  • Holy cow. He is extraordinary. He is beyond good. I am in awe, literally shocked here.

  • Good boy keep yourself strong 💪🏻 😉