Bring Me The Horizon - Obey with YUNGBLUD (Official Video)

čas přidán 2. 09. 2020
Bring Me The Horizon - Obey with YUNGBLUD (official video)
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written, directed & edited by oliver sykes
producer: craig dixon
dop: dan stafford-clark
vfx: jonathan ‘jk’ klahr
costume & mua: natasha lawes
production designer: dale oliver slater
oli robot: anna engeström
yungblud robot: joshua hubbard
post producer: cal gordon
colourist: chris bell
Another day another post-traumatic order
(Brainwashed and feeling fine)
I bit off more than I could chew when I looked closer
So I stabbed a fork in my eye
think I’m losing my fucking mind
Don’t know where to turn, now I’m blind
Destroy yourself it feels so good to fade away
Why, d’you want to hurt yourself?
Die, for something else?
Don’t let your conscience get in the way
We hope you have a lovely day
You don’t want us to come out and play
Away, now now
There’s nothing to see here
It’s under control
We’re only gambling with your soul
Whatever you do, just don’t wake up and smell the corruption
Another day another systematic nightmare
Commemorate a wonderful life
Bite me first I’ll bite you back
Melodramatic laughter
I stabbed a knife in my eye
Think I’m out my fucking mind
Brainwashed and I’m feeling fine
Destroy yourself it feels too good to fade away
Why, do I want to hurt myself?
Should I die for something else?
I let my conscience get in the way
We hope you have a lovely day
You don’t want us to come out and play
Away, now now
There’s nothing to see here
It’s under control
We’re only gambling with your soul
Whatever you do, just don’t wake up and smell the corruption
When your freedom is lethal
Tell me how you’re going to hurt yourself
You call yourselves peaceful
you monsters are people
you fucking monsters are people
We’re gonna show you how to behave
It’s nicer when you can’t see the chains


  • Bring back PRAY FOR PLAGUES. What the fuck happened to them?

  • As if 2020 couldn't get any worse... BMTH just gets better and better!

  • Inspired by Power Rangers much? Brilliant track and vid

  • I feel like it's a dream, my 2 favorite artist together 😭


  • I'd certainly love to see them kiss without zords

  • Oli Sykes hasn’t aged all that well. Still a phenomenal vocalist, though. Their music has DEFINITELY gotten better since their first few crappy albums. Sempiternal was kinda their first respectable one.

  • Oh shit here we go again ..

  • Damn yungblud is versatile


  • rare footage of what really happens at area 51

  • The biggest twist since... Idk actually

  • I'm a universal genre lover but not the transformation of BMTH

  • ❤️❤️❤️

  • Pause at 00:11 ... lol

  • Kayak nonton ultra\m/ilk

  • Song is amazing. Grows on you super fast

  • I don't remember this episode of the Power Rangers

  • I just now realized if oli dyed his hair white and make it spiky him and dom could be bakugo and kirishima

  • absolute artist.

  • 🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🖕

  • Me: This is a good song Everybody else: Gay Robots! :D

  • dude the robot's junk daggling out is so distracting, constructive criticism for the next director

  • Yo, Robot, you got smth hangin out bro could you pls, oh god

  • I'm so confused as to what constitutes the cross section of people that would watch this and also dislike it. Like, who are you? And why are there 13k of you? For example, my mom wouldn't like this video but she also wouldn't watch it.

  • Where have the PowerRangers been to prevent this from happening?

  • Why yungbuld lookin like shark boy with red hair

  • Remind me not to bite yung blud

  • Is it just me, or is that the same armor from Chronicles of Riddick?

  • I have to dance to

  • As soon as I saw two big robots and saw it was those two I was like “they’re gay” and I was fucking right 😭😂

  • Bring me the horizon with another banger. So underrated. I don’t understand how can artists like stormy can headline Glastonbury but these dudes can’t.

  • flux....

  • Class🤘🤘

  • yungblood is a combo of Johnny Rotten and Sid Vicious u love it

  • Looks like that Necromonger armor from Chronicles of Riddick is still floating around

  • My idol oli sykes From indonesia 🇮🇩

  • 3:17 Dom's face

  • Smiling Oli Sykes OMG :0 \m/

  • 3:04 Me when I listen rock music (always)


  • I honestly just wtf

  • hahahaha the end ! ☺☺☺

    • Oli Sykes With YUNGBLUD - Obey (feat. Bring Me The Horizon)

  • Yassssssssss

  • Why does Oli have one of those night light touch lamps on his groin? xD yungblud dude really took a dive back into 90s fashion. entertaining :)

  • Imagine walking to the store and seeing 2 big robots making out

  • Good to see, Oli isn't done screaming yet, love this song, and the vid!

  • Why do I see no comments about the fact that Oli's robot is wearing the armor from Chronicles of Riddick? The armor necromongers wore? Like Vaako [AKA Carl Urban]. Love the song, but now my headcanon is this exists in a strange riddick timeline

  • WooooooooW Was the best song

  • en la parte de yungblud es la única en la que se ve bien las líneas blancas alrededor XD

  • Love yunblud

  • Love

  • One of the greatest creative content I've seen lately and an awesome example of collaboration. Well done guys, I love it

  • I'm a huge fanboy of count your blessings album, suicide season and there is a hell... but this has something to it that I wouldn't mind hearing more of ;)

  • L O L

  • I love BMTH haven’t really listened to much YUNGBLUD before, but judging from what I’ve seen and heard with this song I think I might like him. Anyone have some song suggestions?

  • 🖤🖤🖤🖤

  • yungblud's look in this gives me hardcore "powerman 5000" vibes

  • me first : headbang, headbang, headbang....... ending : 😂😂😂😂 lol

  • No edm

  • Bmth is back🔥

  • that Necromonger armor from Riddick 2 right ?

  • Your music is an injection of adrenaline 🤘OBEY

  • the moment we see this on live performances, instead of yelling "obey" i will scream "you're gay" and pls tell me i wont be the only one.

  • O final kkkkkkkkk

  • a new vibe from this song also, this video is gay and no one gets offended (nice)

  • wildcat vs london yellow in power rangers

  • "Those Zords look gay" - Big Brother in 1995 "Told you" -Big Brother in 2020

  • Keren

  • Best Colab!!!!

  • Dude these lyrics are relatable to real life rn😲🖤🖤


  • oliver sykes literaly just came out of the closet in this video

  • This slaps! wow!!! more please!!!!!! :D

  • 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍


  • what the ending -_-

  • Yungblud should cover Firestarter

  • 2:35 go go power ranger xD

  • 'ate this

  • Lol gay

  • This could easily be in a Devil May Cry soundtrack. 10/10

  • I am over 80 years old. He must mean Corona is a tool to make us obey

  • I like for some parts they use cardboard for the city buildings for some reason.

  • obey, the robots turned out to be gay.

  • Seems like a video Powerman 5000 would make for some reason.

  • 3:18 are we bouta kiss right now? 😳

  • Топ

  • Oh my goodness. That ending was so unexpected and hilarious and just... Omg

  • When my gunpla take lsd

  • Dang Adam Sandler can sing!

  • Rip the band, you guys should at least be on a fucking rooftop or something.

  • power rangers except it's love island

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  • Why should the robots be gay. They're Robots. They don'z have a gender.

  • Wow. That robot peepee 👁👄👁 It was swinging.

  • I don't understand why people are complaining about YUNGBLUD being in this. He is super talented and this song is amazing. You should also consider that this brings YUNGBLUD fans to the video and introduces them to BMTH music :)

  • come back

  • Symbolism will be their downfall. Told from the side of the oppressor, referring to themselves as brainwashed. .... Smell the corruption coming from your false idols. They sold their souls long ago.

  • From the producers of Power Rangers comes: