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Bring Me The Horizon - i don't know what to say (Official Lyric Video)

čas přidán 25. 01. 2019
aмo тнe new alвυм
oυт now:
I’ll see you at the gates when it gets dark
You jump the wall I’ll find a place to park
Kill the angels if there keeping guard
How do I start
When you don’t know what to say
You said the world’s already full enough
Of defeated people and you would not be one
Always a choice to move yourself along
And find better
And I hope that’s where you are
Yeah know that’s where you are
A doppelgänger with a telling scar,
I saw the universe hidden in your heart
Wish I told you this before it got too dark
Where do you start
When you know it has to end
How a flower in the rain
Only grows more when its grey
You just shined on brighter
Making gold out of the pain
“I can die but I can’t break” you said
“You can rule I won’t obey”
As long as I’m still smiling
Well I don’t know what to say
#BringMeTheHorizon #idontknowwhattosay #Vevo #Rock #OfficialLyricVideo


  • 🖤💛🍂🍃

  • Fucking goosebumps.

  • He never ceases to amaze me my heart grows fonder when each new layer reveals itself .....Oliver Sykes is a force to be reckoned with

  • This is my everything.

  • "How a flower in the rain, only grows more when it's grey" i think thats an encouraging and positive message for people goin through cancer.

  • So I’ve been listening to this album on CS-tv for the last hour or so just to hear what it sounds like and knowing the story and emotions behind this song from reading the comments and having gone through something similar to the back story gave me chills and really hit me hard emotionally. Was not expecting this album to be any good knowing it was more “poppy” but I’m glad I gave it a listen and was proven completely wrong.


  • I was suicided in January and kept awake for a month where I saw hell on earth. I had many revelations. When I finally passed out for a few minutes I ended up in front of woooden gates where they were hiding and gauarding a tower of evil symobls. They knew who I was so they had instructions to keep me out so I climbed a steel ladder with my camera. Then I saw a hole in the cements and was instructed to go find out what was down there. Then I woke up. They kept me awake for a month using the letter that kills from the bible and the spirit of the letter that gives life fought back. I was so exhausted. They threatened to kill people day and night. I had to say "no blood" day and night. Then I ended up in an arena surrounded by the devil, the antichrist and demi gods looking on. They were trying to scaoegoat me. They called me Eve until I explained to them Adam wanted the fruit and scapegoated Eve. Nothing happened when Eve ate the fruit. It wasn't until Adam ate it that we were all screwed. They tried calling me Mary between 2007 and 2010 and I refused to believe it. So after I justified Eve they then accused me of being Lucifer which didn't work either. In order to save everyone and stop the blood bath I gave them everything. I felt like I had died. I told them I would not obey their New World Order of blood currency and that my Spirit could not break. The real story behind the song. For the first two weeks they chipped me and blasted a false simulation into my mind. They were going to martyr me as the whore of Babylon but it made no sense because I drink nothing of this world and never sold out to become rich. They said that I was really one of the last two witnessesand the women on a famine in the wilderness but would be accused of being the Whore because they framed me. So I waited to be killed in the streets to get it over with. They blasted false images of Christ which is what ultimately gave them away. We are not to make any graven images in our mind as to who Jesus is. I realized it was the anti christ pretending he was Jesus and that many who have taken the Mark will worship the image of the Beast which is a convincing simualtion and will recieve him as God when he comes in the clouds to destroy everyone. This is Anti everything Christ is. They tried to burn me to a crisp using the law that kills but my spirit they could not break. Many other things happened including trying to help a child they kept transfering his conciousness into robots and other bodies like NED off of the twenty one pilots video Chlorine. I was not alone the whole time and kept tryung to minister hope and faith. It is a longer story than what I am telling you. I am just telling you basically what happened. I told them to leave me and my family alone until the day they come to martyr me and they could have everything I created in music and this god aweful apartment in the belly of the beat they look at as a museum. My lamps are probably worth millions to these psychos. I had never heard of BMTH until this song came across my youtube after this all happened. I thought for sure he must have witnessed it.

  • The final solo is beautiful. I LOVE this album

  • poop

  • It took 4 yrs to come up with this? I’m really disappointed tbh, I’ve love bmth for years and they’re music really connected to me on a personal level. This ain’t it chief. It’s a no from me.

    • It's understandable that you say it here, considering it's the last song, but it is not really a right song to state these thoughts, going by how emotional the song actually is. I feel like people often don't care about the meanings behind the songs, they just go for heavy riffs and heavy melodies; if they don't get them, it's automatically shit. Not saying that you are one of them, I mean, I can understand the disappointment (even if I love amo), but at least the emotional value should be heard.

  • I feel that, soul from the winner..

  • makin kesini tujuan bmth dah jelas .dangdut

  • Everyone: violins have no place in modern music BMTH: hold my beer

  • Lost my step father when this song came out.. And I can never not think of him when I listen to this song.

  • Se la dedico a mi hermano.

  • 🤘🏼

  • Exijo video Oficial ok?

  • This song has a lot of so powerful and heavy

  • simplemente amo essa música

  • Thank you for writing this song, it hits home for me. I miss you Aidan and I think of you every single day. Shredding Perisher for you this year and raising funds for the RedKite Foundation in Australia in your memory. xo

  • Song is underrated as fuck

  • This song make me a reason to stay. Thanks. I dont know what to say........ Means a lot to me.

  • They need to make official music video for this song

  • My grandma passed away yesterday and I don't know what to do. How can I live knowing I won't see her anymore? How can I live knowing I won't hear her voice anymore? I really need answers because my heart is broken

  • This is by far one of the best song from BMTH

  • please please and please have a music video for this one, im begging at this point

  • 2:41 Best part of the track.

  • Under rated song

  • エンジンオイルにガソリンきえええええええええええ殺人未遂助けてーーー

  • Bmth + violin looks like Barry White songs 😂👌

  • I've fallen in love with this song from the first time I listened to it, which rarely happens.

  • This is definitely my favorite slower song by BMTH ever and it still has that old gold BMTH vibe and sound on top of that it's such a beautiful song that makes me feel a type of way after loosing alot of close friends this past 4 years Ollie's voice in this is also to damn good props for this beautiful song guys!!

  • Finally a good song (thats my 3rd in the album lol)

  • *they're

  • "doppelgänger" that moment when you are German :)

  • Oliver is driving a car and Jordan is in the passenger seat. It is the middle of the night and rain is pouring lightly. Oliver stops the car slowly outside a tall set of gates. The gates are ebony and only visible due to the raindrops trailing down them. Jordan exits the car and opens an umbrella. “You jump the wall, I’ll find a place to park,” Oliver stutters. Jordan nods and closes the car door carefully. He begins running towards the gates, taking care to avoid large pools of water and the occasional pothole. Oliver veers the car and reverses it into a parking bay next to a nearby curb. He turns the key anticlockwise and the hum of the engine dissipates. He opens the car door, leaving the vehicle, and re-adjusts his jacket. He closes the door and locks the car, and follows Jordan over one of the walls adjacent to the gates. Jordan opens a white umbrella and holds it up for the both of them. They follow a brick path for several minutes in silence. As they walk without speaking a single word, the pair begin to take notice of the abundance of tombstones. They finally reach a specific tombstone, one belonging to a friend of theirs. “I’m sorry, Oli,” says Jordan. Oliver stands in silence and begins to tear up. He was convinced that seeing the grave would give him some form of closure, but he begins to realise that he’s still very early on in the grieving process.

  • Oli: "yo this song is too short" Jordan: "so what are you gonna do?" Oli: "let's add dem long ass outro"

  • This song gives me chills, oh my gosh.

  • damn now im all sad & shit

  • Alright, nice song, but what's with the grammatical errors?

  • "If I die, Cancer hasn't won, i have." RIP Aiden, i hope he knows the masterpiece his memory has created, and I hope this song is eternalised with his memory within it.

  • Greatest album ever!!! I’m 35 and it connects on so many levels!!!

  • Jewels - keep hiding 🤔

  • To Oli and the band, I don't think y'all will ever read this, and I realize I'm absolutely nothing to y'all but a fan, as much as I regret asking y'all so directly and annonmously to every single one of you guys, you guys have helped me threw so much, I remember listening to you guys on the bus to school when I was younger almost everyday, and now as a nobody to you 4.... I'm begging for something that's asking more from anyone we've ever known.... Well here it goes, from no one to someone... Could you please take this album of gold and tears to the Royal Albert would be the most beautiful piece of art that I personally in words wouldn't be able to comment on... Please if you guys ever read this, I know the chances are next to none.... I love every single one of yall, I find myself stuck with y'all every single night and often times every single morning. I love you guys... And I don't know where id be without you guys.... Thank you so much I need y'all to realize that. You guys get some rest tonight... I love you with every dollar, bone, skin, job, life, heart, chairs, etc....thank you for taking care of me :'( , I won't call y'all God's for the sake of believing y'all are real... :*

  • Beautiful! Where all broken people under a yellow sun! Me too! We just know that hard contested world! Our Doom! And i don`t even know if that beauty i found in this world can overshoot this broken world of self destruction! So far "I don`t know what do say"! My time to step back is over!

  • Deep!!

  • That's so gay

  • If this is truly the "official" lyric video, how did someone not catch "there" (v. they're)? anyhow, pretty cool track and I had a blast seeing them in SF

  • the whole album is awesome

  • The best song from "амо" in my opinion

  • This song be recording at my aunt

  • 0:30 I hate to be that one person but... They're*

  • how can a fucking song be so emotional yet so fucking AWESOME

  • I love the story this album tells

  • Definitivamente la mejor canción del album!

  • Guys . please appreciate the art that bmth are making . it is something new , and original

  • I never thought BMTH would write a song that would move me to tears but I bite my lip every time I hear it.

  • Hola Mexico 🇲🇽

  • dou

  • I listened to the whole album aaand... meh its not bad but I wouldnt buy it

  • The thing that I absolutely love about this band is that they have created music that cuts deep into my soul and can penetrate my cold and hardened exterior to remind me what it means to feel and for some godforsaken reason this band always creates music that can accurately portray how I feel and put words to emotions I don’t know how to describe!!! I’ve grown up and matured while continuously listening to BMTH and I must say that I love how their music has also grown and matured right along with me! I am a fan because they aren’t afraid to experiment with new sounds and themes and continue to push the envelope and blur the lines between genres, honestly creating a sound and musical experience that can only be described as BRING ME THE HORIZON! If you don’t appreciate their creativity and don’t understand the direction that “Amo” went and refuse to have an open mind and realize that they are true artist and create some of the best sounding, deeply personal and emotional music around today, then they were never the band for you!!!

  • Oli is actually a great lyricist, i dont feel like he gets enough Credit for that..

  • For Aidan

  • A dying sun

  • This album just made me realize that I prefer listening to the good lyrics and not a specific genre

  • I don't know how many times I listened to this song but it always makes me cry...

  • I have listened to it 1,997,430 times already!

  • Am feelin the james bond vibes

  • i don't know what to say has 112 words. Like to complete the lyrics. 1 like = 1 one word added to the lyrics: I'll see you...

  • this got that royal albert hall vibe. this song should've been at the T.T.S album so that they can play this at the royal albert hall. if that so, that will be epic as hell.

  • And the snakes start to sing!!!

  • if this isnt played at all points east ill be sad

  • i love how the whole album alludes and talks about love (amo), however the final track is directly talking about true love for someone who has passed away. amazing song.

  • The way this song hit me, I don't know what to say😊... It got me head banging in the middle of the road causing traffic woooo best moment ever #amo@BMTH lots of love from south africa❤

  • Im in love with that main beat that is just epic although im not fan of that voice.

  • Best song from this album 💯💯‼️

  • It’s not that often that music hits me so hard that I am brought to tears... BMTH is the one bands that when I relate to a song it destroys me!!! Thank you for reminding me what it’s like to feel!!!

  • Que nivel de pop!!!

    • Jaja ya lo se es broma

    • @Ivan Luis Eduardo Rojas Rojas Bueno, para ser justos, todavía no se dieron por vencidos en el rock, así que todavía es demasiado pronto para llamarlos una banda de pop.

    • @Etienne tienes mucha razón.. solo que mi comentario hace alusión a el cambio drástico de la banda

    • Lo siento, pero esto no es pop. Esta canción es más de orquesta rock. ¿Puedes escuchar guitarras en la canción o no? Si lo que digo es bastante incorrecto, utilizo el traductor de Google.

  • i don't know what to say...

  • I love everything about this song!!! I just don’t know what to say!!!

  • Ive been here since this is what the edge of your seat was made for. Ive grown up with bmth and they grew too. I lean more towards their old stuff but i still love all of their music. I was skeptical when sempiternal released but i ended up loving the new sound as much as the old. Now this album which i was also skeptical of turned out okay. I just listened to it from beginning to end and i didn't skip a single song. I was surprised by the direction of this album but its still bmth at ita core and you can still hear it if you listen. Keep doing you guys. Fuck what anyone says. Even us. Make what you want to make. If its good we will always listen.

  • This song has restored my spirit..

  • So poetic so beautiful

  • The image of the black hole has really put things in perspective for me, along with other news over the last few days. The fragility and power of life should never be taken for granted, and I think, lately, I've been doing that. It's funny how this song was in my head today, the end of the lyric video reminds me of the images of the black hole.

  • Tiene un aire a shingeki no kyojin, buena canción

  • seeing this as the closing song for another show with an orchestra would be perfect honestly

  • I know people like to shit on amo. But this tune is imo one of BMTH's best tracks.

  • The beeeeest

  • A friend of mine just passed because of cancer, I miss her and I wish that me, my friends and her did more things together before this happened, now I relate to this song even more. Rip Nikkia you were an amazing friend

  • Medio gallina este álbum

  • Masterpiece.

  • 700 people couldn't see through their tears and hit dislike

  • This isn't the song I was looking for but godamn it's good.


    • @John Se7en Doe 😂 btw, check us out while you're at it! We might surprise you out! 🖤

    • Radlads lol

    • Where are they?


  • This isnt the bmth song i was looking for but im glad

  • if *there* keeping guard?

  • I'm a couple years older than the members in the band, and I LITERALLY have never in my life woken up and been excited to listen to an album like this. From front to end. Wake up, put it on on the way to work, can't wait to get off to listen to it on the way home, and then listen to it when I'm home. This album is fucking amazing. Or I've just lost the plot. Either one is fine with me.

    • Robert Messenger this is exactly how i feel, man

  • Best song ever