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Bring Me The Horizon - Back to the Future (Live)

čas přidán 26. 12. 2014
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Music video by Bring Me The Horizon performing Drown. (C) 2014 Sony Music Entertainment UK Limited


  • I thought it was a song about or from the movie Back to the Future..

  • It is so fucking awensome! I cried....Bmth's song are so emotional, a deep mesage. Love you guys, keep doing what you want. I will be always your fan.

  • Fala amo :(

  • Que temon amigo

  • So so awesome

  • is this song called drown or back to the future?

  • Regardless of what people say i appreciate *ALL* of their music and without any exceptions.

  • Ada yg dari indonesia😁

  • ❤🎧♪


  • Melhor Banda♡♡

  • Oliiii I LOVE YOU :'''v

  • What is this? is this just rehearsal drown video?

  • I love it bmth

  • Esa no era drown? I dont speak english sorry :v

  • I love the t-shirt with the symbol of DropDead ;3

  • Can anyone tell me why this video is entitled "Back to the Future" even though the song is "Drown"?

  • Keren

  • This song helped me fight my depression 🖤

  • For the bit of comment i read are -some comments about hoping it's a new song -about fan base -BMTH change music style & a lot of other i'm too lazy to read

  • Esto es drown

  • Oli sure does love that shirt hahhaa

  • Love you bmth

  • BMTH Love you Oliver

  • Helo, i is like brin mi de horison

  • For anyone who might not know the song is actually called "Drown" if your trying to buy it on apple

  • Everyone thinks its their new song. Haha! Me too :D

  • Click bait -.-

  • Amo vocês carai, melhor banda do mundo, vocês são fodas❤❤❤

  • los amo

  • Damn, I miss old BMTH, like 2006-2011 (I also love Sempiternal, but that was something different)

  • so I'm reading the comments and everyone is like "wtf happened" or "they got too soft" like you guys don't understand that​ oli has been through some huge waves in his life and one was drug addiction and I believe a other problem was the fact that he messed up his vocal cords and I honestly love how they have grown soft or not they are my first #1 band that I've listened to I started listening to them when I was in 7th grade I'm in 10th now but just to see how they have grown is so amazing and just very appealing I think everyone should just accept them for who they​ are now as a group and band and FAMILY because they've grown TOGETHER and nothing like these comments should stop them and trust me even if you commented something like "wtf happened" trust and believe oli will do whatever the fuck he wants so stop whining and start appreciating

  • Best Song ever!!!

  • This is drown

  • Me: Thinks this is a new song Sees that it's drown still puts it in music playlist

  • Haters shut the fuck up This is PER-FECT

  • fooled me

  • but,,,where's the new song. :(

  • i miss this concett :((

  • is it drown ??

  • Buenisima

  • Why Is This Called "Back To The Future"?

  • The only one who doesn't look bored is Oli cause he's just lost in the music

  • The moment, when you think this is a new single from the successor to thats the spirit... :'(

  • I thought this was a new song wtf

  • dat songs called drown dumb ass

  • Los Amo a más no poder!! salvame de mi mismoo

  • 😍😍

  • miep

  • ❤😍👏👏👏👏👏👏❤😍

  • flux capacitor

  • Me encanta esta banda

  • Back to the future 4ever

  • fucking song!! yeahh... :0... i love bmth

  • This is Drown I'm so confused 🤡

  • sekutt

  • 3:20 best smile

  • ❤❤❤

  • old moments 😭

  • ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  • would somebody let him drown already

    • sepult slayer shut up

  • Looooveee it!!!! /u\

  • I can't believe it. 2 years? It's STILL pretty much on repeat.

  • Oh shit its been 2 years

  • Os melhores♥

  • cierto

  • ¿Qué acaso no es lo mismo que Drown? Lo único que cambia es el video. ;u;

  • you just gotta love this song, it holds up every broken piece of my heart

  • fuck

  • bring the oldbmth back , did you hear "oh no" its like pop shit

  • putain franchement je viens de découvrir et c'est trop génial !

  • Famous Last Word influence in this song ..


  • I was pretty depressed today cuz kids in school were being mean to me but this song made my day

  • when you think it's a new song..

    • @he llo bruh me too!! when it first came out it fooled me and now (when I commented) again. So i got pissed off and had to comment lmao XD

    • Henry Wallace it fooled me twice.

    • Sits here dancing to the beat at the beginning thinking of how it sounds so familiar. Starts humming Drown. Then laughs at how blonde I am.

    • SAME *let's a streak of water through eyeball*

    • same

  • 💜💜

  • 😪

  • Here I am thinking there was a secret BMTH song or something. ;-;

  • what happened with 'DROWN'?

    • haha this is not back to the future bro.. i think they miss type the title haha

  • B.M.T.H 💕💕💕💕😍

  • I also think this is one of those songs that you can understand a lot better if you have depression.

    • Corbin Turner i dont have depression but understand the song pretty good , but ive been trough rough times tho.

  • Bring Me The Horizon always has the ability to lift my mood from the ground to the sky! I love BMTH, they've helped me through a lot of crazy stuff...

  • I already posted this like 5 times under different videos, but still BMTH and especially this song mean so much to me. They showed me what real music is and how it can transmit a message through the music itself, the vocals or the lyrics, unlike the garbage we mostly find in mainstream charts. It is interesting how a simple but genius song like Drown can change someone's perspective of music so drastically. THX BMTH!

  • yosh

  • ❤️

  • This brings me back, BMTH has helped me through so much and they have come so far. Will forever be my #1 band, i love you guys.


  • fuck why would they do this everyone thiking it was a hidden song or something

  • Shit! time flies, almost 2 years of this song and I remember the first time I listened to it like it was yesterday and damn the chills!

    • borregodCP9 I remember when I first heard it. This song really means a lot to me because it reminds me why I didn't kill my self.

    • god damn man, exactly the same for me...

  • isn't this drown?

    • Drown is the new Back to the future

  • it is drown, isn't it?

  • why the name of this video is back to the future???

    • I guess cause they where showing you there new stuff that wouldn't be out until the future!?😂

  • Style: Pop Για τα λεφτά τα κάνεις όλα.

  • drop dead t-shirts

  • I was displeased to hear that you cancelled your gig at Provinssirock, Finland, Seinäjoki. I'm almost positive that I am the biggest fan in the northern hemisphere you could ever have. I of course know that you little to do with the ass fucking that Provinssi-organization delivered for us. I'm almost certain that you reimbursed your gig fee and agreed to throw another gig here in Helsinki instead. Provinssi has agreed to give us the right to pre-order tickets for that show, but that is all we get for compensation. Many of us came to Provinssi just to see you, and I am certain that you can understand my utter disappointment.

    • Man im a huge fan of them, and they came to Tennessee to perform (which isn't a very visited American state) and i fucking missed. I had no clue they came at all. So i feel your pain!

  • this is what u call pop-metal to none.

    • Anonymous Nakamoto 2 it's not even metal it's rock/pop rock

    • +Avappy *Applause*

    • +Heroicsplendid it's called metalcore actually ^^

    • I'm pretty sure its called Nu Metal.

  • Drown :v