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Bring Me The Horizon - medicine (Official Video)

čas přidán 3. 01. 2019
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oυт jan 25тн

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Video animation by Extraweg
Art Direction and Direction: Oliver Latta
Concept: Oliver Latta, Bruno León
Producer: Bruno León
3D Artists: Oliver Latta, John Lee Siebert (Previz), Lucas Dörre (Sculpting head effects)
Render Support: Robert Schrötder
Special thanks to: Claudia Redlich, Ignas Blažys, Ivan Flugelman, Anthony Piper and Mate Steinforth
Some people are a lot like clouds you know,
'cause life’s so much brighter when they go.
You rained on my heart for far too long,
Couldn’t see the thunder for the storm.
Because I cut my teeth
and bit my tongue
til’ my mouth was dripping blood
but I never dished the dirt
just held my breath
while you dragged me through the mud
I don’t know why I tried to save you 'cause
I can’t save you from yourself
when all you give a shit about
is everybody else
And you just can’t quit
Why don’t you deal with it?
I think it’s time to stop.
You need a taste of your own medicine
Cos I’m sick to death of swallowing
watch me take the wheel like you
Not feel like you
Act like nothing's real like you
so I’m sorry for this,
it might sting a bit.
Some people are a lot like clouds you know,
'cause life’s so much brighter when they go.
and I spent too long in a place I don’t belong
couldn’t see the thunder for the storm
But you won’t admit
Why don’t you get a grip
'Cause you can’t keep going on and on and on like this
No you just can’t quit
Why don’t you deal with it?
I think it’s time to stop


  • Change can be so fucking good 🖤

  • Pengen ewean - daffa raharja, ig:mdaffaaaa21

  • I lot of people find the video direction looks disturbing but for me whats more disturbing is the Oli being cgi.

  • I like BMTH best when they are straight up pop. I actually don't like their metal stuff at all.

  • *Bring Me The Horizon - medicine* 0:00 ●━━━━━━─────── 3:48 ⇆ㅤㅤㅤㅤ◁ㅤㅤ❚❚ㅤㅤ▷ㅤㅤㅤㅤ↻

  • 1 suscriptor más y llego al número de 1 suscriptor en mi canal, que emocion!!! Vamos progresando!!!

  • Foda

  • Excuse me while I try to unsee this.

  • people changed, so BMTH too.

  • Lowercase M on "medicine" is gonna bug me

  • This Music And The music Video is the art itself

  • This one is really really good

  • Hey, maybe it’s the *follow you* of amo.

  • *CLOSE YOUR EYES, PRAY FOR PL* ...Oops wrong band sorry 😐

  • It's like alt metal house or some shit. Pretty rad I must say

  • Though this was released only a few days ago. Why does it feel like I've seen it somewhere?

  • what kind of points of autorithy is this???

  • This song was towards his ex wife. What if all the album's that were deathcore and very heavy was the reason for his ex and all the pain he's been through and this song was meant to be the real bmth?

  • They should've changed its name. It's cool but this is not BMTH whatsoever!

  • This isnt heavy, but its si good. I like this bath style too

  • what the fuck is wrong with you. why would you subject anyone to this trash?

  • I love this song and this music video dope💓🤙

  • ME ENCANTAAAAAA💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖

  • This kinda set me back, I like the lyrics and the music video but having a hard time adjusting to the pop sound in this song. I mean I still love BMTH I just dont love this song. I loved all prior ones up till this particular one. I do understand his voice issues which happen but this song is like a 5 on the scale compared to a lot of other ones. My favorite out of his newer one have been avalanche and follow you. I'm just not digging this song but i will follow you cause it is amazing how hes been able to work around issues to still produce a good song.

  • Fucking sellouts

  • I love this song 😍

  • Oli Sykes on Fucking point

  • This video makes me feel like I do when I watch people eat powdered donuts.

  • horrible, tf is wrong with rock / metal

  • First time listening to this band with this song, I'm surprised. I love it.

  • You vfx maker king 👑

  • Lil Miquela who???😂

  • Amazing vfx

  • I reallyly enjoy this poppy bmth sound

  • there is a lot less hate in the comments here and im loving it. is actually a banger of a song for this genre honestly

  • used to have night dreams like this but the medicine made it better!

  • Gawd! This band keeps descending into the pool of shit sound...

  • That was pretty lame

  • Ohhh noooo

  • Pop?

  • I wish mark morton from chester bennington will motivate them to go back to metalcore or deathcore

  • I got my girlfriend another band in common with this :P

  • This is what i live for

  • The songs not bad, but what the hell did I just watch?😂😂

  • Am I the only one who’s wondering what kind of monster pc had to render this? 😂

  • Damn they changed a lot since I last listened to them, still fire though🤷🏻‍♀️🔥🔥

  • The video makes me hungry

  • Are they deleting negative comments?

  • This still way much better than imagine dragons !

  • Скатились бля

  • Mais um que virou Nutella.

  • Imagine watching this high #megatrip

  • this is not the forum but these nasty bastard knife people are gonne get there cuupunce, problem is 3 arent uk residences so we can disappearear all of them

  • Am i the only that decides to listen 1 song but ends with a whole bunch songs

  • 🤮

  • as a old fan im heart broken but find this enjoyable and will always support

  • Why is bmth soundiing like a mainstream pop band now.... kinda sad

  • Direto da deep web

  • Creativity overdone.

  • Why can't they just play deathcore this is horrible

    • oli probably finds it cringey (not because of deathcore) but maybe it reminds him of who he used to be. +Nacho bringer80

    • +Sebastian Pacheco Yeah sure but this music is horrible and they are betraying their hardcore fans that only like the heavy stuff they are gonna lose more than gain with this garbage

    • +Nacho bringer80 what? Right now they don't do shows at big venues (like arenas) and less headline festivals. BMTH can do that now, they're headline like 4 festivals this year and played at arenas around the world

    • +Sebastian Pacheco suicide silence does it so they can too

    • Because deathcore is dead. They want to play in big venues and headline big festivals around the world. A deathcore band can't do that

  • BMTH meets Bendy and the Ink Machine

  • Я хотел услышать боба марли

  • This music clip gives me nightmares... well done guys !

  • shit..

  • Hmmm. The music video makes me uncomfortable but the song is dope.

  • Agape 🤓

  • Hey it would be awesome if everyone could checkout my first beat on CS-tv!!❤️💥 Hey it would be awesome if everyone could checkout my first beat on CS-tv!!❤️💥

  • Love the video and the band but this song doesn't really do it for me compared to songs from their last few albums. Still excited for amo though.

  • Same as “Autodestrucción” from No Te Va Gustar. Same director?

  • This is too soft for me I miss the old bring me the horizon :(

  • Bmth siempre sera mi banda favorita. No importa la música que hagan, no los cambiaría por nada. LOVE THIS SONG!

  • Ive been listening to Bmth since 2012. I like the old bmth. But this isnt bad.

  • even the song pop puff .still gives me chill \m/

  • i think people try to be a bit edgy when they say they don’t like the “pop shit”. the heavy stuff is good, and the alternative/pop stuff is good. don’t be afraid to enjoy music.

  • I know a lot of people's fears of BMTH going all-out pop have come to fruition, but I love this song. I myself was into metal when I was a teen (well, mostly metalcore and nu metal; I didn't get into real metal until I got older.) But like the band, my tastes have changed. I've been listening to a lot of pop, electronic (not strictly EDM), hip hop, and R&B lately. Whether they're metal, rock or pop, I'll always love BMTH. Plus, if you listen to Follow You and Oh No, this change was imminent.

  • this song slaps .... Coming from a fan of their older music . This is amazing seriously 💞

  • symbiote :v

  • Какой ужастный клип

  • This is creepy.

  • Where i am landed... So he's not vegan

  • I don't care about respecting the artist. If you wanna do some 14 y/o pop shit just change your band name. That is not Bring me the horizon. That song would not even be that popular if they had used an other name. BUNCH OF COMMERCIAL SELL OUT PIECE OF CRAP

    • Shut the fuck up, they're BMTH, a change of musical genre doesn't mean that they're not the same band as always, they evolved as a band and as people. If you can't appreciate that, then fuck off

  • I didnt like Mantra didnt do it for me at all but this is a great song im happy now haha still the best band in the world for me. Being from Rotherham i have followed them from the begining and just knew from his stage precense Ollie Sykes had something what a singer

  • jeez the video is madd

  • Imagine the horizoj

  • creepy as hel , but no one hate this song :v

  • Во что же вы превратились... Остой

  • Что это за хуета?

  • and we lost another metal band :P

    • Follow you and oh no came 3 years ago. The change in BMTH isn't a new thing 🙄

    • boo-hoo so sad

  • Кто от пошлой молли?

  • What a orgy! 😂

  • Head look like mark zuckerberg

  • What the fuck even is this video? Like woah.

  • this song is weird,as well as the video

  • Oli❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤😍

  • Great another Twenty One Pilots. BMTH why would you turn into band that is god awful. You choose to no longer be unique and follow.

  • God bless youtube

  • some weird ass Japanese porn..

  • Is this metal ?

  • Bring back old BMT, crucify me was/is such a good song

  • 0:44 why does it sound like Louis Tomlinson