Bring Me The Horizon - Parasite Eve (Official Video)

čas přidán 25. 06. 2020
Bring Me The Horizon - Parasite Eve (Official Video)
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directed & edited by oliver sykes
director of photography: brian cox
camera assistant: alissa salles
gaffer: lee brinkley
behind the scenes: harri charli
la camera operator: kevin garcia
la lighting technician: rory o'connell

i’ve got a fever, don't breathe on me
i'm a believer of nobody
won't let me leave 'cause I've seen something
hope I don't sneeze, I don't…
really we just need to fear something
only pretending to feel something
i know you're dying to run
i want to turn you around
please remain calm
the end has arrived
we cannot save you
enjoy the ride
this is the moment
you’ve been waiting for
don’t call it a warning
this is a war
it’s the parasite eve
gotta feeling in your stomach, ‘cause you know that it’s coming for you
leave your flowers and grieve
don’t forget what they told you
when we forget the infection
will we remember the lesson
if the suspense doesn’t kill you
something else will

i heard they need better signal
put chip and pins in the needles
quarantine all of those secrets in that black hole you call a brain before it’s too late

you can board up your windows
you can lock up your doors
but you can’t keep washing your hands of this shit any more
when all the king’s sources and all the king’s friends don’t know their arses from their pathogens
when life is a prison and death is a door
this ain’t a warning
this is a war

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  • Aaahhtchiiiinn

  • I can't get over how good this is! I love this band but I'll admit that I was hesitant to listen to this and I'm glad I did!

  • I have loved BMTH from the beginning, I even love the mellowed out music that they have made, in general this is a really great band.

  • Fuckin love it!!! When they hit Manchester I'm there woohoo x

  • Great job guys!!! I was there at the beginning, made fun of the softer sh*t. Glad you guys were able to mash everything up to create a distinct sound. THIS IS A WAR!

  • Dude parasite eve is a great game 👌 this is great sing ti

  • So this is Luden's echo? (8


  • This is the moment

  • it's excelent

  • If Oli ever made a cult, I wouldn't hesitate to join

  • I think this is my favorite song ❤️

  • PARASITES ..... do you mean like pinworms... easy to remove.. normal treatment.. no sweat.. but thanks for the awareness campaign.. taking care of parasites ..or viruses seems awkward yet not really when one does higher sciences.... replay and turn it up the vibes should effect the parasitic too.. good for your effort...

  • 2:42 Mick Gordon showing why he is the best...

  • best song ever who agrees?

  • Amazing

  • This song is such a banger

  • h o l y shit this is amazing

  • Finally good Songs again xD wasn`t really a fan of the stuff after the hard Rock phase

  • Огнище 🔥🔥🔥

  • ✌️✌️✌️😍🙂

  • Glad this Tik tok virus is finally gone Can't wait for corona

  • "We cannot save you"

  • The intro is lit!

  • i heard they are doing 4 albums within a year. yes

  • cool music but the lyrics are banal to nonsenseness, first dislike to bmth ever

  • Mega cool song!!!

  • perfect for anime opening

  • И вот оно настало начало конца! Стихийные бедствия , войны и мировая чума!

  • 2:44 DOOM vibes

  • 'ANJING'😢

  • итс э пэразит ив :(

  • Wong jawa cek

  • I would have loved it so much if he would scream 'This is a war' ://

  • The mystery has been solved 🤘🤘🤘

  • This sums up covid19 big time epic video

  • So this is what e boys and e girls listen to now at days.

  • What happened to you guys

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  • Now I wanna get high.

  • Gw kesini karna comenant di chanel bang piki


  • channeling a little early marilyn manson there. Especially the fast jump cuts.

  • Yes Oli, am at the edge of my seat

  • Tha kingz is back!!

  • Is it possible to point something bad ? Anyone ? Yeah I got you. Genius .

  • Thank you for some inspiration. Like it fuck yasss

  • This isn’t even my choice of music anymore but holy fuck the goosebumps this left me with..

  • I'm only who hear Plague Inc. (Necroa virus) vibes on 0:39 ?

  • Power Ranggers

  • Indonesia mampir.

  • That's dope!

  • Parasite Eve PS 5 maybe?

  • God bless you sir, we have our old band back, Chelsea, smile, cause Diamonds aren't forever.

  • Slipknot - my plague: Oh,this is my sister😃

  • Where does the entry come from?

  • I feel this music video and even the switches in vocal ranges and instrumental difference really resembles earlier works of Dir En Grey and i appreciate that so much

  • I' m a metal fan but if BMTH is " pop " for you, now I listen pop, I' m addicted to and it' s my new best musical genre.

  • I've never heard a song that sucks so bad during the 1st half, then utterly switches hears in a catchy way afterwards.

  • This is the right time to scream.. Again..

  • me derrubo os butia do bolso essa

  • This is NOT hard rock. Load of SHite!

  • I listen to this song on repeat for a couple of days and now I can say what feels right and wrong about the song and the video. Music pros: the lyrics are very good and the message is relatable, the chorus is catchy, the production sounds good, the guitar tone is absolutely perfect and the mixing of the scream in the last part of the breakdown is amazing. Music cons: the sample they used of "Bulgarian Voices- Ergen Deda" in the intro is waaay out of context. You can cut it out and start the song from "I got a fever don't breathe on me" and it wouldn't make a difference, it wouldn't change a thing. The melody of Parasite Eve is not influenced by the melody of Ergen Deda, it's not a variation on the melody or it's chords so the sample is irrelevant. Video pros: the masks, frame/speed manipulation, the parasite going into the mouth, the hand animation at the beginning. Video cons: the editing is below mediocre, the picture-in-picture effect is horrible, I know it's a trend these days but it has to disappear because you can't find a justification for it in the context of the story, it's just style, no substance. From what I understand, the animation is somehow related to the game "Parasite Eve", which is fine and a nice tribute but the animations are too well light with no shadows and the shots filmed are too poorly light with too many shadows+blurring effects+frame manipulation+ picture-in-picture making the video vs. animation so contrasted that it blows each other out of context. It's like trying to think so much outside the box that you miss the actual box. The animations threw me off and ruined the immersion that the dark tone of the shots gave me.

  • Long time BMTH listener here. I was very impressed with the creativity with this new track, feels like the kind of natural progression the band should have taken after There Is A Hell --> Sempiternal --> Thats The Spirit. I was definately not a fan of Amo, im sure that album has its fans but it felt like a sidestep rather than a step forward. The use of Evren Deda at the start is crazy, I was not expecting that. Choir sounds so epic. Use of electronics and bass drops compliment Lee's guitar work instead of detract from it and the timing of each element works well. If I have one critisicm its that it felt a bit repetitive, like it was missing a second bridge or an extra verse or something. The track probably could have been a whole minute shorter and still retained all the punchiness and core elements of the sound. All in all, if this is indicative of what the new album is going to sound like, it may be the best effort since Sempiternal. Great work lads!!!! Love it

  • maaih nunggu bimo reaction ni video

  • CA RA LHO!!!!!

  • Rip Bring me the horizon

  • Fans : Matt Kean where are you? Matt : Yes

  • Именно такой и должна быть музыка в 2020-м году. Смешение стилей, смелые решения, футуристика, вот это действительно Zaebis. Кто-то пишет, что раньше было лучше.. То что было раньше, должно там и оставаться, нужно двигаться вперёд и творить что-то новое и не менее крутое. Тот же Ludens, трек крутой, у парней свой узнаваемый стиль, это новый уровень. BMTH-красавцы.

  • Awesome 🔥

  • Feel like Mike Shinoda should slide in somewhere

  • Oozium Melt Brains

  • The part where he screams gives me crazy Chester Bennington vibes

  • Превратились в диджейское говно, раньше они были топовые Run, Hospital for Souls ...

  • I thought this is related to the parasite eve game, but it is not. It is about coronavirus.

  • I love how this is a reference to stop eating animals 🌱💚

  • At this Point this isn't just music. This is us transcending... Welcome to the 4th dimension

  • This is the first song I've listened to by them Can't say I'm unsatisfied

  • "This is a war" with normal metal music ..

  • слишком охуенно